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Florence Kimball
Helen Goldhaft Wernicoff
Interlude, 1910-1936

Marie Koenig Olson
Patricia O'Connor Halloran
Interlude, 1938-1939

Helen Borchmann Doremus
Sylvia Burg Salk
Interlude, 1940s

Catherine Fabricant
Helena Haight

Interlude, the 1940s

Including Helen Doremus and Sylvia Burg Salk, 23 women graduated in the 1940s bringing the total number of female graduates of the College to 34 by 1949.

Rebecca Gifford Lloyd, 1940 became a senior veterinarian with the New York State Department of Health.

Emily Chickering Polansky, 1940 worked as an assistant to Dr. Harry Greeve in Brockport before moving to Lancaster, Massachusetts, with her husband.

Margaret E. O'Brien Combs, 1940 went into private practice with her husband, Clarence "Buddy" Combs (Class of 1939 and member of the Polo Hall of Fame) in Shrewsbury, New Jersey.

Jean Mackerly Buist, 1942 had a small animal practice in New Jersey. She has a special interest in horses and sled dogs, and she has served as a race veterinarian in Alaska.

Grace Kinney Loomis, 1942 also went went into practice with her husband , who was Ralph Loomis, Cornell 1940. Their clinic was in Warsaw, New York.

In a 1972 article, Andre Moul Ross, 1943 said that when she was in school, "they used to say that women would get married, have babies and give up practice... but most of the women I know... did use their training." Dr. Ross was certainly no exception. She ran her small animal hospital in Ulster County, New York, for 30 years.

Dorothy Bradley Smallridge, 1943 had a small animal practice and kennel, Keyfox Farm, in Rochester for 29 years. The hospital was built by her engineer husband (Cornell 1943).

Florence E. K. Rudolph, 1944 became a public health veterinarian and the first woman to receive a master's degree in Public Health.

Anne Gott King, 1944 had a small animal practice in Westbrook, Maine, until 1952, then she moved back to her home state of New York to raise her family.

Jeanne Neubecker Logue, 1944, the earliest female large-animal veterinarian, also became an author. Among her books is Beyond the Germ Theory, one of the most stimulating and authoritative histories of early research into infectious diseases in livestock. The book is a biography of veterinary parasitologist Cooper Curtice, an 1881 graduate of Cornell who studied under James Law and other members of the first veterinary faculty.

Lisbeth Kraft, 1945 was an esteemed scientist who held positions at Cornell, Yale, and Harvard, consulted for many large government and public institutions, and concluded her career at NASA's Ames Research Center in Los Altos, California. She died November 29, 2002.

Jeanette Sams, 1946 was an equine specialist who was highly respected in Kentucky and the Saratoga harness racing circles. (No photo available)

Janet Meade MacCallum, 1946 ran the Utica Animal Hospital for Small Pets in New Hartford, New York, with her husband.

Jane Whallon Benson, 1947 ran a small-animal practice with her husband, Kenneth, in Bainbridge, New York. Kenneth was also a member of the Class of 1947; her son-in-law and granddaughter have more recently become part of the Cornell veterinary legacy as well.

Estelle Hecht Geller, 1947 worked as a research veterinarian at the Veteran's Administration Hospital in the Bronx, then took a position teaching pathology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Yeshiva University.

Mary Catherine Hallenbeck, 1947 had a small animal practice in Hamden, Connecticut.

Ruth Jones Robinson, 1947 married classmate Elmer Robinson, and together they ran the Saratoga Springs Veterinary Hospital.

Currently there is no information available about Christabel Hamilton Frederick, 1949.

Muriel Osgood Roe, 1949 was a missionary in Africa for more than fifteen years, then returned to the U. S. to practice small animal medicine. She died in 1998.

Marianne F. S. "Spud" Stewart, 1949 moved to Scotland where she has lectured on animal husbandry, animal welfare, and euthanasia.

Jane Louise Williamson, 1949 had a small animal practice in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, for 35 years.





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Rebecca Gifford Lloyd Emily Polansky
Lloyd Polansky

Margaret O'Brien Combs Jean Mackerly Buist
Combs Buist

Grace Kinney Loomis

Andre Moul Ross Dorothy Smallridge

Florence Rudolph Anne Gott King
Rudolph King

Jeanne Logue Lisbeth Kraft
Logue Kraft

Janet MacCallum Jane Whallen Benson
MacCallum Benson

Estelle Hecht Geller Mary Catherine Hallenbeck
Geller Hallenbeck

Ruth RobinsonChristabel Hamilton Frederick
Robinson Frederick

Muriel Osgood Roe Mary Stewart
Roe Stewart

Jane Williamson

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