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Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs)
for hip and elbow scores

Statistics of the genetic evaluation

1. Genetic parameters
Genetic parameters, including the additive genetic variance and the residual variance were estimated using the REML procedure. Heritability was defined as the proportion of additive variance over the total variance which is the sum of additive variance and residual variance.

2. Distribution of breeding value and accuracy
The dogs with low breeding value (low OFA score means a better hip or elbow) and with higher accuracy (more related dogs measured, the higher the accuracy) are the most desirable for breeding purposes.  Low accuracy means that not many progeny were available to estimate the breeding value. 

Clearly, many of the dogs recorded in this web site will no longer be available for breeding as the OFA data base has records back 40 years. Only dogs with publicly available data have EBVs for hip and elbow genetic quality.  Many records are not publicly available.