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Principal Investigator: Santiago Peralta
Co-Principal Investigator: Rodrigo Bicalho

Department of Clinical Sciences
Sponsor: Cornell Feline Health Center Research Grants Program
Grant Number: N/A
Title: Using -Omics Techniques to Define Microbial Pathogenesis of Periodontitis in the Domestic Cat
Project Amount: $119,213
Project Period: 07/01/17-06/30/2019

DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): Periodontitis is a highly prevalent inflammatory disease that occurs in the domestic cat and other mammals. It is characterized by the destruction of periodontal tissues and is associated with significant morbidity; moreover, it has been implicated with systemic inflammation, diabetes mellitus, obesity, cardiovascular disease, among other serious chronic systemic diseases and conditions. The pathogenesis of periodontitis involves the presence of a complex and dynamic subgingival microenvironment (dental plaque), that elicits an inflammatory response by the host.