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Advancing the health and well-being of animals and people

Species-Focused Programs

Many of the College's faculty members focus their research on the needs of a specific species and are dedicated to investigating issues relevant to a certain species:


Tail section of a transgenic zebrafish expressing walleye dermal sarcoma virus (WDSV) HA tagged OrfA . Skin specific expression in red is detected with anti HA, rhodamine label.
Aquatic Animal Medicine: Recognizing public need and the fishery biology community, dedicated experts in the field of aquatic animal medicine support the diagnostic evaluation and identification of fish disease occurrences and investigate fish diseases and viruses to limit outbreaks and fish mortality events.
horse small Equine Animal Health: Dedicated to the health and well being of the equine species by offering hands-on experiences in an assisted-breeding program at the Equine Park to understanding exercise physiology and the equine athletic performance thruogh the Equine Perfornance Testing Clinic. Specialty services and clinical evaluations are also offered at the Equine Animal Hospital in patient care as well as providing studies in orthopedic diseases and therapeutic measures. 
Feline Health Center:The Cornell Feline Health Center is committed to gaining information about diseases and health management, which will enable veterinarians to maintain healthy cats. Its focus is to find ways of preventing and curing diseases by conducting and sponsoring feline health-related studies. The Center is also recognized for its efforts in educating veterinarians and cat owners about feline health and emerging feline diseases.
Maddie's® Shelter Medicine Program:  The College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell, with support from Maddie's Fund, launched a Shelter Medicine Program to educate veterinarians and veterinary students in shelter medicine to provide medical and behavioral outreach to animal shelters and to advance the new discipline through the discovery of new knowledge.
Janet L. Swanson Wildlife Health Program at Cornell:  The Program provides in-hospital medical and surgical care to sick and injured native wild animals and exotic animal species.  Veterinary students and residents have the opportunity to experience and understand first hand the intricacies involved with working with many different non-domesticated species.
Harry M. Zweig Memorial Equine Fund for Equine Research:   The College is proud of its long-term affiliation with the Zweig Program and its mission to support equine research. Since the inception of the Zweig program, which has provided precious resources to College faculty for more than 30 years, Cornell researchers have advanced the health and well-being of Standardbred and Thoroughbred race horses. All of this is due to the foresight of the Fund's founder, Harry M. Zweig, DVM.