Clients & Veterinarians
Hospitals Open
  • Clients: Patient intake and pickup occurring curbside and in the lobby. Bring a phone to discuss your animal’s healthcare with our team.
  • Pharmacy: Curbside & mail service only
  • Veterinarians: Monthly virtual meetings sharing information and support on COVID-19 related topics.
In-Person & Online

Faculty & Staff
In-Person & Online

Cornell University and the College of Veterinary Medicine are closely monitoring the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

What's New?

  • (Jan 25 2021) In an effort to keep everyone safe from COVID and the elements of winter, the Companion Animal Hospital has adjusted protocol to accommodate pet drop off in the lobby.
  • (Jan 25 2021) Vaccine updates
  • (Jan 22 2021) New Hours at CVM testing site (Jan 23 – Feb 12)
  • (Nov 13 2020) Updates to CVM Travel Policy (CVM Internal Resource)
  • (Oct 28 2020) Quick Guide Course Leaders (CVM Internal Resource) This document provides a concise summary of course planning topics to help D.V.M. course leaders prepare for the spring 2021 semester.

Faculty and Staff Information

Last update: Jan 22 2021

Unless approved to return to campus by their dean, department chair or supervisor, faculty, and staff who are currently working remotely should continue to do so. Please reach out to your supervisor or unit HR director if you have questions.


  • Complete a Daily Check (a NYS-mandated daily health screening)
  • Follow university safety guidelines
    • Stay home if sick
    • Wear a face mask whenever indoors
    • Socially distance by at least 6 feet whenever possible
    • Wash your hands frequently
    • Visibly wear your student ID at all times when on the CVM campus

Faculty & Staff Testing

  • NEW HOURS of CVM testing in effect Jan 23 - Feb 12 (updated Jan 22 2021): 
  • On campus employees must use Daily Check
  • On campus employees are required to do surveillance testing. It is recommended to use  the LH6, Schurman Hall testing location (other locations). A testing appointment will be scheduled through Daily Check
    • CUHA employees: 2 x per week
    • If working with D.V.M. students: 2 x per week
    • On campus >= 2 days/week: 1 x per week
    • On campus <2 days/week: 1 x per 2 weeks
  • Only positive results will be notified via Tompkins County Health Department. Notification will take place within 24-hours of test
  • Faculty and staff who work only remotely and never come to campus will not be part of the surveillance testing program

Faculty & Staff Travel


    Link to review full policy (CVM Intranet, accessible remotely with your VPN)

  • Non-essential business travel is prohibited (Cornell Policy)
  • Personal travel out of the area is strongly discouraged
  • Prior to any travel outside of the local area, for any CVM employee approved to work on campus:
  • When returning from travel, CVM employees are expected to comply with all testing and/or quarantine requirements (per NYS and HR liaison) (see CVM travel policy).
    • If you did not get input from CVM program rep before travel, please request guidance before returning to campus



  • Access to CVM buildings requires a Cornell ID at all times
  • Observe all signage in facilities regarding usage of spaces, direction of traffic flow, and wear and when to wear a mask

Faculty Support

Educational Support Services - Virtual Teaching (CVM Internal Resource)

Quick Guide Course Leaders (CVM Internal Resource) This document provides a concise summary of course planning topics to help D.V.M. course leaders prepare for the spring 2021 semester.

CUHA Staff

  • Room occupancy guidelines in the hospital: Occupancy of rooms in the hospital can be exceeded for student learning experiences. To exceed room occupancy guidelines, FACE SHIELDS are required to be worn by each individual in the room. 
  • What to expect when you answer YES on the daily check: 
    • CMC may take an employee out of work pending test results. The test might be one from our surveillance testing if taken recently and results are still pending. 
    • CMC must clear the employee to return to work after a non-detect result. This is done via phone call and email. The employee is able to proactively call the hotline and another Telehealth visit is set up. 
    • CMC is pushing clearance emails 7 days a week. Email comes from:
    • Daily check reset is currently a manual process. Concurrent email is sent to Central HR (Leaves Department) and daily check is reset. 
    • Employees can return to work with CMC email even if the daily check is not yet reset, for example on the weekends or early morning.
    • This process is for employees only and continuing to be worked on to further automate.

Other helpful resources: