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Co-Principal Investigator: Paul Bowser
Co-Principal Investigator: James Casey

Contact Information: Email:; Phone: 607-253-4029
Contact Information: Email:; Phone: 607-253-3579
Sponsor: New York Sea Grant Institute Stony Brook
Grant Number: R/FTD-11
Title: Management of Risk from VHSV in Bait Minnows
Annual Direct Cost: $65,022
Project Period: 02/1/11-01/31/12

DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant):

Rationale: The emergence of Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia Virus (VHSV) in the Great Lakes Basin is considered to be one of the most serious fish health events to have occurred in North America. The primary means to minimize the impact of VHSV is by preventing its spread to new bodies of water. It has been hypothesized that one of highest risks for the spread of VHSV is by the movement of infected fish. The goal of the proposed research will be to document the risk posed by bait minnows in the spread of the virus. We will determine if minnows can act as a reservoir from which VHSV can be spread and document the effect of an environmental parameter, temperature, on that reservoir. We will also determine if predatory fish can be infected with VHSV by eating a prey species that is carrying the virus. The information we develop will be used to formulate Best Management Programs and Practices to support outreach efforts targeted at bait dealers, the sport fishing community and the public in general.