Commencement 2002

 Hooding Ceremony
 Arts Quad
 Vet College Reception

On this page are some of the photos that were taken during Commencement events this year. Each small image is linked to a full-size image that you can download for printing, or whatever. Hope you had as much fun as I did. It was a priveledge and pleasure to work with you these past four years. Enjoy.

Click on each image to get a full-size for downloading. I haven't displayed all the photos but you can get a full set of each event by downloading a .zip file from these links.


The Hooding Ceremony

Statler Auditorium, Saturday, May 25th, 4 pm. Candidates for the degree Doctor of Veterinary Medicine assemble with parents, friends, spouses, colleagues, faculty and guests. Dean Donald F. Smith addressed the assembly and placed the hood representing the DVM degree on each candidate. The flashbulbs exploded as each candidate took their turn in the spotlight. Associate Dean Gilbert (read his address here), Professor Ron Riis (Norden Distinguished Teacher Award - 2002) - read his address here, and Dr. Walter McCarthy addressed the graduates. The Veterinary Oath was administered by Dr. McCarthy (President, NYSVMS). Here are some of those pictures.

Dean Smith Assoc. Dean Gilbert
Dr. Ron Riis Dr. Walter McCarthy

Here are a few pictures from the hooding ceremony...

Here are some candid photos from the Arts Quad

...and into Schoellkopf

...and back to the Vet College for a reception

Me and My Gal!


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