Meet your symposium organizing committee!


Kat Schuhmacher - Special species symposium coordinator.  Kat is the amazing person who keeps us all on track and has orchestrated the organization of the entire meeting.  Kat is also responsible for the design of our amazing logo this year.

Loren Rodriguez - Welcome party and banquet organizer.  Loren has planned a fantastic venue to welcome everyone to Ithaca as well as a beautiful location to celebrate together during our banquet.  In her spare time, Loren is also the coordinator of the exotic mammals club within ZAWS.

Andrew DiSalvo - Fundraising coordinator.  Andrew has organized an army of volunteers to request donations from organizations across the country to help make the 2013 special species symposium a success.  Andrew is also the President of ZAWS.

Caroline Laverriere - Materials, public relations, and artwork coordinator.  Caroline is responsible for all the PR associated with Special Species, as well as organizing all the awesome merchandise we will be giving you, and the layout of the program.  Caroline is also the Secretary of ZAWS.

Kris Dewberry - Meal coordinator.  Kris is responsible for all the delicious food that you will enjoy while at special species symposium.

Becky Eddy - Registration and housing coordinator.  Becky is responsible for organizing free housing opportunities with current veterinary students, as well as providing recommendations for hotels in the area.  Becky is also the treasurer of ZAWS.

Lindsey Waxman - Speaker coordinator.  Lindsey is the person who invited all the amazing speakers we have arranged to come and speak at special species symposium.  Lindsey is also the co-representative of the Student Association of Aquatic Animal Medicine with Emily.

Kristin Gill - Wetlab coordinator.  Kristin is the person who has arranged and organized materials for all the fantastic wet labs that are available at special species symposium this year.  Kristin is also the representative for the Student Association of Avian Veterinarians.

Emily Cornwell - Website and IT coordinator.  Emily is responsible for the deisgn and upkeep of this website, as well as making sure everyone’s powerpoints are running smoothly during the lectures.  Emily is also the co-representative of the Student Association of Aquatic Animal Medicine with Lindsey.