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Students have organized and participate in a variety of clubs that promote diversity, education, and community building, including:

Student Clubs

VOICE (Veterinary Students as One in Culture and Ethnicity

A student-run organization that addresses a need for socio-cultural awareness that is not part of the current core veterinary curriculum. Our mission is to contribute to the enhancement of the diversity of the profession and the cultural competence of veterinary students. We aim to accomplish this mission via cultural events, forums, lectures and educational campaigns. Some of our events have included community outreach projects, such as disaster relief drives, after-school programming promoting the veterinary profession in the local communities, and undergraduate mentoring. We also carry out annual events, including Cultural Dance Nights, Heritage Month Celebrational Movie Nights, Multicultural Taste Fairs, International Round Table Discussions, Conversational Spanish Lessons, and a plethora of other meaningful events. VOICE also invites speakers addressing the topic of diversity within the profession. Past speakers have included Dean Willie Reed of Purdue University, and Lisa Greenhill, Associate Executive Director for Institutional Research and Diversity Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges.


Homophiliacs is a student subset of the Lesbian & Gay Veterinary Medical Association. LGVMA is a global organization of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender veterinary professionals, students and straight allies, advocating for a welcoming and inclusive environment within the veterinary profession. The mission of the Homophiliacs is to promote community and recognition of its associates through social and professional programs, to encourage conversation and diversity in the field of veterinary medicine regarding sexual orientation, and to make available to students the resources of Cornell University’s LGBT Resource Center. The Homophiliacs host speakers who discuss issues relevant to our profession. Some topics we've discussed include raising awareness about issues concerning immunocompromised clients with pets, maintaining healthy relationships in a stressful profession, and ways to improve the mental and emotional health of our profession. We also host many social events including picnics, movie nights, potluck dinners, and outdoor activities.


Our purpose is to provide a forum for discussion of topics relevant to veterinary medicine in developing countries. VIDA promotes career development of students interested in international veterinary medicine. VIDA encourages students to obtain international veterinary experience, and supports their endeavors in any way possible.

Other Diversity Opportunities

Faculty and students engage in a variety of programs and outreach efforts that foster diverse perspectives, including:

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