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Updated List - Effective January 15, 2023

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Test Code Test Name Section Testing Fees
AFS Acid Fast Stain Bacteriology $10.00
ACTHCN ACTH Baseline Canine Endocrinology $30.00
ACTHEQ ACTH Baseline Equine Endocrinology $30.00
ACTHPOSTTRH1 ACTH Post TRH 10 min Endocrinology $30.00
ACTHPOSTTRH2 ACTH post TRH 30 min Endocrinology $30.00
ACTHPRETRH ACTH Pre TRH Response Endocrinology $30.00
AER Aerobic Bacterial Culture Bacteriology $46.00
SCOM Aerobic Culture (Qmps) Quality Milk Production Services $5.75
ALT Alanine Aminotransferase, Blood Clinical Pathology $10.00
ALB Albumin, Blood Clinical Pathology $10.00
ALP Alkaline Phosphatase, Blood Clinical Pathology $10.00
ALP FL Alkaline Phosphatase, Fluid Clinical Pathology $10.00
ACOR Alpha Coronavirus PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
AMM Ammonia Clinical Pathology $60.00
AMYL Amylase, Blood Clinical Pathology $10.00
AMYL UR Amylase, Fluid Clinical Pathology $10.00
ANAER Anaerobic Bacterial Culture Bacteriology $50.00
AMAR Anaplasma marginale PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
EHRE Anaplasma phagocytophilum (Ehrlichia equi) PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
ANAEL Anaplasmosis cELISA Virology $12.00
ACOAG Anticoagulant Rodenticides Toxicology $180.00
FUNGSENM Antifungal Sensitivity Panel Bacteriology $76.00
QSUSC Antimicrobial Susceptibility (QMPS) Quality Milk Production Services $30.50
AMH Anti-Mullerian hormone ELISA Endocrinology $70.00
ANA Antinuclear Antibody Clinical Pathology $44.00
AP Antiplasmin Comparative Coagulation $45.00
AT3 Antithrombin Comparative Coagulation $38.50
APBN Apixaban Comparative Coagulation $48.00
APTT aPTT (Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time) Comparative Coagulation $16.00
APTTINHIB aPTT Inhibitor Screen Comparative Coagulation $16.00
ARSEN Arsenic, blood/water/urine Toxicology $49.00
NCLS Arsenic, tissue/feed Toxicology $49.00
AST Aspartate Aminotransferase, Blood Clinical Pathology $10.00
CBCA Automated Hemogram Clinical Pathology $23.00
AV CBC Avian Hemogram Clinical Pathology $42.00
IBVPCR Avian Infectious Bronchitis Virus PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
AFLUAG Avian Influenza Virus Antibody AGID Avian Diagnostics $4.70
MGMS Avian Mycoplasmosis PCR Molecular Diagnostics $66.00
ARPNL Avian Respiratory PCR Panel Molecular Diagnostics $161.00
BMICT Babesia microti PCR (Dev) Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
QGID Bacterial General ID Quality Milk Production Services $21.75
BACTID Bacterial Identification Bacteriology $42.00
BDEN Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
BSAL Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
BAERF Baermann Fecal Technique Parasitology $28.00
BCOR Beta Coronavirus PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
BHBA Beta-Hydroxybutyrate Clinical Pathology $15.00
BU Bethesda Unit Assay Comparative Coagulation $61.50
BA-PP P Bile Acids, Post-Prandial Panel Clinical Pathology $26.00
BA-R P Bile Acids, Random Panel Clinical Pathology $27.00
BILI P Bilirubin Panel (Total, Direct, Indirect) Clinical Pathology $19.00
BLDAER Blood Culture, Aerobic Bacteriology $34.00
BLDAN Blood Culture, Anaerobic Bacteriology $34.00
BL SMEAR Blood Smear Evaluation Clinical Pathology $40.00
BTAG Bluetongue Virus (BTV) AGID Virology $7.50
BTEL Bluetongue Virus (BTV) cELISA Virology $7.50
BTT Bluetongue Virus PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
OBDVSN Border Disease Virus SN Virology $15.90
BORD Bordetella PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
BMT Borrelia miyamotoi PCR (Dev) Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
BAVFA Bovine Adenovirus FA Virology $27.50
BCVFA Bovine Coronavirus FA Virology $27.50
IBRFA Bovine Herpesvirus-1 (IBR) FA Virology $27.50
BHV1 Bovine Herpesvirus-1 PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
BHV2FA Bovine Herpesvirus-2 SN (Mammillitis) Virology $18.00
BHV4SN Bovine Herpesvirus-4 SN (DN599) Virology $18.00
BLEL Bovine Leukosis Virus (BLV) ELISA Virology $6.60
MPT P Bovine Metabolic Panel Clinical Pathology $34.00
BPSIFA Bovine Papular Stomatitis Virus IFA Virology $18.00
PI3FA Bovine Parainfluenza-3 Virus FA Virology $27.50
PI3 Bovine Parainfluenza-3 Virus PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
PI3SN Bovine Parainfluenza-3 Virus SN Virology $15.90
BPVFA Bovine Parvovirus FA Virology $27.50
BRSVFA Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Virus FA Virology $27.50
BRS Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Virus PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
BRSVSN Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Virus SN Virology $15.90
BRV Bovine Rotavirus PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
SALD Bovine Salmonella Dublin ELISA Serology $12.50
BVDBI Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus Whole Blood Isolation Virology $30.00
BVDACE Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus Ag Capture ELISA (ACE) Virology $6.00
BVDFA Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus FA Virology $27.50
BVDG Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus Genotype Molecular Diagnostics $67.00

Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus Bulk Milk PCR and VI

Virology/Molecular Diagnostics $68.00
BVDPCR Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
BVDSI Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus Serum Isolation Virology $25.00
BVDSN Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus SN, Type 1 Virology $15.90
BVDSN2 Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus SN, Type 2 Virology $15.90
BROM Bromide Toxicology $48.25
BALE Bronchoalveolar Lavage Clinical Pathology $98.00
CANBRCUL Brucella canis Culture Bacteriology $30.00
BCD Brucella Card Agglutination Bacteriology $4.00
BRCULNC Brucella Culture, non-canine Bacteriology $27.00
BTA Bulk Milk Aerobic Test Quality Milk Production Services $16.50
CVFSN Cache Valley Fever Virus SN Virology $15.90
CA Calcium, Blood Clinical Pathology $13.00
CA FL Calcium, Fluid Clinical Pathology $12.00
CA UR Calcium, Urine Clinical Pathology $19.00
CAMELID LIVER Camelid Liver Panel Clinical Pathology $42.00
CAMPYFA Campylobacter fetus FA Bacteriology $18.00
CAMPYJ Campylobacter jejuni Culture Bacteriology $28.00
CJPCR Campylobacter jejuni PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
CVP1 Canine Vaccine Panel 1 Virology $36.00
CADEN Canine Adenovirus PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
CAVSN Canine Adenovirus SN, Type 1 (Infectious Canine Hepatitis) Virology $18.00
CAVSN2 Canine Adenovirus SN, Type 2 Virology $18.00
DEA1 Canine Blood Typing, DEA 1.1 Comparative Coagulation $33.00
CBM Canine Brucella Multiplex Serology $44.00
CANBR Canine Brucella Slide Agglutination/AGID II Bacteriology $44.00
CAVFA Canine Coronavirus FA Virology $27.50
CCVSN Canine Coronavirus SN Virology $18.00
DIS Canine Distemper PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
CDVFA Canine Distemper Virus FA Virology $27.50
CDVSN Canine Distemper Virus SN Virology $18.00
CHVFA Canine Herpesvirus FA Virology $27.50
CHVSN Canine Herpesvirus SN Virology $18.00
CHV1PCR Canine Herpesvirus-1 PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
CIVHI Canine Influenza Virus HI H3N8 Virology $24.00
LSHI Canine Leishmania Indirect ELISA Serology $27.00
PINF Canine Parainfluenza PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
CPIVSN Canine Parainfluenza Virus SN Virology $18.00
CPIVFA Canine Parainfluenzavirus FA Virology $27.50
CPEL Canine Parvovirus ELISA, Type 2 Virology $30.00
CPVFA Canine Parvovirus FA, Type 2 Virology $27.50
PARVTY Canine Parvovirus Genotyping Virology $87.50
CPVHI Canine Parvovirus HI, Type 2 Virology $18.00
PARVPCR Canine Parvovirus Real Time PCR Virology $41.00
CRPNL Canine Respiratory PCR Panel Molecular Diagnostics $95.00
CSS Canine Scott Syndrome Mutation Detection Comparative Coagulation $96.00
CVP2 Canine Vaccine Panel 2 Virology $54.00
CVP3 Canine Vaccine Panel 3 Virology $54.00
CAHVSN Caprine Herpesvirus SN Virology $18.00
MYCOD Cell Culture Mycoplasma PCR Virology $41.00
CF02 CF02, Factor II Coagulant Activity Comparative Coagulation $39.50
CF05 CF05, Factor V Coagulant Activity Comparative Coagulation $39.50
CF07 CF07, Factor VII Coagulant Activity Comparative Coagulation $16.50
CF07LAX CF07, Factor VII Coagulant Activity, Large-Exotic Comparative Coagulation $39.50
CF08 CF08, Factor VIII Coagulant Activity Comparative Coagulation $16.50
CF08LAX CF08, Factor VIII Coagulant Activity, Large-Exotic Comparative Coagulation $39.50
CF09 CF09, Factor IX Coagulant Activity Comparative Coagulation $16.50
CF09LAX CF09, Factor IX Coagulant Activity, Large-Exotic Comparative Coagulation $39.50
CF10 CF10, Factor X Coagulant Activity Comparative Coagulation $16.50
CF10LAX CF10, Factor X Coagulant Activity, Large-Exotic Comparative Coagulation $39.50
CF11 CF11, Factor XI Coagulant Activity Comparative Coagulation $16.50
CF11LAX CF11, Factor XI Coagulant Activity, Large-Exotic Comparative Coagulation $39.50
CF12 CF12, Factor XII Coagulant Activity Comparative Coagulation $16.50
CF12LAX CF12, Factor XII Coagulant Activity, Large-Exotic Comparative Coagulation $39.50
CF13D CF13, Factor XIII Deficiency Screening Comparative Coagulation $62.00
CABO Chlamydia abortus PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
CHFA Chlamydia Fa Virology $27.50
CFEL Chlamydia felis PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
CHPCR Chlamydia PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
CPSI Chlamydia psittaci PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
CHCF Chlamydophila CF Virology $20.00
CL Chloride, Blood Clinical Pathology $11.00
CL UR Chloride, Urine Clinical Pathology $19.00
CHOL Cholesterol, Blood Clinical Pathology $15.00
CHOL FL Cholesterol, Fluid Clinical Pathology $15.00
CHE Cholinesterase, Blood Clinical Pathology $10.00
CLDT Clostridium difficile Toxin (A/B) ELISA Bacteriology $36.00
CLPT Clostridium perfringens Enterotoxin ELISA Bacteriology $30.00
CPGPCR Clostridium perfringens Genotype PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
COAGFIB Coagulation Panel + Fibrinogen Comparative Coagulation $36.50
COAGPL Coagulation Panel, Large Animal Comparative Coagulation $46.50
COAGPS Coagulation Panel, Small Animal Comparative Coagulation $29.00
CEIFA Contagious Ecthyma Virus (ORF) IFA Virology $18.00
CEM Contagious Equine Metritis (CEM) Culture Bacteriology $29.00
CEMCF Contagious Equine Metritis CF Virology $20.00
BLDCP Copper, serum/plasma Toxicology $33.00
CORT Cortisol Baseline Endocrinology $19.00
CORTPOSTACTH Cortisol Post ACTH Endocrinology $12.00
CORTPOSTDEX Cortisol Post Dexamethasone Endocrinology $12.00
CORTPREACTH Cortisol Pre ACTH Endocrinology $16.00
CORTPREDEX Cortisol Pre Dexamethasone Endocrinology $16.00
COXEL Coxiella burnetii (Q-Fever) ELISA Virology $18.00
COXPCR Coxiella burnetii (Q-Fever) PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
CRP C-Reactive Protein (CRP) Clinical Pathology $38.00
CK Creatine Kinase, Blood Clinical Pathology $10.00
UCC_CREAT Creatinine for UCCR Clinical Pathology $21.00
CREAT Creatinine, Blood Clinical Pathology $13.00
CREAT FL Creatinine, Fluid Clinical Pathology $13.00
CREAT UR Creatinine, Urine Clinical Pathology $21.00
XMATCH Crossmatch Donor 1 Clinical Pathology $45.00
CRYPL Cryptorchid Panel Equine: Testosterone and Estrone Sulfate Endocrinology $47.00
CRYPTO Cryptosporidium Elisa Parasitology $32.00
CRYPCR Cryptosporidium PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
CYANID Cyanide Toxicology $60.50
CYF Cytauxzoon felis PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
DDIQ D-dimer Quantitative Comparative Coagulation $33.50
THCCLIN Delta-9-THC and/or CBD Toxicology $132.00
THCCBDQ Delta-9-THC and/or CBD Quantitation Toxicology $200.00
HISTODRM Dermatology Biopsy Anatomic Pathology $150.00
DICPL DIC Panel, Large Animal Comparative Coagulation $108.00
DICP DIC Panel, Small Animal Comparative Coagulation $92.50
DCQ Digital Copper Quantification Anatomic Pathology $65.00
DRVVT Dilute Russell's Viper Venom Time Comparative Coagulation $17.00
COOMBS Direct Coombs Clinical Pathology $40.00
DNKYP Donkey Chemistry Panel Clinical Pathology $60.00
EEEPCR Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus PCR Virology $41.00
EEEPRSN Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus Plaque Reduction SN Virology $30.00
EHRC Ehrlichia canis PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
ECHT Ehrlichia chaffeensis PCR (Dev) Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
LYTES Electrolytes Panel, Blood Clinical Pathology $19.00
LYTES FL Electrolytes Panel, Fluid Clinical Pathology $19.00
LYTES UR Electrolytes Panel, Urine Clinical Pathology $34.00
ELP FL Electrophoresis, Fluid Clinical Pathology $65.00
ELP Electrophoresis, Serum Clinical Pathology $65.00
ELP UR Electrophoresis, Urine Clinical Pathology $65.00
EMCSN Encephalomyocarditis Virus SN Virology $18.00
BEDID1 Environmental Count Quality Milk Production Services $32.50
EHDAG Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease AGID Virology $11.00
EHD-1 SN Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease SN, Type 1 Virology $15.00
EHDTYPE6 Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease SN, Type 6 Virology $15.00
EHD-2 SN Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease SN, Type 2 Virology $15.00
EHD Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease Virus PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
EADSN Equine Adenovirus SN Virology $18.00
EAD1 Equine Adenovirus-1 PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
EAD2 Equine Adenovirus-2 PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
EVAFA Equine Arteritis Virus (EAV) FA Virology $27.50
EAR Equine Arteritis Virus (EAV) PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
EVASI Equine Arteritis Virus (EAV) Semen Isolation (OIE) Virology $120.00
EVASN Equine Arteritis Virus (EAV) SN Virology $18.00
EQCYT1 Equine Cytokine 5-plex Serology $45.00
EFUOP Equine Fever of Unknown Origin PCR Panel Molecular Diagnostics $170.00
NPHVPCR Equine Hepacivirus (Non Primate Hepacivirus) PCR Virology $41.00
EQHEPPCRPNL Equine Hepatitis Virus PCR Panel 2 Virology $78.00
EHVN Equine Herpes Virus-1 Neuropathogenic Genotype PCR Molecular Diagnostics $27.00
EHV1PSP Equine Herpes Virus-1 Risk Evaluation Serology $43.00
EHV25PNL Equine Herpesvirus Gamma PCR Panel Molecular Diagnostics $66.00
EHVPNL Equine Herpesvirus PCR Panel Molecular Diagnostics $66.00
EHV1FA Equine Herpesvirus-1 (Rhinopneumonitis) FA Virology $27.50
EHV1SN Equine Herpesvirus-1 (Rhinopneumonitis) SN Virology $15.90
EHV1PCR Equine Herpesvirus-1 PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
EHV2PCR Equine Herpesvirus-2 PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
EHV2SN Equine Herpesvirus-2 SN Virology $18.00
EHV3SN Equine Herpesvirus-3 SN (Coital Exanthema) Virology $18.00
EHV4PCR Equine Herpesvirus-4 PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
EHV4SN Equine Herpesvirus-4 SN Virology $15.90
EHV5PCR Equine Herpesvirus-5 PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
EIA Equine Infectious Anemia Virus AGID Virology $11.00
EIAEL Equine Infectious Anemia Virus cELISA Virology $11.00
EIVHAI Equine Influenza Virus HAI Virology $18.00
EQUINE LIVER Equine Liver Panel Clinical Pathology $35.00
EQPVPCR Equine Parvovirus PCR Virology $41.00
EPGVPCRT Equine Pegivirus PCR Virology $41.00
ERPNL Equine Respiratory PCR Panel Molecular Diagnostics $127.00
ERAVSN Equine Rhinitis A Virus SN Virology $15.90
ERBVSN Equine Rhinitis B Virus SN Virology $15.90
ERHA Equine Rhinitis Virus A PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
ERHB Equine Rhinitis Virus B PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
sCD14 Equine sCD14 Serology $24.00
ECPNL Escherichia coli Genotype Panel PCR Molecular Diagnostics $60.00
E1S Estrone Sulfate Endocrinology $32.00
FELBT Feline Blood Typing Comparative Coagulation $33.00
FCVFA Feline Calicivirus FA Virology $27.50
FCVSN Feline Calicivirus SN Virology $18.00
FCOV Feline Coronavirus ELISA Serology $25.00
FECVFA Feline Enteric Coronavirus FA Virology $27.50
FHVSN Feline Herpesvirus (Rhinotracheitis) SN Virology $18.00
FHVFA Feline Herpesvirus (Rhinotracheitis) FA Virology $27.50
FIVK Feline Immunodeficiency Virus ELISA Serology $29.00
FIVWBP Feline Immunodeficiency Virus Western Blot and ELISA Panel Serology $70.00
FELV Feline Leukemia Virus ELISA Serology $22.00
FPVFA Feline Parvovirus (Panleukopenia) FA Virology $27.50
FPVHI Feline Parvovirus (Panleukopenia) Virus HI Virology $18.00
FRPNL Feline Respiratory PCR Panel Molecular Diagnostics $69.00
MDPFRP Feline Respiratory PCR Panel and VI Virology $101.50
FETOX Feline Toxoplasmosis ELISA Serology $23.00
FVP1 Feline Vaccine Panel 1 Virology $36.00
FVP2 Feline Vaccine Panel 2 Virology $54.00
FVP3 Feline Vaccine Panel 3 Virology $36.00
FIB Fibrinogen Comparative Coagulation $23.75
FIB-SCH Fibrinogen, Heat Pricipitation Clinical Pathology $18.00
FOL Folate, Folic Acid Endocrinology $30.00
FT4ED Free T4 by dialysis Endocrinology $48.00
FT4IM Free T4 Immulite Endocrinology $29.00
FRUC Fructosamine Clinical Pathology $39.00
FUNGCM Fungal Culture Bacteriology $55.00
FUNGIDM Fungal Identification Bacteriology $55.00
FUNGKOH Fungal KOH Fluorescent Stain Bacteriology $15.00
FUNGSER Fungal Serology Panel Bacteriology $70.00
ASPERA Fungal Serology: Aspergillus Antibody Bacteriology $20.00
BLASTA Fungal Serology: Blastomyces Antibody Bacteriology $20.00
COCCA Fungal Serology: Coccidioides Antibody Bacteriology $20.00
CRYPTA Fungal Serology: Cryptococcus Antigen Bacteriology $27.00
HISTOA Fungal Serology: Histoplasma Antibody Bacteriology $20.00
GGT Gamma Glutamyl Transferase, Blood Clinical Pathology $11.00
GGT FL Gamma Glutamyl Transferase, Fluid Clinical Pathology $10.00
GIARD Giardia Elisa Parasitology $32.00
GLU Glucose, Blood Clinical Pathology $15.00
GLU UR Glucose, Urine Clinical Pathology $18.00
GLDH Glutamate Dehydrogenase, Blood Clinical Pathology $10.00
GRAM Gram Stain Bacteriology $10.00
HISSTAIN H&E Stained Histo Sld Anatomic Pathology $12.00
HEGG Haemonchus Egg Test Parasitology $17.00
HEM89P Hemophilia Panel, Small Animal Comparative Coagulation $75.50
HEMOP Hemostasis Panel, Small Animal Comparative Coagulation $48.50
LMWHEP Heparin (Low Molecular Weight) Comparative Coagulation $42.00
HEP Heparin (Unfractionated) Comparative Coagulation $42.00
CLOSFAPNL Histotoxic Clostridial FA Panel Bacteriology $45.00
IGA Immunoglobulin A, Canine Clinical Pathology $33.00
BOVINE IGG Immunoglobulin G, Bovine (calf) Clinical Pathology $33.00
CAMELID IGG Immunoglobulin G, Camelid Clinical Pathology $33.00
IGG Immunoglobulin G, Canine Clinical Pathology $33.00
EQUINE IGG Immunoglobulin G, Equine Clinical Pathology $33.00
IGM Immunoglobulin M, Canine Clinical Pathology $33.00
IHCDX2 Immunohistochemistry Only Anatomic Pathology $35.00
APISH In Situ-Hybridization (ISH) staining Anatomic Pathology $150.00
IBRSNOIE Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis (BHV-1) Virus SN OIE Virology $15.90
IBRK Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis kinetic ELISA Serology $12.50
ILT Infectious Laryngotracheitis Virus PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
IVMPCR Influenza Virus Matrix PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
INSEQ Insulin Baseline Equine Endocrinology $21.00
INSOS Insulin Baseline, Non-Equine Endocrinology $21.00
INSPREOST Insulin Pre OST Endocrinology $21.00
INSBR Insulin: Bovine/Rodent Endocrinology $21.00
INSPOSTOST Insulin: Post Oral Sugar Test Endocrinology $21.00
ICA Ionized Calcium Clinical Pathology $20.00
MLQUAN Ionophore Quant Toxicology $180.00
FE P Serum Iron Panel Clinical Pathology $22.00
FE Iron, Blood Clinical Pathology $10.00
JCOMZ Johne's (MAP) Commercial ELISA Serology $5.50
JGPCR Johne's Fecal PCR, Caprine Molecular Diagnostics $20.00
JPCRO Johne's Fecal PCR, Non-NY Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
JPCRI Johne's Fecal PCR, NY Molecular Diagnostics $20.00
JPCRN Johne's PCR, NYSCHAP Molecular Diagnostics $15.00
KCT Kaolin Clotting Time Comparative Coagulation $17.00
PHPT Keeshond Primary Hyperparathyroidism Genetic Test Molecular Diagnostics $135.00
KNOTT Knott'S Heartworm Parasitology $19.00
LDH Lactate Dehydrogenase, Blood Clinical Pathology $13.00
LDH FL Lactate Dehydrogenase, Fluid Clinical Pathology $13.00
LA P Large Animal Chemistry Panel Clinical Pathology $53.00
LAXMATCH Large Animal Crossmatch Donor 1 Clinical Pathology $55.00
LA CBC Large Animal Hemogram Clinical Pathology $46.00
LARGE RENAL Large Animal Renal Panel Clinical Pathology $31.00
LAWPCR Lawsonia intracellularis PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
BDLEAD Lead, blood Toxicology $38.00
LEADLIQ Lead, liquids/fluids Toxicology $38.00
NCOX Lead, tissue/feed/other Toxicology $49.00
LEPTIN Leptin Baseline Endocrinology $27.00
LEPTO Leptospira Microscopic Agglutination Test (MAT) Bacteriology $20.00
LEPTPCR Leptospira PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
LIP DGGR Lipase DGGR, Blood Clinical Pathology $28.00
LIP DGGR FL Lipase DGGR, Fluid Clinical Pathology $28.00
LISTCUL Listeria Culture Bacteriology $25.00
LSTPCR Listeria monocytogenes PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
LVRSM Liver Consultation Anatomic Pathology $215.00
LYMPCR Lyme Disease PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
CLM Lyme Disease, Canine Multiplex Serology $47.00
EQLM Lyme Disease, Equine Multiplex Serology $47.00
FLM Lyme Disease, Feline Multiplex Serology $47.00
MG Magnesium, Blood Clinical Pathology $10.00
MG FL Magnesium, Fluid Clinical Pathology $11.00
MG UR Magnesium, Urine Clinical Pathology $18.00
MCFPCR Malignant Catarrhal Fever - Ovine Herpesvirus 2 PCR Virology $41.00
MFCOMP Mare/Foal Compatibility Clinical Pathology $43.00
MSCOMP Mare/Stallion Compatibility Clinical Pathology $43.00
NCRB Mercury Toxicology $60.00
MINLY P Mineral Electrolytes Panel Clinical Pathology $23.00
MIN UR P Mineral Electrolytes Panel, Urine Clinical Pathology $42.00
MINP Mineral Panel Toxicology $51.65
MIN PC Mineral Panel Clinical Pathology $17.00
MIN UR P Mineral Panel, Urine Clinical Pathology $35.00
MYCO Mycoplasma Culture (Qmps) Quality Milk Production Services $5.75
MAAPCR Mycobacterium avium avium PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
MACPCR Mycobacterium avium complex PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
MYCOPL Mycoplasma Culture Bacteriology $30.00
MCYN Mycoplasma cynos PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
MFEL Mycoplasma felis PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
AMGAG Mycoplasma Gallisepticum Agglutination Avian Diagnostics $4.15
AMGMS Mycoplasma Gallisepticum/Synoviae ELISA - Flock Screen Avian Diagnostics $5.00
AMSAG Mycoplasma Synoviae Agglutination Avian Diagnostics $4.15
NAHF Necropsy After Hours Fee Anatomic Pathology $75.00
NEC2 Necropsy, 0.25-15 Lbs Anatomic Pathology $160.00
NEC5 Necropsy, 101-500 Lbs Anatomic Pathology $430.00
NEC3 Necropsy, 16-40 Lbs Anatomic Pathology $320.00
NEC4 Necropsy, 41-100 Lbs Anatomic Pathology $380.00
NEC6 Necropsy, Over 500 Lbs Anatomic Pathology $480.00
NEC1 Necropsy, Under 0.25 Lb Anatomic Pathology $80.00
NLC Nematode Larval Culture Parasitology $30.00
NEO Neospora IFA Virology $18.00
NITLIQ Nitrate/Nitrite, liquids/fluids Toxicology $26.50
NITSOL Nitrate/Nitrite, solids Toxicology $36.00
NEFA Non-Esterified Fatty Acid Clinical Pathology $15.00
AV BL SMEAR Nonmammalian Blood Smear Eval, Avian Clinical Pathology $21.00
NM P Nonmammalian Chemistry Panel Clinical Pathology $31.00
NM WBC P Nonmammalian White Blood Cell Panel Clinical Pathology $20.00
NAE Nucleic Acid Extraction Molecular Diagnostics $9.00
OC BL Occult Blood Clinical Pathology $18.00
OH Occult Heartworm Parasitology $20.00
OOPCR Ophidiomyces ophiodiicola PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
AEROPSUSC Ophthalmic Antimicrobial Sensitivity Panel Bacteriology $35.00
OSMO Osmolality, Blood Clinical Pathology $21.00
OSMO FL Osmolality, Fluid Clinical Pathology $22.00
OSMO UR Osmolality, Urine Clinical Pathology $21.00
OTH CBC Other Mammal Hemogram Clinical Pathology $45.00
OVRCF Ovarian Remnant Syndrome Panel - Canine, Feline Endocrinology $80.00
PCV Packed-Cell Volume, Manual Clinical Pathology $9.00
PPVPCR Parapox Virus PCR Virology $41.00
PID Parasite Identification Parasitology $35.00
PARASITE(S) Parasites, Blood Clinical Pathology $14.00
PBC Partial Hemogram Clinical Pathology $13.00
PCFE Pericardial Fluid Analysis Clinical Pathology $94.00
PTFE Peritoneal Fluid Analysis Clinical Pathology $95.00
PFACT PFA100 Closure Time Comparative Coagulation $45.50
PHENOB Phenobarbital Clinical Pathology $36.00
P Phosphate, Blood Clinical Pathology $10.00
P UR Phosphate, Urine Clinical Pathology $19.00
PLSMG Plasminogen Comparative Coagulation $51.50
PLTFLOW1 Platelet Hereditary Defects - Scott syndrome cytometry Comparative Coagulation $88.50
PLFE Pleural Fluid Analysis Clinical Pathology $95.00
PNVPCR Pneumovirus PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
PCV2FA Porcine Circovirus 2 FA Virology $27.50
HEVFA Porcine Hemagglutination Encephalitis Virus FA Virology $27.50
PPARVFA Porcine Parvovirus FA Virology $27.50
PRRSFA Porcine Reproductive Respiratory Syndrome FA Virology $27.50
K Potassium, Blood Clinical Pathology $10.00
K FL Potassium, Fluid Clinical Pathology $11.00
K UR Potassium, Urine Clinical Pathology $19.00
PHF Potomac Horse Fever IFA Virology $22.00
EHRR Potomac Horse Fever PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
POWT Powassan Virus PCR (Dev) Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
PAS P PreAnesthesia Panel, Small Animal Clinical Pathology $32.00
PMSG Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotropin Endocrinology $29.00
FF Prekallikrein Screen Comparative Coagulation $16.00
PR Progesterone baseline RIA Endocrinology $17.00
PIOVCP Progesterone Immulite Ovine, Caprine Endocrinology $17.00
PROTC Protein C Comparative Coagulation $42.50
PT Prothrombin Time (PT) Comparative Coagulation $16.00
PRVFA Pseudorabies Virus FA Virology $27.50
IGS Quantitative Immunoglobulins (IgA/IgG/IgM), Canine Clinical Pathology $82.00
RBC Red Blood Cell Count Clinical Pathology $9.00
RF Rheumatoid Factor Clinical Pathology $39.00
REQUPCR Rhodococcus equi Virulence PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
RRT Rickettsia rickettsii PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
RIVA Rivaroxaban Comparative Coagulation $48.00
RLA Rotavirus Antigen Detection, Group A Virology $27.50
ROTAFA Rotavirus FA-Any Species Virology $27.50
RUMI LIVER Ruminant Liver Panel Clinical Pathology $35.00
SALM Salmonella Culture Bacteriology $28.00
SALMFPCR Salmonella PCR and Culture Bacteriology $32.00
SPCR Salmonella PCR (Fecal) Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
ASPMA Salmonella Pullorum/Gallinarum Microagglutination Avian Diagnostics $27.30
BSS Sand Bedding Particle Size Quality Milk Production Services $41.50
SAND Sand Recovery Analysis Parasitology $17.00
COV2 SARS CoV-2 PCR Molecular Diagnostics $53.00
SARSCOV2SN SARS CoV-2 SN Virology $53.00
NCRJ Selenium, tissue/feed Toxicology $60.00
SEL Selenium, whole blood Toxicology $31.00
SAA VET Serum Amyloid A Vet Clinical Pathology $41.00
SPAID Shar-Pei Auto-inflammatory Disease Genetic Test Molecular Diagnostics $190.00
SA P Small Animal Chemistry Panel Clinical Pathology $57.00
SA CBC Small Animal Hemogram Clinical Pathology $46.00
LIVER Small Animal Liver Panel Clinical Pathology $30.00
RENAL Small Animal Renal Panel Clinical Pathology $31.00
SRLEL Small Ruminant Lentivirus (CAE, OPP) cELISA Virology $10.00
NA Sodium, Blood Clinical Pathology $11.00
NA FL Sodium, Fluid Clinical Pathology $10.00
NA UR Sodium, Urine Clinical Pathology $19.00
SCC Somatic Cell Count Quality Milk Production Services $3.25
SDH Sorbitol Dehydrogenase, Blood Clinical Pathology $13.00
AHISLP Histopathology Liver Special Stain Panel Anatomic Pathology $50.00
TOXEXAM Specimen Examination for Potential Toxins Toxicology $43.00
CSFE Spinal Fluid Analysis Clinical Pathology $98.00
SEQUCUL Streptococcus equi Culture Bacteriology $26.00
SEQUPCR Streptococcus equi sbsp equi PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
SZT Streptococcus zooepidemicus PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
JFE Synovial Fluid Analysis (JFE Ex) Clinical Pathology $95.00
AERSUSC Systemic Antimicrobial Sensitivity Panel Bacteriology $32.00
T3 T3 (Triiodothyronine) baseline Endocrinology $13.00
T3POSTTRH T3 POST TRH Endocrinology $13.00
T3PRETRH T3 Pre TRH Endocrinology $20.00
T4FITSH T4 & Free T4 (Immulite) & TSH combination Endocrinology $46.00
T4FT4TSH T4 & Free T4 by dialysis & TSH combination Endocrinology $65.00
T4FT4 T4 & Free T4 by dialysis combination Endocrinology $52.00
T4 T4 (Thyroxine) baseline, small animal Endocrinology $17.00
T4I T4 (Thyroxine) Immulite Endocrinology $17.00
T4POSTTRH T4 POST TRH Endocrinology $13.00
T4PRETRH T4 Pre TRH Endocrinology $17.00
T4T3I T4T3 Immulite baseline Endocrinology $30.00
TE Testosterone baseline Endocrinology $22.00
TEPOSTHCGGNRH Testosterone Post HCG/GnRH Endocrinology $15.00
TEPREHCGGnRH Testosterone Pre HCG/GnRH Endocrinology $22.00
THOR Theileria orientalis PCR Molecular Diagnostics $41.00
TCT Thrombin Clotting Time (TCT) Comparative Coagulation $16.00
TAT Thrombin-antithrombin Complex Comparative Coagulation $72.50
TGA Thyroglobulin Autoantibody Canine Endocrinology $32.00
THYPK9  Thyroid Panel Canine: FT4 by dialysis, T4, T3, TSH, TgA Endocrinology $84.00
THYPIK9 Thyroid Panel Canine: FT4(Immulite), T4,T3,TSH,TGA Endocrinology $72.00
THYPALLI Thyroid Panel Equine Endocrinology $64.00
THYPFEL  Thyroid Panel Feline: FT4d, T4, T3, TSH Endocrinology $68.00
THYPOFA Thyroid Panel, OFA Canine Registry Certification Endocrinology $75.00
TSH Thyroid Stimulating Hormone baseline Endocrinology $22.00
TP-CREAT P Total Protein Creatinine Panel Clinical Pathology $41.00
TBILI Total Bilirubin, Blood Clinical Pathology $10.00
TBILI FL Total Bilirubin, Fluid Clinical Pathology $11.00
TOM Total Organic Matter Quality Milk Production Services $13.25
TP Total Protein, Blood Clinical Pathology $15.00
THMP Toxic Heavy Metal Panel Toxicology $136.00
TOXCONS Toxicology Consult Toxicology $165.00
TOXOEL Toxoplasma gondii IgG ELISA Parasitology $23.00
TOXFA Toxoplasmosis FA Virology $27.50
TWE Tracheal Wash Analysis Clinical Pathology $95.00
TRANS PANEL Transition Cow Energy Panel Clinical Pathology $24.00
TGEFA Transmissible Gastroenteritis Virus FA Virology $27.50
TRICHC Trichomonas Culture Parasitology $15.00
TFE Trichomonas Fecal Examination Parasitology $27.00
TRIG Triglycerides, Blood Clinical Pathology $13.00
TRIG FL Triglycerides, Fluid Clinical Pathology $13.00
TLI Trypsin-Like Immunoreactivity, Canine Endocrinology $32.00
HISUNSTN Unstained Histo Slide Anatomic Pathology $6.00
BUN Urea Nitrogen, Blood Clinical Pathology $13.00
BUN FL Urea Nitrogen, Fluid Clinical Pathology $13.00
BUN UR Urea Nitrogen, Urine Clinical Pathology $18.00
UREAPL Ureaplasma Culture Bacteriology $30.00
URIC Uric Acid, Blood Clinical Pathology $10.00
URIC UR Uric Acid, Urine Clinical Pathology $18.00
UA Urinalysis, Routine Clinical Pathology $28.00
URSUSC Urinary Antimicrobial Sensitivity Panel Bacteriology $28.00
UCCR Urinary Cortisol/Creatinine Ratio Endocrinology $23.00
URCUL Urine Culture Bacteriology $23.00
VSVIND Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Indiana SN Virology $11.00
VSVNJ Vesicular Stomatitis Virus New Jersey SN Virology $11.00
VPCR Viral Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Assay Virology $41.00
VIRFA Virus FA Virology $27.50
VGEN Virus Genotyping Virology $67.00
NDFI Vitamin A Alcohol, in serum Toxicology $33.50
B12FT Vitamin B12 & Folate & TLI combination Endocrinology $73.00
B12F Vitamin B12 & Folate combination Endocrinology $45.00
B12 Vitamin B12 Cobalamin Endocrinology $26.00
NDIK Vitamin E Alcohol, in serum Toxicology $33.50
COAGKDEF Vitamin K Deficiency Coag Panel Comparative Coagulation $44.50
VWF von Willebrand factor (vWF:Ag) Comparative Coagulation $35.00
VWFLIT von Willebrand factor (vWF:Ag) litter Comparative Coagulation $106.00
VWFLAX von Willebrand factor (vWG:Ag), Large-Exotic Comparative Coagulation $53.00
VWFCBA vWF Collagen Binding Assay Comparative Coagulation $51.00
WNELPL West Nile Virus IgG/IgM Capture ELISA Panel Serology $28.00
WNVIGME West Nile Virus IgM Capture ELISA Serology $18.00
WNVPCR West Nile Virus PCR Virology $41.00
WNVPRSN West Nile Virus Plaque Reduction SN Virology $30.00
WNVSN West Nile Virus SN Virology $18.00
WBC White Blood Cell Count Clinical Pathology $9.00
YERS Yersinia Culture Bacteriology $24.00
BLDZN Zinc, serum/plasma Toxicology $33.00
QPOOL Sample Pooling Quality Milk Production Services $3.25
JAGID Johne's AGID Bacteriology $18.00
ZONISAMIDE Zonisamide Clinical Pathology $67.00
TP P Total Protein Panel Clinical Pathology $19.00
TMAT Toxoplasma MAT Parasitology $20.00