Tick Removal and Containment

Please see the following websites for instructions on tick removal. Plastic tick removers are available in the AHDC main lobby.

American Kennel Club - Canine Tick Removal Instructions

Centers for Disease Control - Human Tick Removal Instructions

  • All ticks must be submitted in a leak-proof and escape-proof plastic screw cap vial or jar.
  • Add 5ml (approximately one teaspoon) of rubbing/isopropyl alcohol to the jar or vial, covering the tick.
  • Place the sealed jar or vial inside a leak-proof zipper-lock bag, also containing absorbent material sufficient to absorb at least 5 ml of liquid.
    • Properly packaged ticks may be delivered in person, or
    • If the shipment is to be made by air (USPS next day, FEDEX next day, UPS next day), the vials must be rated to withstand 95kPa internal pressure for air cargo.
  • Print the label for UN3373 Biological Substance, Category B (do not reduce the size of the image for printing); cut out the label along the dotted line and affix to outer box with clear packing tape. Routine shippers can substitute commercially available peel-and-stick versions of this required label.