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Newly Discovered Threat to Dogs
- Canine Flu.

Facts About Canine Influenza - Nov. 2, 2005

Facts About Canine Influenza from the James A. Baker Institute for Animal Health <more>

For Veterinarians - Oct. 6, 2005

Canine Influenze Virus: Detection and Sampling Guide. Information on the detection and proper method for sample collection and submission. <more>

For Dog Owners - Sept. 29, 2005

Read the Canine Health Advisory put out by the Morris Animal Foundation and the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine. <pdf file>

News Release - Sept. 27, 2005

A Cornell University virologist has isolated a highly contagious equine flu virus that is spreading a sometimes-fatal respiratory flu among dogs, and is responsible for a major dog-flu outbreak in New York state. There is no evidence that the virus could infect people. <more>

News Release - Sept. 26, 2005

Cornell University's Animal Health Diagnostic Center isolated a new and highly contagious canine influenza virus and serves as the only laboratory currently conducting routine tests for the virus for the general veterinary community. <more>

News Release - Sept. 21, 2005

The Animal Health Diagnostic Center at Cornell has reason to believe that canine influenza virus is now present in the New York City area. Reports have been received indicating that an unusual form of "kennel cough" has been seen in a number of veterinary practices. Animals recovering from this clinical presentation that have been tested are all serologically positive for canine influenza virus. Tests of selected New York State dogs last year were all negative. <more>

The Discovery in Fall '04 by Cornell CVM

Careful investigative work in a Cornell lab turns up an influenza virus that made an interspecies leap.<more>

Our Efforts in the News

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