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Principal Investigator: Douglas Antczak

Baker Institute for Animal Health
Contact Information: Email:; Phone: 607-256-5633
Sponsor: Morris Animal Foundation
Grant Number: D12EQ-026
Title: Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) Class I Molecules as Receptors for Equine Herpes Virus
Annual Direct Cost: $46,296
Project Period: 01/01/2012-12/31/2013

DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): The application proposes to determine the importance of MHC class I molecules as cell-surface receptors for entry of equine herpes virus type 1 (EHV-1) and type 4 (EHV-4). EVH-1, one of the major uncontrolled pathogens of the horse worldwide, can cause abortions and severe neurological disease, two syndromes that usually follow respiratory disease, and can affect large numbers of horses. EVH-1 manifests itself systemically, while EVH-4 remains restricted to the upper respiratory tract, EVH-1-induced myeloencephalopathy is often fatal. Farms, stables and hospitals with active EHV-1 infections are quarantined, causing disruption of normal activity and economic losses. Large outbreaks of EVH-1 infections in the US and Canada in 2011 have reinforced the need for better control measures.