Food Safety  

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Food Safety

Research at the College of Veterinary Medicine meets the clinical and research demands of human and animal health. Consistently ranked among the top veterinary colleges in the country, the College leads in scientific discovery. Faculty expertise focuses on the interface between scientific research and clinical practice as well as a commitment to animal and human health.

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Area of Interest
Environmental cues of the intestinal tract that induce virulence gene expression in Salmonella; Defining the genetic pathways by which environmental signals are communicated in Salmonella to cause changes in virulence gene expression; genetic and genomic approaches to characterize this regulon
Dairy production medicine; Bacteriology; prevention and treatment of infection; Antibiotic therapies in livestock
Epidemiological and mathematical modeling, genetic analysis and economic methods

Cell and microbe interactions; facultative intracellular Gram-positive bacterium Listeria monocytogenes

Enterobacteriaceae and the microbial ecology of the intestinal tract; virulence mechanisms and pathogenesis of enteric bacterial infections, immunity to Salmonella infections; Salmonella epidemiology and control programs; antimicrobial resistance in bacteria; development of new diagnostic assays and media for use in veterinary clinical microbiology; development of biosensors for the rapid detection of microorganisms

Diseases of multiple species, defining epidemiology and risk factors for diseases; epidemiology of infectious diseases; quantitative and analytical epidemiology; veterinary public health and food safety; production medicine

Quality milk production services

Production animal agriculture and public health at the population level


Epidemiological, statistical and mathematical methods to animal disease involving well managed dairy herds

Application of molecular evolutionary biology principles and techniques within groups of bacterial pathogens

Dairy cattle epidemiology; preharvest food safety; Salmonellosis in cattle; infectious disease

Epidemiological, statistical and mathematical methods to animal disease involving well managed dairy herds