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Health screening - finding controls for Genetic Mapping studies


We are looking for healthy Labrador retrievers to use as controls for genetic mapping studies. Eligible dogs must be at least 8 years of age, AKC-registered (or have a pedigree available), be available to spend the day at the Hospital, and have been certified as healthy by their regular veterinarian.

The health screening (of no cost to the client) will include a general physical examination, behavioral assessment, body measurements, complete blood count and  chemistry panel, urinalysis, nutritional consultation, environmental factor screening    for conditions that predispose to cancer, as well as orthopedic, oncological, ophthalmological, neurological, and cardiological examinations.

For more information on your dog eligibility for this study, please email us. If you would like to support this project, and help cover the cost of these health screenings, please click here and choose CVM DNA Bank as part of the designation area.

todhunter_Ben From Paula Piatt:
Our family, including our three Labrador retrievers dogs: Ben (pictured at left with Drs. Rory Todhunter and Natalia Andrade), Maddie and Hailey, were privileged to be part of the Labrador Retriever screening study in October 2009. My husband and I have owned Labs for close to 25 years and have seen, first hand, what some of these diseases can do. We were grateful to be able to help out not only future Labradors, but dogs of all kinds, and perhaps their owners as some of the information may translate to human medicine.

Although it was a long day for us, the care and attention we all received from the veterinarians and staff was absolutely excellent. Everyone who came in contact with our dogs showed genuine care and concern for their health and well-being. And the medical information we received on all three dogs was invaluable to us and our local veterinarian. I would not hesitate for a minute should another opportunity arise to work with Cornell's Hospital for Animals. Thank you!