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Advancing the health and well-being of animals and people

Medical Biology

Research at the College of Veterinary Medicine meets the clinical and research demands of human and animal health. Consistently ranked among the top veterinary colleges in the country, the College leads in scientific discovery. Faculty expertise focuses on the interface between scientific research and clinical practice as well as a commitment to animal and human health.

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Area of Interest
Exotic and wildlife medicine; anesthesia, elephant medicine

Limitations of the canine and equine respiratory system in health and disease; control of breathing in cursorial mammals; pulmonary immunology in equids; respiratory system biology in equids

Environmental cues of the intestinal tract that induce virulence gene expression in Salmonella; Defining the genetic pathways by which environmental signals are communicated in Salmonella to cause changes in virulence gene expression; genetic and genomic approaches to characterize this regulon
Biological interactions that take place between a mother and fetus during pregnancy genes & development; Equine medicine with emphasis on immunology, genetics, and reproduction
Parasitic diseases; Mucosal immunity in the intestinal tract, specifically intestinal immunity expressed against parasitic nematodes
Immune cell activation and signaling in development, response to infection and respiratory inflammation
Clinical oncology; efficacy of radiation therapy
Parasitic diseases; internal medicine; small animal medicine
Erythrocyte destructive disorders (including immune-mediated hemolytic anemia and hemophagocytic sarcomas/syndromes); vascular biology
Shelter medicine; spay/neuter programs; infectious diseases; and outreach programs for accessible veterinary care
Dairy production medicine; Bacteriology; prevention and treatment of infection; Antibiotic therapies in livestock
Analytical and heavy metals Toxicology in livestock and companion animals
Soil transmitted parasites, parasites of wildlife, visceral larva migrans, host response to soil transmitted pathogens, detection of soil transmitted parasites
Infectious and non-infectious diseases of fish, pathogenesis of important bacterial pathogens of cultured and wild fish, evaluation of new therapeutic compounds for use in cultured food fish
Canine genomics; genetics of adaptation and domestication
Comparative hemostasis: canine models of hereditary bleeding disorders, biomarkers of hypercoagulability in animals; role of transmembrane lipid movement in platelet apoptotic vs. activation response
Molecular pathogenesis of the infectious bronchitis virus; Ecology and conservation of disease in birds and wildlife
Disease prevention, surveillance, and control programs; Wildlife and Zoo Medicine
Anesthesiology; pain management; animal welfare
Anatomic pathology, comparative orthopedic pathology, metabolic bone diseases, respiratory pathology
Oncogenesis in wild populations, primarily in fish and marine turtles; Eukaryotic gene regulation; oncogenic transformation; viral replication and pathogenesis; toxicology, with special emphasis on viral hemorrhagic septicemia (VHSV)
Hepatic and renal biology; Genetics; Protosystemic Vascular anomalies and Microvascular Dysplasia; small animal medicine
Neurology; Craniocervical junction abnormalities
Molecular biology of infectious disease; DNA and recombinant subunit vaccine development; molecular basis of bacterial pathogenesis; immunopathology of infectious disease; molecular diagnosis of infectious diseases; host defense mechanisms; comparative genomics and proteomics
Biomedical imaging, tissue engineering to restore upper airway function in animals and humans, larynx, pharynx,trachea, muscle,denervation, regeneration, re-innervation

Brian Collins

Community Practice Service
Clinical oncology; ovarian cancer
Infectious Diseases; educational training in infectious diseases
Congenital brain disorders, neuropharmacology, anticonvulsant therapy
Equine and bovine internal medicine and critical care; Equine motor neuron disease, equine lyme disease, equine protozoal myelitis and any advances in internal medicine and critical care for large animals
Viral diseases of cattle; Bovine viral diarrhea virus; Viral diseases of dogs; Canine influenza virus; Viral diseases of domestic animals that impact endangered wildlife; Herd health program; Biosecurity; effective use of veterinary biologicals
Biomedical mechanics; Equine sports medicine with emphasis on upper respiratory function during exercise, and its influence on pulmonary hemodynamics
Molecular mechanisms of host-parasite interactions and their relationship to susceptibility or resistance against enteric bacterial diseases, particularly within the framework of animal models of colitis
Veterinary Medical Biology and educational instruction
Equine immune system with specific interest in immunodeficiencies and developmental immunity of the foal; immunomodulatory therapies and response to vaccines; comparative animal model for human disease research; Mechanisms of regulation of B cell differentiation using equine bone marrow- and fetal liver-derived hematopoietic stem cells
Veterinary clinical medicine, specializing in feline clinical medicine outreach and neuroanatomy
Small animal medicine; clinical oncology; biomedical imaging
Emergency and critical care medicine, perioperative care, and pain management; internal medicine diagnostics and therapeutics
Cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in the development of arthritis with the ultimate goal of identifying novel molecular targets for the treatment or prevention of arthritis; refining the clinical application of stem cells for treatment of orthopaedic diseases; cartilage and ligament regeneration; induced pluripotent stem cell and bone marrow stem cell research; biomedical mechanics

Hormonal regulation of the differentiation and function of ovarian follicles; effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals on
the bovine species

Gastrointestinal biology; large animal soft tissue surgery
Infectious disease and host immune response
Theriogenology, with emphasis on production animals; postpartum conditions of dairy cows; uterine disorders of dairy cows, in particular subclinical endometritis; interaction of nutrition and fertility; comparative pathogenesis of trichomoniasis in cattle and in people
West Nile Virus; Molecular Diagnostics; Virology; Surveillance Testing
Equine Respiratory physiology; development and validation of methods of measuring fluid flow
Basic metabolism in ruminants and genetics; epidemiological and mathematical modeling, genetic analysis and economic methods; food safety; zoonotic infectious diseases; optimizing dairy herd health and management decisions
Large Animal Production; Herd health management practices
Respiratory sports medicine, upper airway obstructive disorders and exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage; Large animal equine surger iwht aparticulary abdominal, urogenital and respiratory surgery. Wound management and reconstructive surgery

Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery, Surgical Oncology

Clinical and molecular oncology; cancer genetics; signal transduction
Ophthalmology; animal welfare; educational instruction in veterinary medicine
Animal Welfare; educational instruction in veterinary medicine; small animal internal medicine
Clinical oncology
Keratoconjunctivitis sicca; epidemiology of clinical syndromes; avian and nondomestic animal ophthalmology; ocular effects of exercise; ocular pharmacodynamics
Small Animal Surgery
Infectious Diseases, Epidemiology, and Reintroduction Medicine affecting Wildlife Health and Conservation
Clinical cardiology; heart and valvular disease
Clinical cardiology; heart disease; canine cardiac arrhythmias
Head Farrier, Equine Hospital (Cornell University Hospital for Animals)
Small animal medicine; lameless; arthritis; biomedical mechanics
Ophthalmology; discovering, identifying, and characterizing ocular infectious diseases
Sensory biology, and ecology; retinal physiology and biochemistry; clinical electrophysiology; visual sciences
Physiology; educational instruction for undergraduate students
Anesthesiology medicine; animal welfare; perioperative care,pain management
Educational instruction in veterinary medicine; animal welfare; feline and canine anatomy
Educational instruction in veterinary medicine; animal welfare
Comparative and anatomic pathology in a wide variety of disease processes in common animal species; biomedical imaging
Clinical oncology; efficacy of radiation therapy
Animal models of inherited human disorders as a means to understand sex determination and differentiation at the molecular level; Inherited disorders of the reproductive tract
Diagnosis and management of allergic skin diseases in all species; treatment of external parasitic and bacterial disorders; hair follicle dysplasias of the dog and cat; claw and claw bed diseases; spontaneous and viral-induced skin neoplasia; and inherited disorders of keratinization
Disease prevention, surveillance, and control programs; Equine Medicine
Anatomic Pathology
Diseases of multiple species, defining epidemiology and risk factors for diseases; epidemiology of infectious diseases; quantitative and analytical epidemiology; veterinary public health and food safety; production medicine
Clinical cardiology; heart disease; canine cardiac arrhythmias
Quality milk production services
Exotic and Wildlife Medicine; avian transfusion medicine, coagulation parameters; infectious diseases of rabbits
Molecular mechanisms of endocrine disruption, environmental toxicology, toxicogenomics, seasonal breeders and circadian rhythmicity
Biomedical mechanics; joint pathobiology and cartilage repair with growth factor gene-enhanced chondrocyte and stem cell transplantation techniques; genetic characterization of OCD in animals and man using microarray expression studies; clinical application of growth factor recombinant proteins and gene therapy for improved joint, tendon, and bone repair
Production animal agriculture and public health; infectous calf diseases; herd health and performance
Educational instruction in veterinary medicine; animal welfare; anethesiology
Retroviruses; calciviruses; virus structure; virus assembly; virus-host interactions; oncolytic viruses; virology
Virology; Adeno-associated viruses; animal viruses; viral protein structure; mechanisms of binding to different receptors; how differences in viral structural proteins can control their host ranges; the processes of cell infection, and how antibody binding can neutralize the virus in some cases but not others; biomaterials & drug delivery
Equine animal medicine; virology; herpesvirus; gastrointestinal diseases
Anatomic pathology; dermatopathology; animal models of skins diseases; wildlife diseases
Mammalian reproductive biology with a focus on the life history of trade-offs associated with timing of hormone secretion and reproductive effort, sexual differentiation
Hematopathology, oncology, immunocytochemistry
Orthopedic and soft tissue surgery; laparoscopic surgery
Endocrinology; internal medicine
Dental and oral surgery
Energy metabolisum; Educational instruction in veterinary medicine; animal welfare
Clinical Pathology

Placental Pathophysiology; Understanding mechanisms through which placental diseases develop and function; comparative reproductive pathology

Emergency & critical care; aortic thromboembolic disease and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy; immune-mediated hemolytic anemia
Epidemiological, statistical and mathematical methods to animal disease involving well managed dairy herds; udder health in well-managed dairy herds based on epidemiology and pathobiology
Dermatology and dermatopathology; original recognition and description of new skin diseases and popularization of new therapies; clinical trials of veterinary drugs
Animal welfare; patient care; medical imaging; neuroimaging
Internal Medicine and gastroenterology; role of Helicobacter in gastrointestinal disease; Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Population medicine
Laboratory animal pathology and neuropathology
Mechanisms of Cancer metastasis and coagulation in thrombosis; Micro and nano-biotechnology; hematopoietic and hemostatic disorders in animals
Duck disease control, good husbandry practices, nutrition, duck production, improvement of diagnostic techniques and the development of new or improved duck biologics.
Disease prevention, surveillance, and control programs; Ruminant and Equine Medicine
Animal welfare; patient care; medical imaging
Biomedical mechanics; canine hip dysplasia; osteoarthritis; genetics linkage analysis
Micro and nano-biotechnology; biomaterials & drug delivery; Reproductive Physiology; Cell biology of male germ cells; preservation of genetic diversity; comparative biology of male germ cells; signaling and metabolism of sperm during capacitation; organization of lipid raft membrane sub-domains in sperm; applications of technologies using reproductive stem cells for wildlife conservation
Disease prevention, surveillance, and control programs; Ruminant Medicine
Antibody mediated immune mechanisms in infectious disease and vaccination; allergic diseases; neonatal tolerance and allergy predisposition; strategies to develop allergy treatments
Clinical Nutrition; Clinical Oncology; Neoplastic Diseases
Dairy cattle epidemiology; preharvest food safety; Salmonellosis in cattle; infectious disease
Epidemiological, statistical and mathematical methods to animal disease involving well managed dairy herds
Population & clinical studies

Gary Whittaker

Virology; Endocytosis of influenza virus; structure-function studies on influenza HA, entry of coronaviruses and rhabdoviruses into host cell; feline infectious peritonitis
Herd Health Management; product evaluation (e.g. milking equipment, diagnostic instruments, therapeutic compounds, teat dips, and bedding additives); epidemiological modeling; molecular strain typing