Senior Week and Commencement 2005

CPS Breakfast  
Award Ceremony 
Class Picnic
Hooding Ceremony
Arts Quad Procession
Schoellkopf Stadium
College Reception
Photographs by Ned Dykes

On this page are some photographs taken during Commencement events this year. Each photo is linked to a larger file that you can view and download for printing, or whatever. Hope you had as much fun as I did. It was a privilege and pleasure to work with you these past four years. Enjoy.

Click on each image to get a full-size version or view more photos by following the link below each collection. If you need the full resolution file or want me to make prints, just send me an email and list the file name (DSC_xxxx) and the sizes you need (4x6, 5x7, 8x10). I'll get back to you with an estimate of cost and time.

The CPS Breakfast

Each year the CPS group organizes a breakfast to honor the graduating class. This year the tables were heaped with great food and lots of people participated. Here are a few photos from that event.



The Award Ceremony

On Tuesday evening, May 24 the annual award dinner was held at the Statler Hotel, Carrier Ballroom. Here are the awards and recipients and few photos from the evening.


The Class Picnic

The fourth year class enjoyed a picnic together at the Cornell Recreation Club facilities on Hanshaw Road on Wednesday afternoon.

Here are a few pictures from the picnic...



The Hooding Ceremony

The Hooding was held at the Friedman Wrestling Center on Saturday, May 28 at 2 pm. Candidates for the degree Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and CUHA interns and residents completing programs assemble with parents, friends, spouses, partners, colleagues, faculty and guests. Dean Donald F. Smith addressed the assembly and placed the hood representing the DVM degree on each candidate. You can read his address HERE. Associate Dean Gilbert introduced the Veterinary Oath, which was administered by the President of the NYS Veterinary Medical Society, Dr. Lawrence W. Bartholf (Cornell DVM '65). Professor John Randolph (Norden Distinguished Teacher Award - 2005) delivered the traditional "charge to the class". Assistant Dean Bonni Voiland, Director of the CUHA, recognized the interns and residents who have completed programs in the Hospital. Here are some of those pictures.

Dean Smith addressed the Class of 2005

Dr. Kathy Okun greets the Class and guests

Assoc. Dean Gilbert introduced the Veterinary Oath

Dr. Bartholf, President NYS Veterinary Medical Society administers the Veterinary Oath

Dr. John Randolph - Carl Norden Distinguished Teacher 2005

Asst. Dean Bonita Voiland applauds the graduating Interns and Residents

Here are a few photos from the hooding ceremony...


The Arts Quad and Schoellkopf Stadium


Candidates for degrees assemble on the Arts Quad for the procession to Schoellkopf Stadium. Here are some photos from the Arts Quad...

Here are all the photos from the Arts Quad

...and into Schoellkopf Stadium

Here are all the photos from Schoellkopf Stadium
Read President Lehman's Commencement Address


...and back to the Vet College for a reception and diplomas




Updated June 2, 2005