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Specialty Liver Services

Sunday, April 1, 2018

The Animal Health Diagnostic Center now offers an enhanced liver consultation service structured to provide you access to the expertise you expect from Cornell with the customer service responsiveness you desire. Requests for liver consultations from Dr. Sean McDonough will be available through the AHDC Client Portal under the Orders section. Dr. McDonough, DVM'81 (Colorado State University), PhD'96 (UC Davis), DACVP'92 has developed significant expertise in hepatopathology through his research and service work as a faculty member of Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine since 1997.
Dr. McDonough's specialty diagnostic services include review of a panel of histochemical stains assembled in addition to the routine H&E stain to greatly enhance the interpretation of liver biopsies. A reticulin stain helps assess hepatic architecture, aids in recognition of proliferative foci and defines areas of parenchymal collapse and/or extinction. Masson's trichrome for fibrillar collagen demonstrates the amount and distribution of fibrosis, complements the reticulin stain in evaluating liver architecture and accentuates individual necrotic hepatocytes. Although hemochromatosis is rare in dogs and cats, the Perls Prussian blue stain for iron is useful for mapping areas of inflammation, identifying Kupffer cell iron sequestration, and aids in proper identification of various pigments (lipofuscin, hemosiderin, bile). Staining sections for copper (Rhodanine) is essential to determine the need for chelation therapy. Significant copper accumulation is often detected serendipitously when the liver is biopsied for another reason. Clients can also request an additional Digital Copper Quantification (DCQ) from Dr. McDonough at the time of submission.

A limited number of consultations are available weekly. Clients must complete the on-line form in order to reserve a consultation. The completed form must be included in the box with the specimen. If you have not signed up for the portal, please click here to begin the process. Liver biopsies that have not gone through this process will receive a standard liver biopsy interpretation of H&E stained sections by the pathologist on duty in the week received.

Additional details and specimen requirements can be found online at Liver Consult Form – available through My Account (registration required).

Requests for consultation with Dr. Sharon Center will no longer be handled by the AHDC. Dr. Center can be reached at 607-253-3060 or