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This database of color images is designed to be a supplement to the text ROONEY'S GUIDE TO THE DISSECTION OF THE HORSE, 7th edition, Orsini and Sack. This site will provide users with a large number of images additional to those that appear in the book.

To begin your search, click on "Search the database" below. You may then select a chapter from which to display images. Click on a thumbnail to display an enlarged image. The page number in parentheses to the right of each image number refers to the 7th edition of the dissection guide; an "L" or "R" beside the page number refers to text in the left or right column, respectively, of that page.

The original 2 x 2 slides, from which these digitized images have
been created, were produced during 1975 and 1976 at the Cornell University Department of Veterinary Anatomy. Professor Emeritus W. O. Sack, DVM, PhD, Dr.med.vet., performed the dissections using several embalmed horses and fresh necropsy room specimens. Lewis. L. Sadler, B.F.A., M.Sc., at that time the medical illustrator for the department, photographed the finished dissections.

Almost all stages of the dissection sequence were photographed once without, and once with, labels. Mr. Sadler took over 2,000 exposures for the project and in the end 484 slides were selected to illustrate the detailed gross anatomy of the horse. These 484 slides were published in 1977 on ten microfiche cards entitled THE DISSECTED HORSE, and were appended to the 5th and 6th editions of ROONEY's GUIDE TO THE DISSECTION OF THE HORSE.

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