The Dairy Cow Birthing Center at the New York State Fair
2015 New York State Fair

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2015 Dairy Cow Birthing Center


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The Birthing Center’s Featured Farms

All of the cows at the Dairy Cow Birthing Center hail from family run dairy farms located in central New York. They are all progressive operations, utilizing technology and modern practices in order to provide the best care for their animals, employees and land. Their commitment to all of those things results in them also producing a top-notch, healthy and wholesome product – milk. Take an inside look at these six farms by watching these videos and learning about the people, pride and passion that takes place on there.


This year's featured farms

This dairy farm started back in 1863. Today, it is owned by Tim and Ronda Fessenden, who represent the sixth generation of family members on the farm. They milk 650 cows and raise another 500 heifers. To feed all those animals, they grow 1,100 acres of corn and hay. Their mission statement reads, “It is our focus to create a balance between family, community, livestock and the environment, whilst creating sustainability for the next generation.” Hear Tim explain what sustainability means to him and the pride he possesses by working the land and being a caretaker of animals.

(Aug 27-28) Fessenden Farm in King Ferry, NY

This is the second time this farm has been featured at the Birthing Center. Owned by the Dirk Young family, along with the Evans, Fetzer and Kehoe families, this is a 2nd generation farm, established in 1960, have 1,350 cows and 2,750 acres. Together, they strive to run their business in a manner that is perceived by their neighbors and the community as an asset to the area. Perception is reality – so after viewing this video, featuring Jason Fetzer, you will understand just how responsible this farm is to their community, and the production of milk.

(Aug 29-30) Twin Birch Dairy in Skaneateles, NY

Established in 1832, this farm was weathered all types of challenges over the years and stands stronger than ever today with the sixth generation, Jon and Julie Patterson, at the helm and happily raising the seventh generation on the farm. The core values of their business are safety, animal care, integrity and environmental stewardship. Patterson Farm is home to 1,100 cows and 2,500 acres of land, where they “do good work, and are constantly striving to do great work.” Please welcome back to the Birthing Center for their second year, the Patterson family.

(Aug 31-Sept 1) Patterson Farm, Auburn, NY

This farm started with two cows back in 1945. The first night on the farm, one cow died, leaving them with only one cow. Many lessons and improvements have been made since then, and today, third generation owners, Ted and Kelly O'Hara, care for 1,850 cows, 1,650 heifers and to feed all those bodies, they tend to 3,800 acres of crops. They pride themselves on operating a “high tech” family farm, dedicated to environmental stewardship, top-shelf animal care, and fulfilling, stable employment for those in the community.

(Sept 2-3) Oakwood Dairy in Auburn, NY

Dave Harvatine is a “cow guy” and admits that even though they have 2100 cows and 2000 youngstock on the farm, he still develops a bond with all of them. Dave, along with the Cook, Burroughs, and Westfall families together operate this multi-family farm that was first established in 1984. They are committed to practicing excellent stewardship of soils and water, providing the best care for animals, producing high quality milk, seeking growth opportunities for their employees. Hear more about this family of families, which includes their cows.

(Sept 4-5) Aurora Ridge Dairy in Aurora, NY

This farm has been growing crops along with a high quality herd of dairy animals, but they are most thankful to provide an environment where people can grow as well. Doug and Janet Young, along with a team of supporting business partners and staff work to serve as an example of a good Christian business. This first generation family farm was first established in 1987 with 120 cows. Today, they have grown their family business to include 1,950 milking cows and 3,100 acres of crops; one of their greatest products was helping a fellow employee become a full time Pastor.

(Sept 6-7) Spruce Haven Farm in Union Springs, NY

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