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Tatiana Cichanowicz
studentMy name is Tatiana Cichanowicz, a member of the class of 2017. I'm originally from Rochester, NY and attended the University of Rochester as a neuroscience major for my undergraduate studies. I also studied at the University of Auckland in New Zealand for a semester and focused on marine science and dance. Professionally, I am interested in aquatic animal medicine and wildlife rehabilitation and conservation. In my free time I enjoy snowboarding, travel, and snuggling with my puggle Stella.






Alison Reichard
studentMy name is Alison Reichard, a member of the class of 2016. I grew up in Derry, New Hampshire and earned my Bachelor's degree in Animal Science at Cornell University. Now a second year veterinary student at Cornell, my career interests lie in small animal general practice. Outside of school, I enjoy live music, cooking, field hockey, and hanging out with friends.







Aubrey Crowley
studentMy name is Aubrey Crowley and I am a member of the Class of 2017. I am originally from Stamford, CT, and earned my BA in Psychology at Tufts University. After completing a post baccalaureate program at the University of Connecticut, I started working at the Bronx Zoo, which is where my love of wildlife and zoo medicine grew even stronger!  I stayed there for three years, and encountered a wide array of species, but worked particularly closely with the zoo's camels and education animals.  In my free time, I enjoy singing, running, cooking and playing with my two spoiled guinea pigs.  I am so excited to have the opportunity to be a part of Southside!






Clare Sherman
studentMy name is Clare Sherman, and I am a first-year veterinary student (Class of 2017). I did my undergraduate work at Stanford University, where I earned a BS in Earth Systems, an interdisciplinary environmental science program combining the natural sciences, earth sciences, economics and policy. I also completed a secondary major in Biology in preparation for future veterinary studies. After college, I worked for two years as a veterinary technician in a comparative neuroscience and electrical engineering laboratory. I am currently interested in comparative medicine and biomedical research, and enjoy working with a wide variety of animal species. When I'm not in class, I enjoy trying out new recipes and spending time outdoors.



Deirdre Halloran
studentMy name is Deirdre Halloran, and I am a first year veterinary student in the class of 2017.  I am originally from Ridgewood, NJ but moved to Boston for my undergraduate education and stayed for 6 years.  My career interests include wildlife/zoo medicine or shelter medicine.  When I'm not studying, I love to cook, play my ukulele, and or be outdoors.  And of course, I love to snuggle with my two cats, who I'm sure love it less than I do!









Elizabeth Lennon
studentHi! My name is Elizabeth Lennon. I am currently at first year veterinary student, Class of 2017. I am from Rochester, NY and did my undergraduate work at Allegheny College in Pennsylvania where I majored in biology with a minor psychology. I am mainly interested in general small animal medicine, but like to mix it up with varying exciting creatures. I have a 9 year old Golden Retriever who is still my running companion, best friend, and full of energy! My personal interests include making chocolate chip cookies, traveling to exciting places, hiking, and reading a good book.






Frances Chen

Gabriela Wagner


Gabrielle Woo
studentI'm a first-year veterinary student from Toronto, Canada, where I studied environmental chemistry and English literature. My main professional interests are wildlife and international medicine. In addition to animals I also love trail running, writing, photography and cooking tasty meals.









Gracey Frenette
studentGracey Frenette is a second year veterinary student at Cornell. She is from Lake Placid, NY and came to Cornell Vet after doing her undergrad at the University of Denver and a short stint at the National Zoo in Washington DC. She is interested in many aspects of veterinary medicine and will probably end up working in small animal private practice. Outside of vet school she enjoys training her German Shorthaired Pointers, alpine skiing and traveling. She is looking forward to her trip to Syracuse with Southside this year!




Jami Landry
studentI'm originally from New Hampshire, although I've spent the past several years living in New York State. I went to Bard College for undergrad and then went on to earn a degree in veterinary technology while working as an Animal Cruelty Investigator. Currently I'm a member of the class of 2017 and a licensed veterinary technician. The majority of my experience as a veterinary technician has been in small animal emergency and critical care, but I love being a part of Southside Healthy Pet Clinic and helping to provide preventative care!







Jordan Daniels
studentI’m Jordan Daniels and I hail from Oxnard CA, although I love living in Ithaca. I am a first year veterinary student with an interest in small animal medicine and clinical pathology. My hobbies include reading, sewing, dog agility, Canine Good Citizen, and horseback riding. I enjoy any time I can spend with my dog Riley, cats Lucy and Fletch, and horse Huntington.









Kaitlin Chou
studentMy name is Kaitlin Chou, and I am a first year veterinary student. I went to Cornell as an undergraduate, double majoring in animal science and biology. Currently, I'm interested in small animal emergency medicine or shelter medicine. I absolutely love volunteering for all sorts of events, especially when I get to help people, or work behind the scenes. Aside from volunteering, I like to read, play games, and make music.










Kaitlyn Briggs
studentHi! I'm Kaitlyn Briggs and this August I started my first year of vet school at Cornell University. I was a Biology and Animal Science major in undergrad, which I also completed at Cornell. I grew up in a small town in central New York about an hour south of Syracuse. In my free time I like to go to the gym and bake!










Kelsey Clark
studentMy name is Kelsey Clark and I am from Long Island. I went to University of Maryland for undergrad and majored in Biology. I worked in a small animal clinic for a few years before coming to vet school and have an interest in small animal medicine. I am also interested in exotics and love to travel and work with the animals in different countries. In my spare time I do gymnastics and enjoy cooking and spending time with friends.







Megan Bernard
studentMy name is Megan. I am a first year at Cornell, class of 2017! I am from Taunton, Massachusetts, and I attended the University of Massachusetts where I recieved a Bachelor's in Pre-Veterinary Science. My veterinary interests include large animal medicine, theriogenology, and I hope to someday specialize in small ruminant medicine. My other interests include running, horseback riding, reading, and playing the guitar. I recently adopted two cats and they have been my wonderful study buddies this year!





Melanie Friedman


Michelle Forella
studentHello! My name is Michelle Forella and I am a first year veterinary student. I grew up in Burlington, CT, and just graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science and Pathobiology. My interests are varied, and include small animal general practice, small ruminants, equine medicine, and public health. I enjoy playing soccer, sailing, and doing anything else outdoors in my time off. I'm excited to be a part of Southside Syracuse!







Licole Irizarry
studentHi my name is Nicole Irizarry and I am a member of the class of 2016. I am from Malvern, PA and am a proud graduate of Penn State University. My career goal is to work in mixed animal practice with an emphasis on dairy cattle. In my spare time I enjoy watching college football, running with my dog Sierra, camping, hiking and rock climbing.





Pamala Rooney
studentHello! My name is Pam Rooney and I am currently a second-year veterinary student. I am from a small town in upstate NY about an hour west of Albany. I earned my undergraduate degree from the University of Vermont in Animal Science. I am currently interested in working with small companion animals, possibly including small exotic pets as well. I have two cats of my own, who I love unconditionally. In my spare time, I enjoy running, cross country skiing, watching movies, and baking. I’m really excited to be participating in Southside Syracuse and I hope it’s a great experience for everyone involved!






Rebecca Calder
studentHello! My name is Rebecca Calder and I am a current 2nd year. I grew up in Shelburne, Vermont and studied animal science and microbiology at the University of Vermont for my undergraduate degree. I am particularly interested in dairy cattle medicine but also love backyard chickens, small ruminants, cats, and dogs. I also am interested in public health and regulatory roles of veterinarians. In my spare time I enjoy running, hiking, baking, gardening, and canoeing.







Rebecca Donnelly
studentMy name is Becky Donnelly, and I am a second year veterinary student in the Class of 2016. I am originally from Buffalo, NY, and I earned my BS in Biology at the University of Rochester. I am interested in small animal and shelter medicine as well as non-profit and policy work. In my free time I enjoy cooking, traveling, and spending time with my friends and family!






Sarah Cudney
studentMy name is Sarah Cudney, and I am a second year veterinary student originally from Boulder, Colorado. I completed my undergraduate education at Cornell as well with a double major in animal science and biology. I am most interested in zoo, wildlife and conservation medicine, but I foster an undying love of shelter medicine. When not wearing scrubs, I also enjoy travel, music, drawing and soccer..




Stephanie Harris
studentHi, my name is Stephanie Harris and I am a first year veterinary student. I am from Merritt Island, Florida, but have been living in Ithaca for the past four years. I graduated this past May from Cornell University with my Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science and Biology. I love Cornell and am thrilled to be here for another four years. I am currently interested in small animals and exotic pets as well as conservation medicine. In my spare time, I love traveling, cooking, baking, and playing just about any board game!









Stephanie Ruback
studentHi! My name is Stephanie Ruback and I am a second year vet student. I am from Rochester, NY and prior to Cornell, I graduated from SUNY Geneseo with a BS in Biology and Spanish and was a member of the women's basketball team. I am interested in small animal medicine and dairy production medicine. My other interests are Spanish language and culture, cooking, playing sports, whether it be pickup basketball or intramurals, running, lifting or just simply enjoying the outdoors.





Virginia Mule
studentHi, my name is Ginny, and I'm a first-year (c/o 2017) at Cornell. I'm originally from Long Island, and I graduated in May with a double major in Biology and Anthropology from Stony Brook University. Although I'm interested in all types of veterinary medicine, my main interests at the moment are in wildlife diseases/conservation and public health. I worked as an educator at Long Island Aquarium for 3 years, and also spent a semester as an intern at a marine mammal and sea turtle rehabilitation center. At Stony Brook, I was very involved with an organization called Global Brigades, which set up human health clinics in developing countries, and am excited to be making the transition to veterinary medicine, where my true passion lies! I have two kittens named Sirius and Bellatrix, who I adopted over Labor Day weekend, as well as an American Staffordshire Terrier mix (Fergie) and two adult cats (Bobby and Spock) at my parents' house. I also love horseback riding and have a thoroughbred gelding named Hero (not the not the horse in my picture).



Yike Bing
studentMy name is Yike Bing (pronounced as ‘Yi-co), and I am a second-year veterinary student at Cornell (Class of 2016). I went to Cornell as an undergraduate and majored in animal science. I'm currently interested in small animal medicine and shelter medicine, although I love working with cows as well. In my spare time, I like travel, reading, and spending time with my cat, Dos







Yuan Kang
studentMy name is Yuan Kang, and I am vet student in the Class of 2017. I am originally from Massachusetts and recently graduated from Yale University, where I majored in Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology. My primary interest is in small animal general practice, though I also want to be involved in international spay/neuter efforts. In my spare time, I enjoy figure skating, baking cookies, and playing the flute.








Zachary Badanes
studentMy name is Zachary Badanes, and I'm a first year veterinary student (class of 2017). I am from Syosset, Long Island. I completed my undergraduate studies at SUNY Cortland where I majored in Biology. Most of my medical experience is in the small animal and equine fields. In my free time, I enjoy playing sports and skiing, and try to spend as much time outdoors as possible.




Brittany Abrams

studentBrittany Abrams (Class of 2016) was originally from the north side of Chicago. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Wisconsin where she majored in Animal Sciences and Biology. Her interests include companion and exotic animal medicine and conservation medicine. In her free time Brittany enjoys baking, traveling and spending time with family and friends.






Emily Coombs
studentEmily Coombs (Class of 2016) was born and raised in Ohio, but for the past seven years, she's lived on the east coast, in Philadelphia and most recently, New York City. She loved the city life, but she really enjoys living in Ithaca too. She did not decide to become a vet until her late twenties and she came to that conclusion after much thought. Some might say she is a closet cat lady, although she currently only has one cat. Otis is a 14-year old grumpy orange tabby with lots of personality and zero tolerance for other cats (or new people, for that matter). All of Emily's pets have meant the world to her, and she believes it's her calling to help as many pets as possible live long and comfortable lives.





Allison Cowan
studentAllison Cowan (Class of 2016) is from Shaftsbury, Vermont. She attended Dickinson College in Pennsylvania where she majored in Economics, and completed a postbaccalaureate pre-medical program at Bennington College before entering veterinary school. Her professional interests include small animal medicine and shelter medicine. Allison's personal interests include hiking the VT trails, reading, and spending time with friends, family, and her cat Flynn.






Sage De Rosa
Sage De Rosa (Class of 2016) is from Newburgh, NY and earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Villanova University. She is interested in small or mixed animal medicine and surgery. Her other interests include softball, horseback riding, and hiking.

Rebecca Fellman
studentRebecca Fellman (Class of 2016) is originally from Little Falls, NJ, and she did her undergraduate work at Cornell, where she majored in Biology with a concentration in Neurobiology and Animal Behavior. She is mainly interested in shelter medicine and aquatic animal medicine. When she's not studying, she enjoys traveling, painting, and hiking/napping with her dog, Sadie Mae.






James Gaffney
studentJames Gaffney (Class of 2016) is originally from Weston, CT. For his undergraduate studies, he attended the University of Connecticut where he majored in Animal Science and minored in Molecular and Cell Biology. His current career aspirations include government/military work where he hopes to combine his interests in anatomic pathology, research, general practice, and infectious disease. Out of class, he is an avid horticulturist and enjoys growing bananas and African violets among many other plants.





Suzanne Nelson
studentSuzanne Nelson (Class of 2016) is originally from Washington, DC. She earned her Bachelor's degree from Sarah Lawrence College in 2004. Before coming to vet school, she lived and worked in over a dozen countries, including Cuba, India and Ecuador. In addition to her studies and being a Southside Director, she works part-time at Cornell University Hospital for Animals' Community Practice Service. In her free time Suzanne enjoys cooking, Bikram yoga and long walks with her awesome dog, Sharkdog.





Cynthia Xue cynthia
Cynthia Xue (Class of 2016) was born and raise in NYC. She graduated with a Bachelor's of Science from Rutgers University where she majored in Animal Science and minored in Biology and Chinese. Although most of her clinical experience is in companion animal medicine, she's interested in international veterinary medicine with a focus on equine and conservation medicine. When she's not studying, working at the Equine and Nemo Farm Animal Hospital, or playing with her dog, Bobo, she trains for her dragon boat team, DCH.