Committee Charge

Veterinary College Diversity Committee Charge: Approved at College Faculty meeting November 7, 2013


A Faculty Affirmative Action Committee was approved by the Faculty in September, 1988 (Minutes pages 3196-97) to promote, monitor, and review efforts by the College to recruit, hire or admit, and support minority individuals and women faculty and students.  As a standing committee, annual reports to the Faculty were required.  In the subsequent 25 years, the infrastructure and support for issues relating to minorities and women have increased considerably, with many more administrative resources available within the College and University.  Also, individuals assigned to promote and monitor affirmative action guidelines on Faculty search committees are now appointed by Chairs and no longer need include representation from the FAA Committee. 

In 2011 the Dean established a Veterinary College Diversity Council in conjunction with a University-wide expansion of demographic monitoring and promoting initiatives aimed at better serving all constituents of the University Community.  This Council, comprised of senior administrators and staff, was dedicated to fostering an environment of inclusion in all areas and among all constituencies in the College of Veterinary Medicine. 

Recognizing the shared missions of these two groups, albeit with some different target audiences, and the benefits of better integrating administrative and Faculty efforts, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs recommended combining these as the Veterinary College Diversity Committee.  Both groups met on September 16, 2013 and concurred with this proposal.


The Veterinary College Diversity Committee will:

  1. Work together with the University Diversity Council and University diversity officers to promote Cornell's diversity initiatives and goals within the Veterinary College; 
  2. Annually review gender and ethnicity data related to recruitment, admissions, and retention for faculty and staff in the College and students in professional DVM and graduate programs.  These efforts are coordinated with the Offices of Human Resources, Student and Academic Services, and Research and Graduate Education;
  3. Provide advice and training for College faculty and staff members serving on search committees in order to highlight Cornell's diversity goals and ensure inclusive, fair, and thorough searches; and
  4. Work with College and University administrators and committees to promote a climate of inclusion, develop workshops, and provide opportunities for interaction with special attention to the advancement of underrepresented minorities and women.

At least one faculty member of this Committee will serve on the DVM Admissions Committee.  If this is not possible, a member of the Admissions Committee will be assigned this responsibility and will serve on the Veterinary College Diversity Committee.  This individual will read all of the applications from underrepresented minority candidates that are selected for folder review, and will advocate for the admission of those minority candidates that s/he believes will be successful in the DVM program.

Composition Eligibility, and Voting

The College Diversity Committee will consist of six faculty members, one from each department and the Chair of the Committee on the Status of Faculty Women.  This person may simultaneously serve as a departmental representative.  Deans, Directors of Academic Programs, and Department Chairs may not serve on this committee.  Faculty currently serving on the Faculty Affirmative Action Committee will assume membership as representatives of their department on the College Diversity Committee. 

The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the Director of the College of Veterinary Medicine Office of Human Resources will serve as ex-officio on this committee.  Additional members include the Director of Students Services and Multicultural Affairs, one representative from the Office of Research and Graduate Education and one from the Office of Communications. A member of this committee will serve as the Chair and will be voted to this position by the members of this committee to serve a one year term.

All members are eligible to vote.

Term of Office

Administrative staff serve by virtue of their appointments or are appointed by the directors of the relevant units.  Faculty representatives from each department are appointed by their Department Chair and serve three-year, renewable terms.  The Chair of the Committee on the Status of Faculty Women is elected by that group.

The committee Chair will report the activities and assessments annually to the College Faculty.