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Principal Investigator: Joseph Wakshlag

Contact Information: Email:; Phone: 607-253-4389
Sponsor: Auburn University – Department of Justice
Grant Number: 11-APP-210963-CU
Title: Influence of Diet on Olfaction Capabilities in Detection Dogs
Annual Direct Cost: $20,000
Project Period: 10/01/10-07/31/11

DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): As part of the larger DOJ project Dr. Wakshlag's group will be participating in sample handling, laboratory work, data collection, data analysis, and dietary consultation work throughout the 18 month long project. Specific duties include regular data review, participating in blood collection, dog training and ensuring that protocol is followed for the diet portion of the study. The study is designed to examine the effects of high fat diet on the thermoregulatory capabilities of working detector dogs and to examine the relationship between thermal stress and olfaction capabilities.