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News Releases 2009

Lab screeningsdot  Casting for Genes - December 21 , 2009

Free screenings for healthy Labradors. <more>



Dogdot  Study identifies drug for canine epilepsy - December 21 , 2009

Additional benefits of drug expected. <more>



sir noggindot  First-ever surgery for felines - December 16 , 2009

Supported with gift from Feline Health Center and donors from around the world. <more>


horsedot  Study looks for alternative drug - December 16 , 2009

Options exist, but come with harmful side effects. <more>



pugdot  Moving the clock back - December 16 , 2009

Study focused on congestive heart failure. <more>



neurodot  Combined service leverages expertise - December 16 , 2009

Collaborations mean comprehensive care. <more>


coverdot  2009 College Annual Report - December 16 , 2009

Highlights of the College's mission-driven work. <more>



AntczakTwilightdot  Horse genome published in Science - November 6, 2009

Scientists find many applications. <more>



Partnersdot  10-part video series in the works - November 3, 2009

Nestlé Purina PetCare and Partners in Animal Health collaborate to create video series for cats. <more>


Kyliusdot  Student earns prestigious scholarship - November 3, 2009

Claudia Cartwright scholarship funds education and offers opportunities for employment. <more>



halloffamedot  Faculty, alumnus inducted into Hall of Fame - October 30, 2009

Equine faculty and PhD alumnus welcomed at October 25 ceremony. <more>



ACVSdot  Resident recognized by ACVS - October 30, 2009

Kyla Ortved is honored at conference. <more>



Concertdot  Award-winning artists perform at the College - October 29 , 2009

Tim Fain and Robert Koenig perform to benefit the animal hospitals. <more>


Bakerdot  Baker Institute and Feline Health Center unite- October 28 , 2009

Interim director leads new organization. <more>


PurplePartydot  Second annual NYS-VC a wrap - October 16 , 2009

More than 300 veterinarians and veterinarians-to-be participated. <more>


Science Fridaydot  Veterinary profession discussed on Science Friday - October 9 , 2009

Dr. Lisa Fortier and Dr. Alfonso Torres were guests on this week's national radio show. <more>



Scottdot  Dr. Fred Scott earns Salmon Award - October 3 , 2009

Pioneer and innovator recognized for service. <more>


Abbottdot  In memory of Dr. George Abbott - September 28 , 2009

Dr. George Abbott '45 was surrounded by loved ones when he passed on September 17. <more>


Travisdot  Dr. Alexander Travis earns prestigious NIH award - September 24 , 2009

A five-year, $2.5 million Director's Pioneer Award from the NIH will advance Travis' research. <more>



Hornedot  Dr. William Horne assumes hospital directorship - September 17 , 2009

Dr. Bill Horne says life is all about balance. <more>



Miradot Dr. Sylvia Bedford-Guaus authors editorial in Gannett newspapers - September 17 , 2009

"I could not get my eyes off this beautiful filly as she was frolicking alongside her surrogate dam in a pasture in the Town of Binghamton."


Miradot  Champion mare's legacy lives on with birth of filly - September 15 , 2009

Mira, a foal born in August, trots happily in Binghamton, N.Y., even though her mother died almost a year ago.

NSF grantdot  College researchers part of $10 million NSF grant - September 11 , 2009

As part of the study, Cornell investigators will analyze fibrillation onset in cardiac tissue. <more>



Career Connectionsdot  Register for Career Connections - September 1 , 2009

Speed interviews, one-on-one interviews, and professional development opportunities at this year's Career Connections. <more>


Horsedot  Sporthorse Invitational to Benefit College - September 1 , 2009

The Syracuse Invitational Sporthorse Tournament donates proceeds from ticket sales and a silent auction to the Cornell University Equine Hospital and Vera House. <more>


Catdot  Shelter Outreach Services and College Strengthen Partnership - September 1 , 2009

Through an expanded collaboration with Ithaca’s SOS, the College will assist in providing high quality, high volume spay/neuter services to animals in need in the region. <more>


sciencedot Gift from Alpha Psi to Support Clinical Fellowship - September 1 , 2009

Proceeds from the sale of the fraternity's house will support a clinical fellowship. <more>



Erbdot  2009 Calvin W. Schwabe Award Winner Announced- August 27 , 2009

Dr. Hollis N. Erb earns lifetime achievement award. <more>



Black Labdot  Changing the Learning Paradigm for Veterinary Students- August 27 , 2009

Although experiential education is an extremely valuable technique, it can be difficult to implement in the medical arena ... until now. <more>


George Kolliasdot  Dr. George Kollias Discusses Rabies - August 18 , 2009

Dr. George Kollias speaks about wildlife and rabies in an interview for a news story on News 10 Now. <more>



lollypop farmdot  Shelter Helps Veterinary Students Gain Important Skills - July 21, 2009

To many newly graduated DVMs, the first surgery performed on their own can be daunting. <more>



sarah helmonddot  2009 Clinical Fellows Program Recipient Announced - July 21, 2009

Dr. Sarah Helmond has been selected as the 2009 Clinical Fellow at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. <more>


dr margaret bynoedot  Dr. Margaret Bynoe Honored with 2009 Pfizer Animal Health Award - July 21, 2009

Margaret Bynoe, PhD, assistant professor of immunology at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, has been named as the 2009 recipient of the Pfizer Animal Health Award for Research Excellence. <more>


Bowserdot  Faculty member earns career achievement award - July 2, 2009

Dr. Paul Bowser, professor of aquatic animal medicine at the College of Veterinary Medicine, was presented with the S.F. Snieszko Distinguished Service Award. <more>


fortierdot  Veterinarian takes the lead at international society - July 2, 2009

It wasn't too long ago that it was common for people to live with damaged cartilage. Left unattended, though, compromised cartilage often develops into devastating arthritis. <more>


bobcatdot  Injured bobcat treated at Cornell - June 26, 2009

Elusive and stealthy, bobcats are nocturnal predators, so daytime sightings are infrequent. <more>



Sondermanndot  Serpentine-shaped protein identified- June 24, 2009

The factors that govern normal cellular function or dictate disease states are manifold, and many of them are yet to be discovered. <more>


reunion09dot  Nearly 400 return to campus for Reunion 2009- June 8, 2009

While greeting old friends, alumni and their guests took part in tours of the hospitals, reminisced about their college days at the barbeque and class dinners, and learned the latest about the College at the Dean's State of the College address. <Watch here for news of Reunion 2010.>

SUNY Chancellordot  SUNY Chancellor visits University/College of Veterinary Medicine - June 4, 2009

The new chancellor of the State University of New York system spent her third day on the job (June 3) touring Cornell University's four statutory colleges, including the large animal hospital at the College of Veterinary Medicine.<more>

michele_tamikadot  SUNY Chancellor's Award recognizes two vet students - June 2, 2009

Michele Barrett and Tamika Lewis receive the award that recognizes their academic excellence.<more>



Hooding09dot  Dean Kotlikoff to Class of 2009: "Altitude depends on attitude."- May 26 , 2009

At the traditional Hooding Ceremony, Dean Kotlikoff jokingly asked the graduates to "endure" one more lecture. <more>


surgerydot  3-D printing takes guesswork out of surgery - May 23 , 2009

Thanks to a collaboration between Cornell colleges, decision-making at the Cornell University Hospital for Animals can be done before animals are anesthetized. <more>


Jess Dowling '11dot  To be all she can be - May 23 , 2009

Jess Dowling DVM '11 commissioned as second lieutenant. <more>


Reunion08dot  Reunion 2009: June 4-7, 2009 - May 20 , 2009

Return, renew, reacquaint at Reunion 2009, featuring opportunities to mix and mingle with friends, faculty, and family. <more>


Dairy Cowdot  Does organic mean healthy for dairy cows? - May 4 , 2009

A growing number of people are beginning to question the effects of widespread fertilizer and pesticide use on rivers and animal species, including humans. <more>


Dr. Judy Appletondot  Vet College faculty member recognized with University Award - April 28 , 2009

Dr. Judith Appleton was among five recipients for the 2009 Constance E. Cook and Alice H. Cook Recognition Awards for her contributions to improving the climate for women at Cornell. <more>


Dean Michael I. Kotlikoffdot  Dean Kotlikoff featured on Cornell's Cybertower - April 21 , 2009

Austin O. Hooey Dean of Veterinary Medicine Dr. Michael Kotlikoff was a featured speaker in a recent CyberTower Forum. <more>

Catdot  College faculty share expertise with Animal Planet viewers - April 21 , 2009

On April 10, "Cats: Born to Survive" debuted on Animal Planet. The 60-minute show features members of the College's Feline Health Center, including Dr. Fred Scott, Dr. Paul Maza, and Dr. Christine Bellezza, and Elizabeth. Part of the Animal Cops Specials 2009, Cats: Born To Survive is rated PG and illustrates why cats have been dubbed the ultimate survivor. <to learn more about the Feline Health Center>

Bikeathon Logodot  First annual Pedal for Pets: Ride, volunteer, support- April 16 , 2009

Pedal for Pets, organized and sponsored by SCAVMA, will support the Cornell University Hospital for Animals. Learn how you can participate! <more>

Tamika Lewis DVM 09dot  International Veterinary Medicine Abroad: Honduras- April 16 , 2009

It was 10 days of opportunities: to explore a different culture; to sharpen their creative problem-solving skills; to practice their clinical skills; and to protect the ecosystem upon which we all depend. <more>


Catdot  Be prepared to care for your pet in an emergency - April 14 , 2009

You've just clipped Rover's nail too short and now it's bleeding - QUICK - what do you do? Being prepared for emergencies can help save your pet's life. <more>

Senator Kirsten Gillibranddot  Cornell's vital agriculture and veterinary roles stressed by N.Y.'s new senator - April 14 , 2009

In her first visit to Cornell as New York's junior U.S. senator, Kirsten Gillibrand pledged to advocate for the university's agriculture and veterinary programs as a way of revitalizing New York state's economy. <read the original article>

Dr. Donald Smithdot  Enduring Legacies Captured for Eternity - March 27 , 2009

Dr. Donald Smith is recording veterinary medicine's rich and enduring legacy in accounts of veterinarians who promoted and advanced animal health during the early decades of the 20th century. <read the original article>


Dr. Bettina Wagner dot  Bettina Wagner Named Zweig Professor - March 26 , 2009

Dr. Bettina Wagner, assistant professor of immunology at the College of Veterinary Medicine, has been named the Harry M. Zweig Assistant Professor in Equine Health. The three-year term endowed position recognizes a junior faculty member who shows promise and productivity in the field of equine research. <more>

Black Labdot  Man's Best Friend or Man's Best Workout Buddy? - March 20 , 2009

Bringing research together from weight-loss studies focused on humans and canines, research associate Dr. Barbour Warren and health educator Mary Maley from the Breast Cancer and Environmental Risk Factors Program, and Dr. Joseph J. Wakshlag, assistant professor of clinical nutrition, have started a 12-week pilot study, sponsored by a Hatch grant and Purina. <more>

Dr. Maureen Linderdot  Chair of Department of Molecular Medicine Named - March 20 , 2009

Dr. Maurine E. Linder has been named chair of the Department of Molecular Medicine and professor of pharmacology at Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine, effective July 1, 2009. <more>


Dr. Farnumdot  James Law Professor of Anatomy Appointed - March 20 , 2009

Dr. Cornelia Farnum has been named a James Law Professor of Anatomy, an appointment that recognizes the totality of her career, including her commitment to teaching, to research, and to service. <more>


chicken dot  New multimedia resource protects poultry and human health - February 11, 2009

Animal disease outbreaks have the power to wield devastating economic blows to farmers and some diseases, like Avian Influenza, may even cause human illness. A new tool, produced by Partners in Animal Health at Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine, aims to minimize disease outbreaks by helping veterinarians and farmers diagnose poultry diseases more quickly.<more>

cells dot  Collaboration published in PNAS - February 9, 2009

Stem cells within the heart have proven to be an elusive and controversial population. Now research scientists from Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine and collaborators from the University of Bonn have successfully isolated and purified mouse heart precursor cells (heart stem cells) from the developing heart, a key step in determining the specific processes that either maintain stemness or promote differentiation into vascular or cardiac fates. <more>

Dr. Schimentidot  Schimenti named AAAS fellow - February 9, 2009

John C. Schimenti has been named a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the world's largest general scientific society and publisher of the journal Science. He will be recognized February 12 at the annual AAAS meeting, held this year in Chicago.

White Coat dot  White Coat 08 - January 29, 2009

The College of Veterinary Medicine and the College of Veterinary Medicine Alumni Association honored the Class of 2010 at the White Coat Ceremony in December 2008. The symbol of professionalism and empathy in the practice of medicine was given to a new generation. The purpose of white coat ceremonies is to alert medical students to the need to balance excellence in science with humanistic patient care. <more>

Catdot  Breadth and depth key to rankings - January 23, 2009

Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine is consistently ranked among the nation's best. What is it that makes Cornell stand out? <read the original article>