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NMR Facility

The nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) facility at the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine houses a Varian Inova 500 spectrometer equipped for high-resolution studies of the structure and dynamics of proteins and nucleic acids. Data from the experiments conducted on this machine can be used to determine the three dimensional structure of proteins and nucleic acids in solution at atomic resolution. Also the motions of these molecules can be studied on time scales extending down to 0.000000000001 seconds. An important feature of this instrument is the cryoprobe. This portion of the instrument detects the signal, but to increase sensitivity by 3-fold, the electronics are maintained at -414F (25 kelvin). This facilitates the study of molecules at low concentrations.

The spectrometer has been used for many different projects. In particular, the structure and dynamics of a number of proteins that are important drug targets for cancer, epilepsy, and numerous neurodegenerative diseases have been studied. Also, the three dimensional structure of several proteins with potential for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias have been determined.

The facility is available to all members of the Cornell community for an hourly charge. If you are interested in using the instrument, please contact Robert Oswald (, 253-3877) to discuss the feasibility of the project and to schedule time.