Clients & Veterinarians
Hospitals Open
  • Clients: Curbside and limited in-person veterinary appointments. Hospital personnel and clients to wear masks within the hospital facilities.
  • Pharmacy: Curbside & mail service only.
  • Veterinarians: Informative meetings and COVID-19 related resources provided to support the veterinary community.
  • Safety: Follow university safety guidelines 
  • Testing: Not fully vaccinated, 1 x per week (will increase to 2 x week Aug 23); if fully vaccinated, some level of surveillance testing (frequency and dates in the Daily Check)
  • Daily Check: Use Daily Check to upload proof of vaccination and access testing 
  • Vaccines: See NYS updates
Faculty & Staff
  • Safety: Follow university safety guidelines 

  • Testing: Not fully vaccinated, 1 x per week (will increase to 2 x per week Aug 23); if fully vaccinated, exempt from testing

  • Daily Check: Use Daily Check to upload proof of vaccination and access surveillance/supplemental testing

  • Vaccines: See NYS updates

Cornell University and the College of Veterinary Medicine are closely monitoring the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

What's New?

  • August 6, 2021: All faculty and staff must either be fully vaccinated with an FDA- or WHO-authorized vaccine and submit proof of vaccination to the Daily Check or participate in surveillance testing 1x each week (will increase to 2x per week Aug 23) and comply with mask wearing requirements for the unvaccinated.
  • August 3, 2021: All unvaccinated students (and those not yet fully vaccinated) are required to participate in regular surveillance testing until fully vaccinated. In addition, given our evolving understanding of the delta variant, all vaccinated undergraduate students, as well as students enrolled in Cornell’s three professional schools (CVM, Law, Johnson), will initially be required to participate in some level of surveillance testing for a period of time necessary to determine the prevalence on campus when students return. The frequency and dates of your surveillance testing will be displayed in your Daily Check portal. 
  • July 1, 2021: Effective July 1, there are new campus-wide Cornell public health guidelines, including Daily Check health assessments no longer are required each day before arriving on campus, regardless of vaccination status. For more details CLICK HERE.
  • Mar 24 2021: The COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination Process is available through the Daily Check and allows all faculty, staff and students to easily upload proof of vaccination

Faculty and Staff Information

Last Update: August 6, 2021

Returning to Campus

If you have been working remotely and are returning for the first time, please:

  • Work with your supervisor to come up with a return to campus plan
  • Reach out to your HR representative, who will facilitate the steps required, including completion of the EH&S Return to Campus Health and Safety Training
  • Consider viewing the FSAP presentation (VPN required) that addresses concerns about returning to on-campus work

Also review these important guidelines:


  • Staff & staff information is regularly updated at the Cornell employee public health requirements site
  • Follow university safety guidelines
    • Monitor for symptoms and stay home if sick
    • Visibly wear your Cornell ID at all times when on the CVM campus
    • Follow mask and distancing guidelines applicable for your situation
    • Use outdoor or large, well-ventilated indoor spaces for essential meetings on campus
    • Continue hand washing and disinfection
  • Masks: Not fully vaccinated (all faculty and staff)
    • Wear masks indoors at all times, except when alone in your office or lab, or in a designated mask-free eating area
    • Wear masks outdoors if 6 foot distancing cannot be maintained
  • Masks: Fully vaccinated (2 weeks after receiving final dose of an FDA-authorized vaccine and documented in the Daily Check)
    • Not required to wear masks on campus, although may continue to do so, particularly in smaller indoor spaces

Faculty & Staff Testing

  • Hours of CVM testing site in effect from August 6
  • Not fully vaccinated
  • Fully vaccinated (2 weeks after receiving final dose of an FDA-authorized vaccine and documented in the Daily Check)
    • Exempt from surveillance testing, although supplemental testing will still be available and encouraged
  • Only positive results will be notified via Tompkins County Health Department. Notification will take place within 24-hours of test
  • Faculty and staff who work only remotely and never come to campus are not part of the surveillance testing program

Faculty & Staff Travel

  • Travel continues to be a higher-risk activity for COVID-19 infection

  • Before/while you travel:
    • Be sure to review and follow the current NYS travel advisory

    • Comply with all applicable testing requirements for your return

  • When you return from travel:
    • For those who are not fully vaccinated, please stay off campus until you have a negative test result
      • Access a supplemental COVID-19 test (#1) upon return
      • Stay off campus until you have the result of Test #1
      • Recommence use of the Daily Check and routine surveillance testing
      • Access a supplemental COVID-19 test (#2) 3-5 days post return
    • For those who are fully vaccinated, you may come right back to work on campus
      • Access a supplemental COVID-19 test upon return
      • Consider accessing a supplemental COVID-19 test 3-5 days post return



  • Access to CVM buildings requires a Cornell ID at all times
  • Observe all signage in facilities regarding usage of spaces, direction of traffic flow, and wear and when to wear a mask

Faculty Support

Other Helpful Resources