William Hooey's job as a chemical engineer required a great deal of travel and long periods away from home, he and his family always stayed in touch via thoughtful and animated correspondence, which often included advice to his daughter and philosophical musings on the choices she would make in her life.

be thrifty but be generous in the better things

This single line of heart felt wisdom, written carefully on a sheet of yellow legal paper led Austin Hooey to make one of the most generous bequests in the history of the Cornell Vet School. Other points to ponder from William C. Hooey are available.

Austin Hooey was the only child of William C. Hooey '12 and Edna Hooey (Johns Hopkins School of Nursing). Born in 1922 Austin carried memories of a childhood during the Depression. But the years of economic hardship did not instill a frugality of her spirit.

Austin's knowledge of business and finance gained during her employment at Lehmann Brothers provided her with the ability to provide for others. She supported many charities, including churches, health care, human service organizations, and animal aid organizations.