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Florence Kimball
Helen Goldhaft Wernicoff
Interlude, 1910-1936

Marie Koenig Olson
Patricia O'Connor Halloran
Interlude, 1938-1939

Helen Borchmann Doremus
Sylvia Burg Salk
Interlude, 1940s

Catherine Fabricant
Helena Haight

Interlude, 1937-1939

Marion Leighton, 1938 was the only female graduate in her class. After spending a year practicing with Dr. Charles Hoefle, Class of 1930, she opened her own practice in Yonkers. She passed away in 2000 in Riverhead, New York.

Rikki von Decken-Luers, 1939 practiced briefly in Connecticut and then spent sixteen years in the U.S. Virgin Islands as veterinarian-in-charge for the Department of the Interior. In 1962 she moved to Florida and started her own grooming and boarding service, which she maintained until her retirement.

Elizabeth G. Beckley Gundlach, 1939 moved back to her native Buffalo after graduation to work with Dr. B. H. Volgenau and then with Dr. Frank McBride. In those early years, she was the only female veterinarian in the area. When asked what the disadvantages were to being a woman in practice, she said, "The only really serious one is that a woman can't raise a mustache as a man can, to give the impression of extra years and greater maturity." She died in Blount County, Tennessee, on January 28, 1998.




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Marion Leighton Rikki von Decken Luers
Leighton Luers

Elizabeth Beckley Gundlach

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