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Avian Flu

Cornell's Torres helps monitor path of avian flu
virus as threat to human population grows

If a virulent strain of avian influenza ever struck the U.S. poultry industry, this country probably would fare better than many other nations due to careful biosecurity procedures in force.<more>

Experts at Cornell

Other Resources from Cornell < more links >

Feline Health Center: Bird Flu - A Danger to Felines?

Reports from Germany of a cat found dead due to a highly pathogenic avian influenza virus infection have fueled concerns about the risk this emerging virus poses to cats and, subsequently, to the people who care for them. Can cats catch the bird flu? < more >

Gannett Health Service: Avian Influenza

Gannett Health Service is staying closely connected to leading public health resources to provide information and links to the most up-to-date and accurate information available, and to guide our own preparedness here at Cornell. < more >

Lab of Ornithology: Bird Flu

With frequent media coverage raising concerns about avian influenza, the Lab of Ornithology has compiled information to help North American bird watchers better understand the virus and assess the threat. < more >

Live Bird Markets < photo gallery >

Safety Guides

Information: on the safe handling of food, for owners of flocks and birds, and handling wildlife.

The Cornell Chronicle on Avian Flu

Avian flu virus unlikely to spread through wastewater and drinking water treatment systems, Cornell researchers find - Jan. 2, 2007

Migratory birds are unlikely to infect humans or poultry in U.S. with deadly avian flu, say Cornell bird experts - Apr. 26, 2006

Previous pandemic in 1918 recalled as Cornell plans for possible avian flu threat - Feb. 7, 2006

Cornell's Torres organizes D.C. avian flu conference to strengthen collaborations among health and wildlife experts - Dec. 2, 2005

Drugs could make life-or-death difference if avian flu strikes - Nov. 1, 2005

Avian flu study takes CU virologist to Australia - Nov. 1, 2005

Avian flu spread doesn't worry New York state watchdog Lucio - Oct. 26, 2005

Unlocking the puzzle of how avian flu virus works may be key to preventing widespread infection - Oct. 19, 2005

Avian flu hunters at Cornell pore over bird samples in search for killer virus - Oct. 12, 2005

Overseeing monitoring in New York's live bird markets - Oct. 12, 2005

CU's Alfonso Torres is helping monitor path of avian flu virus - Oct. 6, 2005

Our Efforts in the News

The Press Relations Office
B-rolls and stills are available for the press at the Cornell Press Relations Office. For interviews with Avian Flu experts and more information, contact Sabina Lee, 607-255-3024, <>.

Discovery Channel's Daily Planet
This report on the efforts of Cornell Veterinary Medicine's efforts in early detection of the deadly H5N1 virus was aired in Canada on November 1, 2005. The video is available from the Discovery Planet website, and will open in a new window.