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Principal Investigator: Jodi Korich

Contact Information: Email:; Phone: 607-253-4462
Sponsor: USDA Animal/Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)
Grant Number: 10-9100-1302-CA
Title: Foreign Animal Disease Diagnosticians Field Manual
Annual Direct Cost: $272,727
Project Period: 07/08/10-03/31/11

DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): APHIS Foreign Animal Disease Diagnosticians (FADDs) are responsible for responding to foreign animal disease and emerging disease incidents. As early responders,this group must have access to up-to-date information and resources that provide pertinent information to assist them in conducting field investigations. Maintaining core knowledge and competency is challenging for FADDs as individuals within the group are constantly moving in and out of regulatory practice and the diseases, diagnostic tests, tools and industry practices are constantly evolving.

To address these challenges, a working group consisting of ER and WR epidemiologists and FADDs, NACAHEM and PDS, developed recommendations for FADD training. Included in these recommendations is an FADD Field Manual which will include “Job Aids” designed to facilitate FADD investigations. The manual will be deployed to the network of USDA FADDs within a FAD toolkit.

This proposal outline plans for PDS and NCAHEM to work with the Partners in Animal Health program at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine to develop an FADD Field Manual. The project is a joint collaboration between NACAHEM, PDS and the Cornell Partners in Animal Health program. NACAHEM and PDS will select individuals with appropriate expertise to author the content and to collaborate with the Cornell development team on various aspects of production.

The FAD working group conducted a series of surveys to identify learning objectives, core competencies and preferred delivery modalities for the FADD resources. The product deliverables specified by the USDA in this cooperative agreement are based on the results of a needs assessment conducted by USDA/PDS in 2009-2010.

Content will be developed in sections according to a prioritized list of subject matter to be determined by PDS. Subjects were identified by the working group in the needs assessment. Based on this requirements list, a preliminary estimate of 165 pages has been budgeted for the manual.