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White Coat dot  White Coat Ceremony December 13, 2007

White coat ceremonies have become a tradition at many schools of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, osteopathy and at veterinary medical colleges across the country. The featured speaker for the evening was Dr. Linda Tintle D.V.M. '81, who presented the keynote address. <read the original article>

dot  3D tumors provide realistic cancer models - December 5, 2007

Scientists can only develop new cancer drugs or search for cures by testing their theories on the real thing. Traditionally, they've done so by culturing cancer cells on petri dishes or plastic slides. But those cancer cells do not behave the way they do in the body. They only partially re-create the aggressive behavior of tumors in real patients. <read the original article>

Heart dot  Restoring damaged heart tissue - December 5, 2007

One of the most dangerous and fatal consequences of heart attacks can be prevented with cell-transplant therapies, according to scientists at Cornell University, the University of Bonn and the University of Pittsburgh. <read the original article>

dot  Nanobot power - December 4, 2007

Researchers at Cornell are working to use the same energy that drives sperm to power nanoscale robots or to deliver chemo drugs or antibiotics, for example, to targeted sites within the body. The findings were presented at the American Society for Cell Biology's 47th annual meeting, Dec. 3, in Washington, D.C. <read the original article>

dot  Aid to foreign vets - December 4, 2007

A visiting scholar from Afghanistan is taking home not only some new ideas, but also a truckload of much-needed books and computers, thanks to Cornell veterinary students and the Cornell Computer Reuse Association, with an assist from Sen. Hillary Clinton. <read the original article>

dot  Parker wins Pfizer Award - December 4, 2007

John S. Parker, BVMS, PhD, at Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine, received the 2007 "Pfizer Animal Health Award for Research Excellence." The award has been provided to schools of veterinary medicine since 1985, promoting the accomplishments and research productivity of faculty in their early stages of their career. <read the original article>

dot  Veterinarian Volunteers for Haiti - November 21, 2007

Vermont veterinarian Karen Anderson, a 1982 graduate of Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine, spent almost two weeks in northwest Haiti last year helping to spread knowledge about caring for and treating animals. <read the original article>

EHV dot  In virus, tiny changes, big effects - November 12, 2007

Sometimes, a small change can make a big difference. Such is the case with the horse herpes virus: A change in just one amino acid can make all the difference between triggering a cold or a life-threatening neurological disorder. <read the original article>

Kotlikoff dot  State of the College Address - October 23, 2007

On October 23, 2007 Dean Michael Kotlikoff gave his first State of the College address as the Austin O. Hooey Dean of Veterinary Medicine. For those alumni and friends of the College of Veterinary Medicine unable to attend we are pleased to offer video of the event. <read the original article>

dot  Unraveling TB's mysteries - October 22, 2007

Cornell researchers are using advanced genetic techniques to better understand the relationship between the bacteria that cause tuberculosis and the human immune system defense cells that engulf them. <read the original article>

dot  Veterinarian of the Year - October 22, 2007

Two veterinarians in Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine, Donald F. Smith and Ronald Riis, were honored by the New York State Veterinary Medical Society (NYSVMS), Sept. 29, in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. <read the original article>

dot  Cornell wins an EVE - October 18, 2007

Cornell is one of five organizations to win a U.S. Department of Labor prestigious 2007 Exemplary Voluntary Efforts, or EVE, Award. The agency noted that the university's historical commitment to diversity played a key role in the choice. <read the original article>

Zambia dot  Profits for Zambian farmers - October 16, 2007

In an effort to improve lives and at the same time save African wildlife, Cornell researchers are helping farmers in Zambia, Southern Africa, develop such products as peanut butter and tofu under the It's Wild! brand name. The goal? Enabling farmers to reap more financial rewards from the food they grow so they won't poach threatened wildlife or destroy forests. <read the original article>

dot  Alfonso Torres Reappointed - August 8, 2007

Dean Michael Kotlikoff is pleased to announce the reappointment of Dr. Alfonso Torres as Associate Dean for Public Policy, providing oversight of interactions between the College of Veterinary Medicine and programs related to animal health at the state and federal levels. <read the original article>

dot  E. coli linked to Crohn's disease - August 7, 2007

A team of Cornell University scientists from the College of Veterinary Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences have discovered that a novel group of E. coli bacteria - containing genes similar to those described in uropathogenic and avian pathogenic E. coli and enteropathogenic bacteria such as salmonella, cholera, bubonic plague - is associated with intestinal inflammation in patients with Crohn's disease in their research paper published July 12 by "The ISME Journal: Multidisciplinary Journal of Microbial Ecology." <read the original article>

racehorse dot  CVM employee adopts racehorse - August 7, 2007

Before he fractured his leg racing at Saratoga Race Course in 2006, Watchmon was an accomplished racehorse. His career was cut short by the injury, but not before he had already raced as a long-shot bid in the 2005 Belmont Stakes -- the third leg of the famed Triple Crown of thoroughbred racing. <read the original article>

dot  Warnick appointed Associate Dean for Veterinary Curriculum - July 26, 2007

Dean Michael Kotlikoff is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Lorin D. Warnick as Associate Dean for Veterinary Curriculum, College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University, effective August 1, 2007. Professor Warnick will be responsible for the leadership and advancement of the DVM curriculum. <read the original article>

dot  Roberson new chair for Biomedical Sciences - July 26, 2007

Dean Michael Kotlikoff is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Mark S. Roberson as Chair, Department of Biomedical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University, effective August 1, 2007. Professor Roberson will oversee an interdisciplinary department consisting of approximately 65 faculty with expertise in anatomy, physiology, pathology and comparative vertebrate genomics. <read the original article>

dot  Professor Bowser receives SUNY Award - July 10, 2007

Paul R. Bowser, professor of aquatic animal medicine at Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine, has been honored with an Award for Excellence in Faculty Service. Bowser has been a faculty member at the College of Veterinary Medicine since 1985. <read the original articleore>

dot  Gilbert appointed Associate Dean - July 5, 2007

Dean Michael Kotlikoff is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Robert O. Gilbert as Associate Dean for Clinical Programs effective July 1, 2007. In this capacity, Professor Gilbert will provide oversight of the activities of the Cornell University Hospital for Animals, the Animal Health Diagnostic Center and the care of animals used in College teaching and research programs provided by Laboratory Animal Services. <read the original article>

Appleton dot  Appleton new Associate Dean for Academic Affairs - July 2, 2007

Dean Michael Kotlikoff is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Judith A. Appleton as the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine effective July 1, 2007. In this capacity, Professor Appleton will have the responsibility for overseeing academic appointments and promotions, developing policies and consensus surrounding academic titles, and promoting faculty diversity and development. <read the original article>

ECRF dot  East Campus Research Facility - June 27, 2007

A champagne toast and ribbon-cutting ceremony hailed the June 26 opening of the 79,000-square-foot East Campus Research Facility (ECRF), a consolidated animal research building five years in the making that will be a key part of Cornell's New Life Sciences Initiative. <read the original article>

dot  HERDA DNA test available - June 6, 2007

Genetic researchers at Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine have developed a DNA test to detect carrier status for hereditary equine regional dermal asthenia (HERDA) that will be of tremendous help to performance horse breeders. <read the original article>

dot  Dean Donald Smith's Farewell - June 1, 2007

commencement 07 dot  Commencement 2007 - May 28, 2007

The 81 newest Cornell-minted doctors of veterinary medicine will see their field change rapidly in the coming years, said Veterinary College Dean Donald Smith in his final address to the Class of 2007 on May 26. <read the original article>

dot  Dean Michael Kotlikoff - May 16, 2007

Michael I. Kotlikoff, professor and chair of the Department of Biomedical Sciences in the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell, will become the new dean of the college July 1. He succeeds Donald F. Smith, who is ending his 10-year deanship to return to the veterinary faculty. Kotlikoff sat down with staff writer Krishna Ramanujan to discuss what's on his mind as he prepares to take the helm of the Vet College. <read the original article>

genomics dot  New Center for Reproductive Genomics - May 10, 2007

Cornell University has established the Center for Reproductive Genomics, which will combine basic and clinical research in reproductive sciences on Cornell's Ithaca campus and at Weill Cornell Medical College (WCMC) in New York City, which has one of the country's leading fertility clinics. Infertility affects 10 to 15 percent of couples of childbearing age. <read the original article>

dot  VIP Scholar Wins Award - May 10, 2007

Mr. Steven Friedenberg, a third year Cornell veterinary student, has received the prestigious Morris Animal Foundation (MAF) Ballard Award for research conducted during the summer of 2006. His project was supported by the Morris Animal Foundation's Veterinary Student Scholars Program and by the Cornell Veterinary Investigator Program (VIP). <read the original article>

FHC dot FHC offers videos for cat owners - May 10, 2007

Anxious pet owners often wish they knew the best way to trim their cat's claws, brush their cat's teeth or give their diabetic cat insulin injections. Now they can relax. A new educational program, Partners in Animal Health, is offering state-of-the-art videos with 3-D animations on a variety of pet-care topics. <read the original article>

dot  Pet Food Recall Update 05/08/07 - May 8, 2007

A collection of articles and resources concerning the Menu Food's pet food recall. <read the original article>

dot  Alumnus named to Trustees - May 1, 2007

Stephen J. Ettinger '62, DVM '64, of Los Angeles, an alumnus of the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, has been elected to a four-year term on the Cornell University Board of Trustees. <read the original article>

Kotlikoff dot  Michael I. Kotlikoff named dean of the college - April 26, 2007

Michael I. Kotlikoff, professor and chair of the Department of Biomedical Sciences at Cornell University, has been named dean of the university's renowned College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell President David J. Skorton and Provost Carolyn (Biddy) Martin announced today. <read the original article>

Dr. Richards dot  Dr. James Richards, Jr. - April 24, 2007

James R. Richards, DVM, director of the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine's Feline Health Center and a nationally recognized expert in cat care, died April 24 at age 58 from injuries received in an April 22 motor vehicle accident about eight miles south of Marathon, N.Y. <read the original article>

mutation dot  Gene mutation linked to infertility - April 13, 2007

Up to 15 percent of couples of childbearing age struggle with the heartache of infertility. Now there is the promise of new hope with Cornell researchers' identification of a mutation in a gene that causes male infertility in mice. Because this is the first time that a dominant mutation that leads specifically to infertility in a mammal has been discovered, the researchers say they can now look for similar mutations in the DNA of infertile men. <read the original article>

Ribbon dot  BCERF wins award for innovation - April 13, 2007

Cornell's Program on Breast Cancer and Environmental Risk Factors (BCERF) has been recognized with a 2006 New York State Innovation in Breast Cancer Early Detection and Research Award from the New York State Breast Cancer Detection and Education Advisory Council. <read the article>

dot  Research Excellence Honored - February 28, 2007

Alexander J. Travis, VMD, PhD, at Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine, received the 2006 "Pfizer Animal Health Award for Research Excellence." The award recognizes outstanding research effort, productivity, and the advancement of knowledge in areas relevant to veterinary medicine for a faculty member at an early stage of his or her career. <read the original article>

Andalas with EmiCritical Vaccine for Rhino - February, 2007

The Rhino Conservation Medicine Program (RCMP) is based at Cornell University creating innumerable opportunities for unique collaborative health investigations and support from some of the best animal health specialists in the world. <more>

Reducing poverty to protect wildlife - February, 2007

Cornell University is partnering on a wildlife conservation project in Zambia that saves animals' lives by addressing a powerful threat: Poverty and hunger that force families to poach or clear-cut forests to create temporary farm fields, among other unsustainable practices. <more>

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