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Principal Investigator: Gerlinde Van de Walle

The Baker Institute for Animal Health
Email:; Phone: 607-256-5624
Sponsor: Cornell Feline Health Center
Grant Number: N/A
Title: Peptidylarginine Deiminase (PAD) Inhibitors: A Novel Class of Anti-Cancer Drugs for Feline Mammary Cancer
Annual Direct Cost: $50,000
Project Period: 08/01/2013-07/31/2014

DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): Mammary cancer is highly prevalent in cats and since current treatment regimes are unsatisfactory, more efficient treatments are urgently needed. The expression and function of peptidylarginine deiminase enzymes (PAD), a family of enzymes that citrullinate proteins, is well-studied in human mammary cells and it is known that PADs are strongly upregulated in human mammary cancer cells. Moreover, Dr. Coonrod, a Co-PI on this application, has shown that PAD inhibitors can potently block cancer progression in mouse models of human breast cancer. Recently, we found that PAD2, an important member of the PAD family, is highly expressed in feline and canine mammary cancer cells and, moreover, we found that AD inhibitors had an anti-cancer effect on canine mammary cancer cells in vitro.