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Office of Research and Graduate Education - College Research Office

Bettina Wagner, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education oversees research and research administration in the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM). Her leadership supports opportunities for faculty collaborations, implementation of research initiatives, communication and understanding of regulatory compliance, as well as dissemination of research activities conducted in the College.  Under her leadership, the College Research Office goals are to support the strategic research mission of the College and to facilitate the grant application process.

Laura Mathews, Administrative Assistant, provides support to the Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Education, the College's internal grant programs, and the Harry M. Zweig Memorial Fund for Equine Research.

Melinda Cirri, Internal Grants Coordinator, provide support to the Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Education for the Research Grants Program in Animal Health, Resident Research Grants Program, and John T. and Jane A. Wiederhold Foundation Wildlife Conservation and Shelter Medicine Program.

Proposal Submissions:

Jenna Bush, Grant & Contract Officer, directs the grant application submission process and provides research administration expertise, mentoring, and leadership.  Jenna is supported by a college grant and contract representative. She has extensive experience working with all sponsoring agencies. Jenna manages the balance of adhering to University policy, sponsor requirements, and the need to communicate with faculty and departments. 

Brigid Shipman is a grant and contracts representative within the CVM. She works with the dedicated research coordinators in each department to provide administrative guidance in the development of proposals for research funding, exclusive of corporate funding. All proposals must be submitted through the department's research coordinator to the college grant and contract representative. Faculty submitting proposals need to inform their departmental research coordinator of that intention. In collaboration with the department's research coordinator, the College Representatives will review proposals for compliance with Cornell and sponsor guidelines.


Contact Location Email Phone
Bettina Wagner S2054 Schurman Hall 607-253-3755
Laura Mathews S2054 Schurman Hall 607-253-3755
Melinda Cirri S2054 Schurman Hall 607-253-3759
Jenna Bush S3009 Schurman Hall 607-253-3199
Brigid M. Shipman S3009 Schurman Hall 607-253-3739

College Research Office Internal Site (Log in Required): The internal site provides information on funding announcements, general announcements, forms and templates.