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Principal Investigator: Daryl Nydam
Co-Principal Investigators: Rory Todhunter, Adam Boyko, Thomas Overton

Department of Population Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences
Email:; Phone: 607-253-4391
Sponsor: USDA NIFA-Hatch Federal Formula Funds
Grant Number: NYC-478413
Title: Genomic Prediction of Transition Cow Metabolic Drivers for Selection of Productive Dairy Cattle
Project Amount: $30,000
Project Period: 10/01/13-09/30/14

DESCRIPTION (Provided by Applicant): Understanding the biology and potential heritability of subclinical ketosis and negative energy balance in transition dairy cows is one of the key areas for competitiveness and sustainability of the dairy industry. If cows with resistance to subclinical ketosis that are still high producing dairy cows can be identified and propagated it will prove to enhance dairy cow well-being, the profitability of dairy farms as well as reduce the carbon footprint of dairy farming. The information gained from this study will benefit the overall understanding of transition cow biology and provide novel methods to make dairy production more efficient.