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2004 Headlines

For Brando, It IS a Wonderful Life An Alignment of Miracles Might Return Former Guide Dog's Sight for Christmas
   December, 2004
Bette Jayne Spinney's intuition told her something was wrong with "Brando" her 9-year old retired Guide Dog. She knew the dog. She had raised Brando as a pup. Then he had gone off to serve as a Guide Dog with Nancy Moore in Albany, NY. About a year ago, he was retired and returned to live with Dick and Bette Jayne Spinney. He was very happy to be living the life of leisure. < more >

White Coat Ceremony
   December, 2004
The College of Veterinary Medicine and the College of Veterinary Medicine Alumni Association welcome you in honoring the Class of 2006. < more >

SCAVMA Auction an Unprecedented Event, Raising Over $15,000
   December, 2004
< more >

Pets finally get their own magnetic resonance (MRI) machine at Cornell's veterinary hospital, and a Persian cat gets good news
   December, 2004
The cat in the center of the gleaming machine has a blissful look on her 10-year-old Persian face, but the Cornell Hospital for Animals veterinarians at the controls of the newly installed medical-imaging device seem deeply concerned. Will their magnetic resonance (MR) scans of the cat's head find a brain tumor - perhaps the cause of seizures their patient is experiencing?< more >

College of Veterinary Medicine Makes Appearance on Prime Time TV
   November, 2004
Video clip of news story that ran on November 10th on Binghamton CBS affiliate. The CSI episode aired on Wednesday, December 1st at 10. Thank you to all who helped with the shoot. Especially to Elvira. < to the video >

A Week Long Celebration in Honor of the Generosity of an Amazing Woman.
   November, 2004
< more >

Olympic Team Veterinarian, Philippe Benoit, DVM To be Featured at Cornell Farrier's Conference
   October, 2004
Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine will host its 21st annual Farrier's Conference Nov. 13-14, 2004. Philippe Benoit, DVM, will speak on a variety of topics related to imaging, diagnostics, and shoeing. Benoit will also discuss common injuries and pathologies in elite jumpers and other performance horses. < more >

More dairy farms are going organic with help from $1.1 million USDA-Cornell herd-health study
   September, 2004
The fastest-growing segment of the natural food market, organic dairy products, is getting a boost from a Cornell University-U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) program that studies experiences of upstate New York milk producers as they make the transition from conventional to organic farming.< more >

Teresa Gunn Receives 2004 Pfizer Award
   August, 2004
Teresa M. Gunn, assistant professor of genetics, department of biomedical sciences in the College of Veterinary Medicine, has received the 2004 Pfizer Animal Health Award for Research Excellence. The award is intended to foster creative research by recognizing outstanding research effort and productivity. Gunn focuses her research on the genetics of adult-onset neurodegenerative disease by using mice with disease-linked pigmentation mutations as a model genetic system.< more >

Commencement Address
   June, 2004
Commencement is a great event. For the graduates who have spent four years at Cornell, it represents the end of a remarkable journey and the beginning of another. For the faculty, staff, and administrators, it is the culmination of another year of energy and commitment directed at improving the lives of animals and people. For parents and life partners, it is the end of writing this series of tuition checks. Graduates, please join me in a round of applause in recognition of the families who brought you here and shared your educational experience. < more >

Dr. Torres testifies before Congress

Senate Agriculture Committee Calls Torres to Testify on BSE
   Jan, 2004
The full Senate Agriculture Committee, chaired by Senator Thad Cochran (R-MS) calls for testimony regarding the discovery of a case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) in a dairy cow in Washington as it relates to food safety, livestock marketing, and international trade.
< more >

Composting Cattle Called Economical Alternative
   March, 2004
Farmers caught in the middle -- between the recent federal ban against "downer" animals in the human food chain, as ordered by the United Stated Department of Agriculture (USDA), and rising costs for disposing of cattle that can't walk to slaughter -- now have a practical and economical alternative, according to waste-management experts at Cornell University. < more >

Ceremony Affirms Students' Advancement
   March, 2004
Despite a foot of snow outside, there was nothing but warmth inside James Law Auditorium during the third annual White Coat Ceremony December 6. < more >