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Cornell Veterinary Magazine

Spring 2004

The entire magazine is available as a pdf document. It is a large (7.2M) file and may take time to download. (pdf)

Selected Articles from the Spring 2004 issue of the magazine are also available as smaller pdf files.

Robert W. Kirk, DVM '46 was out standing in a field - a potato field, to be exact - when Dean William Hagan called in 1952 to invite him to interview for a position at Cornell. Hadley Stephenson, DVM '20 was retiring from the Small Animal Clinic, and Ellis Leonard, DVM '34 needed to replace him. Kirk had also been offered a position in the recently established veterinary college at the University of California, Davis, but he opted for the known quantity. <more>

Ezra Cornell, who endowed this university with his name, his land, his wealth, and his social philosophy, was a practical soul. Although he made his fortune building a telegraph network for Samuel F. B. Morse, his roots and his heart were in farming. When he walked away from the Western Union Telegraph Company in 1855, weary of the infighting, he finally had the financial means to buy the land he had long wanted - a broad, relatively flat hilltop expanse with the most precipitous boundaries in the Ithaca area, the gorges formed by Cascadilla and Fall Creeks. ... <more>

If all cattle in the United States carried identification, tracking of herds exposed to bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE, or "mad cow" disease) or other animal diseases would be easier and faster, according to a Cornell animal-disease and publicpolicy expert.<more>


When the Auxiliary to the New York State Veterinary Medical Society met last October in Saratoga Springs, president Ann Hancock asked the assembled members the question she has asked every year since 2001: should the Auxiliary continue to function? No one leaped to her feet with a ready answer, but after some subdued discussion the consensus was that it should, at least for the time being... <more>