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Frank H. T. Rhodes Alumni Service Award

FOR RELEASE: Oct. 14, 2005

Established in 1994, this prestigious award honors alumni who have demonstrated extraordinary service to Cornell through long-term volunteer activities within the broad spectrum of Cornell's various alumni organizations. Such service may be reflected in the leadership roles that the individual has assumed, or through the unique contributions made by the person as a part of his or her service to Cornell.

Remarks shared by Dr. Richard C. Grambow upon receiving the award.

Good evening,

President Rawlings, Emeritus President Rhodes, Alumni Federation President Frantz, Friends.

I am very grateful, honored and humbled to receive this award. To receive this accolade from ones alma mater and especially that which is named for a person I so highly respect, Frank H. T. Rhodes, is truly very special.

Little did I know when I entered college 54 years ago how great an influence Cornell University would have on my life and that of my family.

Cornell provided me with an education which allowed me to join a profession of working with people and caring for animals.

Cornell was where I meant my wife, Barbara Allen Grambow, Class of '56. We actually met at the drinking fountain in Mann Library 51 years ago next month. I knew it was good to study in the library.

Cornell is where my immediate family, Barbara and I, our 3 daughters and 2 sons-in-law all received college educations, and my third son-in-law was employed. In our family there are 2 AB degrees from Arts & Sciences, 1 BS from Human Ecology, 1 BS from the Hotel School, 2 BS degrees from Agriculture & Life Sciences, 1 MBA, 2 DVM, and 2 PhD Cornell degrees. As you can see ours is a "Cornell Family".

Cornell gave me the privilege to act as an advocate and advisor, and the opportunity to contribute to the pursuit of excellence in higher education, research and service. It is rewarding to think of all those Cornellians whom I have helped, inspired and encouraged in some way.

I think of my involvement with Cornell in the past 48 years as my post graduate education and this award will serve as my diploma. My involvement is also a way that I could give back to the University which helped provide a good foundation for a wonderful life.

This honor tonight could not have been possible without the support and understanding of my family. I share this recognition with them. I want to thank my family for all their support, guidance and encouragement.

I want to thank those in the University administration, faculty and staff who have given me a chance to participate in the life of the University, especially Deans Smith and Phemister. The trust and confidence you have had in me is greatly appreciated.

I want to thank my colleagues, especially those at the Veterinary College, and fellow Cornellians for their support and encouragement. I want to thank the Cornell Alumni Federation, Alison Smith, and Bruce Widger for their part in my being a recipient of this recognition.

I like to think of my Alumnus involvement as a "Cornell Adventure". I am proud to be a graduate of Cornell University. I feel very blessed and privileged to have been able to give service to my alma mater.

Thank you again for this wonderful honor.

Richard C. Grambow, DVM '57