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Signal Transduction

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Area of Interest

Cell Biology, signal transduction and structural biology

Understanding the molecular mechanisms by which signals are transmitted from cell surface receptors to biological effectors; identification of new signaling molecules that influence the growth and differentiation of mammalian cells

Examination of how the chemical reactions of biology are organized in time and space, and how this organization is harnessed by cells to generate distinct outcomes; Molecular basis of cell growth and differentiation; Biochemical and genetic studies of Rab GTPases; Role of Yip family members in membrane traffic

Host intracellular signaling pathways during Toxoplasma infection; role of neutrophils during toxoplasmosis

Jon Erickson

Cell Biology, signal transduction and structural biology

Qiyu Feng

Cell Biology, signal transduction and structural biology

Clare Fewtrell
Clare Fewtrell

Calcium as a second messenger in non-excitable cells, protein kinase C, exocytosis proteins, ion channels in mast cells

Clinical and molecular oncology; cancer genetics; signal transduction

Ion channels and their role in inflammatory response and pain sensation

Immunology; Innate immunity: Toll-like receptors, signaling, dendritic cells, and controlling microbial infection

Cell biology and enzymology of protein palmitoylation

Ion channel receptor and ligand interactions; NMR and molecular dynamics; molecular neurobiology and biophysics; neurotransmitter receptors and signal transduction

Molecular endocrinology in reproductive tissues

Signal transduction and exocytosis in the pancreatic beta-cell

Deciphering the basic regulatory principles in signal transduction networks on a molecular level using a combination of X-ray crystallography, biophysical and cellular approaches; bacterial signaling controlling biofilm formation and pathogenicity; endocytosis in eukaryotes

Micro and nano-biotechnology; biomaterials & drug delivery; Reproductive Physiology; Cell biology of male germ cells; preservation of genetic diversity; comparative biology of male germ cells; signaling and metabolism of sperm during capacitation; organization of lipid raft membrane sub-domains in sperm; applications of technologies using reproductive stem cells for wildlife conservation

Clinical Nutrition; Clinical Oncology; Neoplastic Diseases

Modulation of receptor properties by neurotransmitters and drugs

Cell biology; signal transduction & structural biology