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Developmental Biology

Research at the College of Veterinary Medicine meets the clinical and research demands of human and animal health. Consistently ranked among the top veterinary colleges in the country, the College leads in scientific discovery.

Faculty expertise focuses on the interface between scientific research and clinical practice as well as a commitment to animal and human health.

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Area of Interest
Biological interactions that take place between a mother and fetus during pregnancy genes and development; Equine medicine with emphasis on immunology, genetics, and reproduction

Canine genomics; genetics of adaptation and domestication

Neurology; Craniocervical junction abnormalities
Role of the DNA mismatch repair (MMR) family in mammalian meiosis and recombination; RNA binding Argonauts in germline and other mammalian tissue stem cells; Genetics and development; Gamete biology, fertilization & reproductive tract
Equine immune system with specific interest in immunodeficiencies and developmental immunity of the foal; immunomodulatory therapies and response to vaccines; comparative animal model for human disease research
Transcriptional and cellular control of tissue morphogenesis; molecular and cellular events that direct the formation of tissues and organs during vertebrate embryogenesis; cell signaling; cellular behaviors and cell shape during development

Cancer cell biology
Animal models of inherited human disorders as a means to understand sex determination and differentiation at the molecular level; inherited disorders of the reproductive tract
Development of vertebrate craniofacial muscles, blood vessels, and skeletal tissues; cell differentiation and the morphogenesis of musculoskeletal complexes; biomaterials & drug delivery
Mouse genetics and functional genomics; genomic instability; genetic recombination; genetics of gametogenesis and development; use of ES cells to mutagenize the mouse genome
Biomedical mechanics; canine hip dysplasia; osteoarthritis; genetics linkage analysis