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Fall 2014 / Winter 2015

4:00 pm Mondays, November - March
Lecture Hall III, Veterinary Research Tower


November 24

Qiyu Feng (Cerione Lab) - Microvesicle-carried VEGF90K stimulates tumor angiogenesis





December 1

Aparna Mahadevan (Kurpios Lab) - tba
Stella Li (Cerione Lab) - tba

December 8

Aravind Sivakumar (Kurpios Lab) - Hyaluronan provides a mechanism for asymmetric organ morphogenesis
Kelly Sullivan (Cerione Lab) - The cancer stem cell marker aldehyde dehydrogenase 1A3 promotes the survival and migration of glioma stem cells by inducing tissue transglutaminase

December 15

Frances Chen (Kurpios Lab) - tba
Joy Lin (Cerione Lab) - Interplay of small GTPases in heregulin-mediated signaling to mTOR/S6 kinase



January 5

Chengliang Zhang (Cerione Lab) - tba
Kevin Michalski (Kawate Lab) - Gating and modulation of pannexin-1 channels

January 12

Bill Katt (Cerione Lab) - Development of small molecules that stabilize the “open” conformation of tissue transglutaminase
Kate Alexander (Garcia-Garcia Lab) - Novel mechanisms of imprinting control by TRIM28 during and after genome-wide reprogramming

January 19

Rick Cooley (Sondermann Lab) - Controlling the biofilm: structural and physiologic insight into the conserved LapD/LapG signaling system
Gia Wang (Sevier Lab) - Oxidation of the HSP70 BiP protect cells against ER oxidative stress

January 26

Dante Lepore (Collins Lab) - The functional significance of phosphorylated Sec4p
Akira Karasawa (Kawate Lab) - Crystallization and reconstitution of a P2X7 receptor



February 2

Joe Druso (Cerione Lab) - Cdc42 in the development and maintenance of the mammary gland
Julia Kupf (Kawate Lab) - tba

February 9

Sachi Horibata (Coonrod Lab) - PAD2 as a therapeutic target for breast cancer
Krista Giglio (Sondermann Lab) - tba

February 16

Marcus Wilkes (Baird Lab) -tba
Ian Malgapo (Linder Lab) - Insights on the structure of DHHC

February 23

Colin Gottlieb (Linder Lab) - Dissecting the role of palmitate in structuring the catalytic domain of DHHC3
Ian Welsh (Kurios Lab) - Asymmetric 3D nuclear architecture accompanies novel complementary left-right gene expression from the critical Pitx2 



March 2

Jocelyn Wang (Rudd Lab) - Homeostatic proliferation in neonatal mice alters the metabolic control of  CD8+ T cell activation
Ezen Choo (Dando Lab) - Hormonal modulation of the peripheral taste system

March 9

John O'Donnell (Sondermann Lab) - tba
Jordan Mohr (Baird Lab) - EGF receptors: stimulated and spontaneous oligomerization

March 16

Christopher Hosford (Chappie Lab) - Structural and functional characterization of the McrBC restriction complex