Associate Deans and Directors

Associate Dean for Diagnostic Operations and Government Relations and Executive Director of the Animal Health Diagnostic Center

Francois Elvinger François Elvinger
Associate Dean for Diagnostic Operations and Executive Director of the Animal Health Diagnostic Center

Assistant to the Associate Dean
Cristina Carter:
Phone: 607.253.3782
Location: A3-210 AHDC

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Serves as Assistant Dean/Executive Director responsible for leadership and development of Animal Health Diagnostic Center (AHDC) operations.

  • Develop strategic plans to guide the operations of the AHDC
  • Operational management, oversight of programs and service units within the AHDC
  • Coordination of test method development and test validation efforts within the AHDC
  • Oversee the preparation and administration of budgets
  • Ensure that finances of all the programs and service units are administered in compliance with regulations and policies. Make improvements in the operational performance and organizational efficiency of the AHDC, ensuring accountability at all levels of the organization and maintain a positive net financial return for the operation
  • In collaboration with the Assistant Dean for Marketing and Communications, develop marketing plans and client satisfaction strategies to extend the reputation and profile of the AHDC
  • Negotiate service fee subsidies
  • Communicate and coordinate activities of the AHDC with State and Federal agencies:
    • Communicate regularly with the NYS Veterinarian and USDA Area Veterinarian in Charge
    • Interact with NYS Department of Environmental Conservation and NYS Department of Health
    • Interact with the USDA's National Veterinary Services Laboratories for coordination of regulatory testing issues
    • Represent the AHDC at activities of the National Animal Health Laboratory Network (NAHLN)
  • Maintain accreditation and represent professional interests:
    • Represent the AHDC before the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians (AAVLD)
    • Maintain AAVLD accreditation
    • Implement and maintain a Quality Assurance system
    • Represent the AHDC before the National Institute for Animal Agriculture (NIAA) or other similar organizations


Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Susan Fubini
Dean for Academic Affairs

Assistant to the Associate Dean
Tessa Brown:
Phone: 607.253.3472

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  • Facilitate tenure and promotion decisions
  • Develop policies and consensus surrounding academic titles at the College, including articulated expectations for tenure and promotion
  • Create mechanisms and programs for faculty diversity and development in partnership with the department chairs and other related committees/groups regarding recruitment, retention and career development of faculty
  • Respond to a variety of institutional requests and annual reports for the Provost related to our efforts in faculty development, recruitment and diversity, and climate related issues, including dual career support, child care accommodations, etc.
  • Ensure career development and mentoring opportunities exist, particularly for probationary tenure-track faculty, explore and implement appropriate models with department chairs
  • Coordinate faculty compensation recommendations for new hires, merit programs and other recognition and reward programs to ensure equity and parity across scientific and clinical disciplines
  • Review offer letters to ensure appropriate start-up packages and the development of common templates for faculty position descriptions in hiring, standards for effort assignment in probationary track faculty
  • Coordinate faculty leaves (including sabbatical leave approvals, parental leaves, etc.) including retirement planning in coordination with the department chairs
  • Participate in CVM Advisory Council meetings and other special events as appropriate or required to represent the college to other external audiences such as SUNY representatives, corporate sponsors, stakeholders and government leaders
  • Work in close partnership with the other Associate Deans, Department Chairs, and Directors to implement process improvements, planning and program decisions
  • Work in close collaboration with the CVM Office of Human Resources


Associate Dean for Education

Jodi Korich
Associate Dean for Education

Assistant to the Associate Dean
Patricia Brenchley:
Phone: 607.253.3741
Location: S3-211 Schurman Hall


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  • Provide oversight and support for the College’s education programs including the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, graduate, dual degree, international, Summer College, and continuing education programs. Responsibilities include strategic planning, coordination of Curriculum and Syllabus Committee activities, and the implementation of program enhancements.
  • Oversee monitoring and evaluation of curricula for the College in order to optimize efficacy and efficiency.
  • Provide oversight of the DVM teaching budget.
  • Provide leadership to ensure support for faculty interested in utilizing technology-enhanced teaching approaches.
  • Contribute to the College’s faculty development in teaching program, providing leadership in the area of educational technologies.
  • Represent the College on educational issues to external audiences and constituents.

Associate Dean for External Programs

david leeDavid Lee
Associate Dean for External Programs

Assistant to the Associate Dean
Marisa Paradise:
Phone: 607.253.3772
Location: S3-217 Schurman Hall

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  • Provide oversight and support for the College’s Center for Veterinary Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Oversee the continued development of the Canine Health Center
  • Oversee expansion of course offerings related to veterinary business and entrepreneurship for students and external audiences

Associate Dean for Hospital Operations and Director of the Cornell University Hospital for Animals

Meg Thompson Meg Thompson
Associate Dean for Hospital Operations and Director of the Cornell University Hospital for Animals

Assistant to the Director
Marcy Benda:
Phone: 607.253.3030
Location: Vet Medical Center, C2-209

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As Hospital Director:

  • Establish strategic direction for all aspects of hospital operations, including patient care, medical records, pharmacy/materials management, technical services, client relations, personal managements, facilities, and budget oversight
  • Provide leadership in patient care, education, clinical investigation and scientific innovation in veterinary medicine
  • Oversee Cornell Ruffian Equine Specialists in partnership with the Chief Medical Officer and Clinic Director including staffing decisions, budget accountability and all general operations
  • Develop and implement, in cooperation with the College administration, faculty, and medical directors, strategic goals for continuously strengthening the teaching and clinical mission of the hospital, while delivering exemplary patient care in an optimal working and learning environment for our students

Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Education

Robert Weiss
Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education

Assistant to the Associate Dean
Billi Mouillesseaux:  
Phone: 607.253.3755
Location: S3-213 Schurman Hall


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Director of Veterinary Curriculum

Marnie FitzMaurice Marnie FitzMaurice
Director of Veterinary Curriculum

Assistant to the Director
Patricia Brenchley:
Phone: 607.253.3741
Location: S3-210 Schurman Hall


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  • Provides college-level leadership in our ongoing efforts to improve the DVM curriculum and maintains our reputation for excellence in veterinary education
  • Supports and coordinates the work of the curriculum and syllabus committees and foundation course leaders
  • Works collaboratively with the faculty and college administrators to evaluate and respond to future needs and trends in the veterinary profession and to foster innovation in our curriculum.
  • Provides leadership for several ongoing college initiatives including modification of the curriculum footprint, continued effort to improve clinical ability in primary care medicine and surgery, and development of the seven-year BS/DVM program.

Director of the Baker Institute for Animal Health

Scott Coonrod
Director of the Baker Institute of Animal Health

Assistant to the Director:
Jamie A. Dibble:
Phone: 607.253.3443
Location: 235 Hungerford Hill Road, Ithaca, NY


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The James A. Baker Institute for Animal Health is one of the oldest research centers dedicated to the study of veterinary infectious diseases, immunology and genetics. Discoveries made at the Baker Institute have important implications for all animals, including humans.

Alex Travis

Director of Public Health

Alex Travis
Director of Public Health

Director of International Programscaroline yancey

Caroline Yancey
Director of International Programs


Assistant to the Director:
Eileen Cunningham:
Phone: 607-253-3800
Location: S3-215

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  • Provides oversight and support for the college’s international programs. Responsibilities include strategic planning, development and support of international education and engagement activities, development and review of international contracts and agreements, and program management of college-level international partnerships and collaborations.
  • Reviews and implement elements of the college’s strategic plan related to international programs.
  • Represents the college across the university and externally, regarding internationalization and its broad institutional community impact.
  • Partners with the Office of International Affairs on the strategic oversight of incoming international visitors, and outgoing faculty and students to international sites.
  • Oversees the College Expanding Horizons Program.