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collinsdotAdvice for keeping pets safe during holidays/throughout season
- December 13, 2011
Dr. Brian Collins offers advice for keeping your companion animals safe as temperatures drop and holiday symbols appear. <more>


WCC11dotClass of 2013 receives symbol of profession
- December 8, 2011
On December 3, 90 students from the Class of 2013 were awarded the "white coat," one of the veterinary professsion's most iconic symbols. <more>


MoisedotCUHA cures a dog's racing heart
- December 8, 2011
Cardiologists at CUHA brought together doctors from two continents and four medical institutions to perform a first-time procedure at CUHA, which will now be offered regularly in partnership with veterinarians at Louisiana State University. <more>


KotlikoffdotState of the College
- November 30, 2011
Dean Michael Kotlikoff offered the State of the College, highlighting the College's strengths, challenges, and plans for the future. <more>


fdot2011 Cornell University Farrier Conference
- November 28, 2011
The 2011 Cornell Farrier Conference garnered 91 attendees in its 27th year, offering multiple lectures and hands-on training. <more>


marcusdotBuilding skills and bonds -- new course facilitates transition to graduate school
- November 17, 2011
A new course, developed and presented by three professors at the College, helps graduate students develop support systems and skills to succeed in graduate school and beyond. <more>


LeiferdotImmune system checks and balances
- November 11, 2011
Over 50 million Americans suffer from autoimmune diseases and the attacks they spark from the body’s own defenses. Immunologist Dr. Cynthia Leifer studies the checks and balances keeping our immune defenses from spinning out of control. <more>


vetsoncalldotVets on Call
- November 11, 2011
A new reality documentary series called Veterinarians on Call offers online viewers a candid look into the work of real livestock veterinarians, raising awareness of the care that goes into responsible livestock farming in the US. <more>


BuddydotWhen nature needs a little help ...
- November 11, 2011
For nearly six years, Buddy was an active, healthy ferret. But when the ultimate power outage occurred owner Tara Fish looked to experts at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals for a man-made cadence. <more>


golddotAHDC earns the gold!
- November 10, 2011
The New York State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory has been certified as a Gold LEED building. <more>


whitefielddotAlumni rally for scholarship
- November 10, 2011
When John W. Whitefield ’65 passed away in 2004, his colleagues and friends began raising funds for a scholarship that would keep his memory alive through generations of students who would receive the award.<more>


zeusdotA helping hand for Zeus
- November 10, 2011
After a run-in with a van (literally), Zeus needed a new hip. Loyal supporters to the Cornell University Hospital for Animals provided a hand. <more>


ByrondotAlum joins AVMA editorial staff
- November 10, 2011
Dr. Christopher R. Byron BS '94, DVM '98 was appointed assistant editor for the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association and the American Journal of Veterinary Research. <more>


yntedotRaw milk roulette
- November 10, 2011
Will a fresh glass of "raw" milk nourish or poison you? <more>


cdotFirst Annual Pet Holiday Photoshoot
- November 9, 2011
SCAVMA and Omega Tau Sigma would like to invite you to attend our First Annual Pet Holiday Photoshoot! Available scenes include Christmas (including Santa Claus), Winter Wonderland, and Hannukah. <more>

'dotGraduate student’s Fulbright project tackles potential epidemics in Trinidad and Tobago
- November 8, 2011
From the stray-strewn streets of Trinidad and Tobago to cow-covered pastures of rural New York dairy farms, Miguella Paula-Ann Mark-Carew has journeyed far in her quest to understand and combat disease epidemics across the world. <more>

maned wolfdot New Cornell-Smithsonian joint graduate program trains future wildlife conservation scientists - October 26, 2011
To meet the global challenge of preserving biodiversity, Cornell University and the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute have partnered to offer a new shared doctoral program that will train the next generation of wildlife conservation scientists. <more>


Convergencedot Of mice and women - October 24, 2011
Collaborations between researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College and the Ithaca campus yield results that might otherwise be impossible, according to an Oct. 21 panel "Convergence of Care for All Forms of Life." <more>


russelldot Trustees approve professorship - October 24, 2011
Members of Cornell's Board of Trustees approved Dr. David Russell as the recipient of the endowed Kaplan Professorship. <more>


flasksdot Cornell’s Clinical Fellows Program: a two-pronged approach to your career - October 19, 2011
If you’re looking for the best of both worlds – clinical and research – consider applying to Cornell’s Clinical Fellows Program. <more>


Robert Koenigdot Healing hands and soothing music steal the show at annual seminar - October 18, 2011
The DeeDee Arrison Holistic and Integrative Wellness Seminar featured professor Dr. Caroline Medina and Rising Stars of the Stradivari. <more>


Vets On Calldot New Reality Series: Vets on Call -October 14, 2011
The work of farm veterinarians is featured in a new reality series, "Veterinarians On Call," which premieres this fall. Drs. Peter Ostrum and Kelly Gaughn, both featured in thie show's premiere, are Cornell DVM graduates. <more>


eagledot Young bald eagle returns to the sky after successful treatment -October 12, 2011
A young female bald eagle found bleeding on the side of the road near Corning, NY, returned to the wild on Friday, October 7, three weeks after successful treatment at Cornell University’s Janet L. Swanson Wildlife Health Clinic. <more>

beatdot Endoscopy all the way down -October 12, 2011
Recent advances in endoscopic technology have led to smaller endoscopes that can go further into the body, see more clearly, take bigger samples, and serve a wider array of patient needs.<more>

fdot Taking a bite out of dental disease-October 12, 2011
A conversation with Dr. Santiago Peralta, veterinary dentist, oral surgeon, and new Lecturer in the Department of Clinical Sciences’ Section of Dentistry.<more>

dogdot Minding the Map-October 12, 2011
Medical genetics service now being piloted at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals. <more>

nihdot Researchers win $3 million NIH grant to fight cancer -October 10, 2011

A five-year Transformative Research Projects Award (T-R01) of approximately $3.04 million from the National Institutes of Health will help researchers fight cancer. <more>

Nikhitadot Essay: Veterinary Medicine is More than just Cute, Fluffy Animals -October 7, 2011

First-year veterinary student Nikhita Parandekar shares her views on the veterinary profession and its values in the Cornell Daily Sun. <more>


Matt Briordot Workin' for Peanuts -October 5, 2011

Sometimes, life makes you wonder "why." Dr. Sally Ness found an answer at this year's New York State Fair. <more>


gorilladot A Veterinary Student's Summer Experience with Mountain Gorillas in Africa -October 3, 2011

Matt Marinkovich, Cornell Class of 2014, shares his exploration of the role veterinary medicine plays in modern-day conservation. <more>


arizonadot High-tech serves ancient creature - September 23, 2011

Thanks to a true partnership between specialists at the Cornell Univeristy Veterinary Specialists and Dr. Jeremy Sabatini of Pleasantville Animal Hospital in Connecticut, an endangered species just might walk a little easier. <more>


Cancer dot Cancer Symposium discusses wide range of topics - September 21, 2011

A full day of presentations, covering topics that range from Imaging & Diagnostics to Molecular Mechanisms and Therapeutics. <more>

tpdot Promiscuous parasites hijack host immune cells- September 15, 2011

Immunologists discover how the important human parasite Toxoplasma gondii hacks our immune systems. <more>

bdot Breaching the Blood-Brain Barrier- September 14, 2011

Researchers may have solved a 100-year puzzle: How to safely open and close the blood-brain barrier to deliver therapies for Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and cancers of the central nervous system. <more>

Medinadot 2011 DeeDee Arrison Holistic & Integrative Wellness Seminar Series- September 9, 2011

Explore the many aspects and therapeutic benefits of acupuncture. <more>


fdot Viral quality controls could trap herpes before it spreads- September 8, 2011

The same quality-control system that helped herpesviruses evolve into a leading cause of human disease has revealed new ways to slow its spread. <more>


BBSsymposiumdot Biological and Biomedical Sciences Symposium - September 8, 2011

Incoming graduate students welcomed to Cornell. <more>


Edwardsdot Cardiologist earns Alumni Association's highest honor - August 26, 2011

N. Joel Edwards ’64 will be recognized with the Daniel Elmer Salmon Award for Distinguished Alumni Service, in October. <more>


Vertexdot Researcher honing in on life-giving drug for those suffering with TB- August 26, 2011

Dr. David Russell is expanding the field of options for novel tuberculosis (TB) drug discovery. <more>

giraffedot The link between poverty and preservation - August 22, 2011

Cornell researchers lead the way in exploring solutions to protect biodiversity and improve the lives of those living in poverty. <more>

Warnickdot Faculty member to serve on AVMA committee - August 10, 2011

With Cornell input, a new AVMA committee will investigate antimicrobial resistance and the debate on the judicious use of antibiotics. <more>

trdot Grateful pig owner gives gift of sight to Cornell's future animal patients - August 10, 2011

Hours before she was scheduled to leave for vacation, Dr. Nita Irby received a distressed call in the ophthalmology service. Trixie, a beloved miniature potbellied pig, was suffering from an undiagnosed painful eye problem that had been ongoing for several months. <more>

fdot Simple physics shows how guts form and grow - August 3, 2011

Growing embryos face heavy housekeeping when it’s time to pack internal organs. A new study published in Nature Aug. 3 shows how simple mechanical forces between neighboring types of tissue help organs take shape and grow. <more>

lameydot Janna Lamey receives dedicated service award - July 27, 2011

Janna Lamey, manager of the Graduate Education Program in the College of Veterinary Medicine was recently recognized with a George Peter Award for Dedicated Service.  <more>

tomatodot Cornell receives $500,000 to tackle salmonella in tomatoes- July 27, 2011

Two experts from Cornell are teaming up to tackle salmonella contamination in produce, thanks to a $500,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). <more>

fdot Graduate student wins veterinary training grant to model economics of epidemics- July 27, 2011

Where economics and epidemiology collide, graduate student Rebecca Smith, DVM ’05 builds the tools to chart their course. <more>

fdot Students to run volunteer veterinary clinic at Bronx YMCA Oct. 8- July 26, 2011

On Oct. 8, Cornell veterinary students and faculty will join volunteer alumni to offer their first daylong animal wellness clinic in the Bronx YMCA, thanks to a service-learning award won by Dwight Bowman. <more>

fdot Protect your pets from heat- July 22, 2011

During these hots days, pets are at risk of heat stroke, a potentially fatal syndrome that can develop within a matter of minutes when core body temperature rises. <more>

fdot Douglas Aspros '75 first AVMA president from NYS in over 30 yrs- July 15, 2011

Dr. Douglas G. Aspros '75 of White Plains, New York, was selected as the president-elect of the American Veterinary Medical Association at the AVMA’s annual meeting in St. Louis. <more>

gildot New method defibrillates heart with less electricity, pain - July 13, 2011

Cornell scientists helped develop a new -- and much less painful and potentially damaging -- method to end life-threatening heart fibrillations. <more>


mcenteedot McEntee named department chair - July 7, 2011

Dr. Margaret (Margy) McEntee was appointed the Alexander de Lahunta Chair of Clinical Sciences for a five-year term, beginning July 1, 2011. <more>


robindot Vote for a hero- June 23, 2011

Robin, a former CUHA patient, specializes in mantrailing, evidence search, narcotics/human remains detection and has kept many thousands of dollars’ worth of illegal drugs off the streets. Login and search for "Robin," Ch Nitro's Boy Wonder. <more>


Kotlikoffdot Kotlikoff reappointed for second term as dean- June 16, 2011

The Cornell Board of Trustees voted unanimously June 16 to approve the appointment of Michael Kotlikoff, the Austin O. Hooey Dean of Veterinary Medicine in Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine, to a second five-year term beginning July 1, 2012. <more>


tdot 2011 Reunion Recap- June 16, 2011

Photo galleries from the College's Reunion 2011. <more>

Horsedot AHDC releases new test for Lyme Disease - June 13, 2011

Test reveals infection history, reduces assays needed for horses and dogs. <more>



Reuniondot Ready, Set, Stream: Reunion is LIVE- June 9, 2011

Tune in wherever you are for three must-see events. <more>



UncleModot Diagnosing Uncle Mo- June 9, 2011

Dr. Thomas Divers assists with diagnosis. <more>



kolliasdot Tigers times three- June 9, 2011

Dr. George Kollias assists with tiger triplets birth at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo. <more>



commencementdot Commencement 2011 - June 9, 2011

Candids from commencement week. <more>



qdot Food safety in Qatar - June 3, 2011

Cross-continental collaboration follows food from farm to fork. <more>

fdot Ford Fellow's success streak -June 3, 2011

PhD student Christopher Blackwood wins three fellowships in three months to combat neurodegenerative disorders. <more>

fdot AVMA National Teaching Excellence Award -June 3, 2011

Dr. Linda A. Mizer received her fifth award for achievements as an educator and inspiration to her students. <more>

adot Artistic alum serves Costa Rican clinic -June 3, 2011

Veterinarian-turned artist Dr. Robin Truelove Stronk '75 uses her veterinary skills to help a community in need. <more>

Buntingdot A bird's eye view - May 26, 2011

Dr. Elizabeth Bunting, wildlife veterinarian with the Animal Health Diagnostic Center, answers questions from readers of the New York Times about Violet, a red-tailed hawk nesting on a ledge in New York City. <more>

Mizerdot Field trip! - May 10, 2011

Dryden elementary students explore veterinary medicine. <more>



MidIslandlogodotPractice celebrates half century with gift - May 10, 2011

"Be Kind to Animals Day" will have lasting impact. <more>



VetPlayersdot Vet Players ... Enter Stage Right - May 5, 2011

Enjoy this double feature, with a portion of the proceeds benefitting the Japanese Earthquake Relief Services. <more>


elephantdot Elephants take the stage - April 26, 2011

Water for Elephants raising the profile for the largest living land animal. <more>

Catdot Gift serves animals of all kinds - April 25, 2011

A gift from the John T. and Jane A. Wiederhold Foundation to the College of Veterinary Medicine will protect and improve the welfare of animals of all kinds. <more>


Collinsdot Cornellian comes home - April 25, 2011

In one way or another, Dr. Brian Collins ’94 has been teaching Cornell veterinary students for years. <more>

Horsedot Equine quarantine lifted - April 19, 2011

Cornell’s equine facilities are operating under normal status. <more>

1dotStudents lauded for veterinary volunteerism in Tobago -April 19, 2011

Four veterinary students volunteering in Trinidad and Tobago earned a glowing commendation for their service. <more>


2dotHospital's new blood donor horse - April19, 2011

New working horse will play a key part in saving equine patients' lives. <more>


3dotClinical Pathology resident research award- April 19, 2011

Dr. Nora Springer funded to study blood clotting and thrombosis. <more>

5dotAlumni spotlight- April 19, 2011

Trials and triumphs opening a new veterinary practice in NYC's Latino community. <more>

4dotAlfonso Torres awarded for public health service- April 19, 2011

College's Dean of Public Policy receives two distinguished awards. <more>

6dotFrom chaos to cures- April 19, 2011

Workshops in understanding chaos address issues across disciplines. <more>

Horsedot Equine HerpesVirus Confirmed at Cornell Hospital - April 5, 2011 <more>


Hockey11dotFaculty and staff take students to school - April 4, 2011

... on the ice, that is. <more>

USNewsdotCollege receives top honors from peers - March 17, 2011

US News & World Report's ranking of veterinary colleges finds Cornell at the top. <more>

adotCooper's caper - March 8, 2011

Brain surgery highlights the Hospital's emergency mettle.

pugdotCollege to host 45th annual Open House - March 2, 2011

Demonstrations, exhibits, and lots of animals. <more>

john murraydotCommunity mourns the loss of a devoted alumnus - March 2, 2011

Dr. John Murray, one of Cornell’s foremost benefactors, died on February 25. He was ninety-eight. <more>


raccoondotCU establishes a raccoon rabies-free zone - February 23, 2011

As of January this year, rabies in raccoons in Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island has been officially eliminated. <more>

frogdotDamaged Ecosystems & the Problem of Frogs - February 23, 2011

Veterinarian and professor Val Beasley will discuss a world without frogs - the direction he says we're heading. <more>

lymphocytedotParasite uncovers key cause of Crohn’s disease - February 21, 2011

Immunologists caught a key culprit in Crohn’s disease, a cell from our own immune forces, with unconventional help from a common parasite This marks a major leap toward understanding human Crohn’s disease. <more>

imagedotTravel fellowship paves the road to conference - February 4, 2011

Eve Donnelly and Katie Melville were selected from a pool of about a dozen researchers to receive a travel fellowship established by Dr. Cornelia Farnum. <more>

KirkseydotEvent to celebrate African-American veterinarians - February 3, 2011

On Feb. 10, from 12:30 to 1:00 in LH I, Jennifer Morrissey, Class of 2013, will discuss African-American veterinary students at Cornell from 1900 to 1950, in recognition of Black History Month. Dr. Donald F. Smith also discusses the topic in his blog.

Kirkdot Veterinary legend was known world-wide -January 28, 2011

Dr. Kirk, emeritus professor of medicine, was internationally recognized and perhaps best known for his text, Current Veterinary Therapy. <more>

Gillespiedot Veterinary microbiologist, Dr. James Gillespie leaves a legacy-January 28, 2011

Dr. Gillespie’s many contributions to veterinary medicine are a matter of record. <more>

schatdot Lifetime achievement award for poultry professor-January 14, 2011

Unique plaque "in recognition of outstanding research and contributions to poultry health" honors Dr. Karel Schat's fruitful career in avian virology. <more>

CUVS dot CUVS opens in Connecticut -January 14, 2011

With several preview events -- for referring veterinarians, Cornell alumni, and close friends, Cornell University Veterinary Specialists welcomes its first patients on January 14, 2011. <more>

newfydot A (canine) leg up -January 11, 2011

In a study funded by the Morris Animal Foundation, the outlook for arthritis could get much brighter. <more>


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