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Giving a Gift

Giving a Gift provides the testing and consultation services that are critical to the timely and accurate diagnosis of animal diseases, diseases that threaten not only the animals you care about but sometimes your health and your livelihood too.  You can make a difference by supporting our efforts to ensure the continued health of your animals, a safe and wholesome food supply for you and your family and the viability of the economy.

Some of the areas your gift can help support include:

  • Equipment to keep us on the cutting edge of diagnostic technology
  • Residency Program support to train the next generation of diagnosticians


Validation of equine “hepatitis” PCR panel

Development and validation of PCR assays for the detection of infectious agents has become a major cost for diagnostic labs not only for the reagents consumed in the testing but also for the labor and equipment. While we are offering a PCR panel for the equine "hepatitis" agents, this is for informational purposes only as all tests in the panel have not been fully validated. Proper validation will require obtaining additional viral sequences in order to determine the genetic variability within regions target for PCR reagents.

It may well be the case that multiple targets may be necessary to cover the genetic variability of the agents. Accordingly we are seeking funding to complete the validation process. These funds would be used to pay for additional sequence analysis of viral agents, for PCR reagents and controls, and for repetitive testing to establish the proper statistical parameters for the tests. We anticipate a 5 virus panel when completed. Cost estimate of $2500.

Molecular clone of equine parvovirus

Preliminary studies support a statistically relevant association between equine parvovirus (EqPV) infection and Theiler's disease, colloquially referred to as equine serum-transmitted hepatitis. Unequivocal transmission of EPV from serum products has been documented through DNA sequence analysis. However, a clear etiologic link between EPV and disease remains uncertain because commercially available serum products are known to contain other viral sequences and they may also contain other unidentified contaminants or additives that can affect the course of disease development. Currently, none of the viruses associated with hepatitis in the equine can be grown in cell cultures. Accordingly, standard biological cloning methods to derived pure cultures of infectious agents cannot be used for the equine viruses.

To advance the study of Theiler's disease we propose the use of recombinant DNA methodology to construct an infectious molecular clone of EqPV that will obviate the need for an in vitro culture system and eliminate concern of co-infections by other viruses in serum products. Construction of an EPV molecular clone will allow us to conduct experimental infection studies, increase the chances of successfully developing a laboratory cell culture system, and greatly accelerate the development of new diagnostic reagents for defining the infection status of horses with respect to serological testing of EPV.

A more detailed discussion and proposal is available to potential donors upon request. Total cost of the project is estimated to be $5,000.

How To Make a Gift

Now making a gift to the Giving a Gift in support of our programs is easier than ever. Charitable contributions can be made on-line via our secure web server. Gifts may be conveniently charged using your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card.


Use the University's secure website.

By Mail

Please make checks payable to Cornell University and send to:

Cornell University
PO Box 25842
Lehigh Valley, PA 18003-9692

By Credit Card

To charge your gift using Visa, MasterCard or American Express, call us at 1-607-253-3745.

Gifts of securities or other appreciated assets

Please contact Cornell's Office of Trusts, Estates, and Planned Giving at 1-800-377-2177.

Gift Planning

To explore options for integrating your giving into your overall financial plans, please visit Cornell's Gift Planning web site or contact the Office of Gift Planning at 1-800-481-1865.

Information on giving to the College of Veterinary Medicine can be found on the College giving page. Thank you for considering a gift to the College. You join an impressive group of alumni and friends who share your compassion, caring and hope for the health and welfare of animals everywhere.

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