Committee on the Status of Faculty Women

The Committee on the Status of Faculty Women (CSFW) was established in 2005 in the College of Veterinary Medicine at the recommendation of the General Committee due to a perceived need for a committee dedicated to the concerns and welfare of women faculty. The charge of the Committee is to evaluate issues of importance to faculty women, provide advice to various parties as to courses of action, and propose initiatives that foster career development for women faculty. Since its inception, the Committee has lived up to its charge; the dedicated and enthusiastic members (both women and men) have served as a sounding board for women faculty, have been responsible for several initiatives that have assisted all faculty, and have advanced causes of importance to women in the College. These efforts have been facilitated by collaboration with CU-ADVANCE, a valuable University resource for the Committee. A few of the CSFW’s achievements are listed below:

  • Ensured accessibility and suitability of convenient lactation rooms across the college, including renovation of existing rooms
  • Establishment of an ongoing and evolving mentoring program for faculty
  • Organization of a seminar series and workshops, dealing with topics like mentoring, effective interactions in the workplace, and avoiding gender bias in academic searches
  • Invited high profile women to the College, such as Deans of other veterinary colleges
  • Initiation of an informal mingling event for early-career and new faculty
  • Hosted receptions for women faculty and academic staff, including residents and interns
  • Nominated women faculty or alumni for various awards (e.g. Cook Award, Daniel Elmer Salmon Award for Distinguished Alumni Service)
  • Creation of this website, profiling women in the college
  • Collection of data on the following: Changes over time in numbers of women faculty in various titles, college climate (2006), response to implementation of the mentoring program (2010) (data available at Internal Resources) (internal content for this link?)

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