Clients & Veterinarians
Hospitals Open
  • Clients: Patient intake and pickup occurring curbside and in the lobby. Bring a phone to discuss your animal’s healthcare with our team.
  • Pharmacy: Curbside & mail service only.
  • Veterinarians: Informative meetings and resources provided to support the veterinary community in delivering services during the pandemic.
In-Person & Online

Faculty & Staff
In-Person & Online

Cornell University and the College of Veterinary Medicine are closely monitoring the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

What's New?

  • (Mar 24 2021) The COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination Process is now available through the Daily Check and allows all faculty, staff and students to easily upload proof of vaccination
  • (Mar 18 2021) New hours at CVM testing site from March 8
  • (Mar 18 2021) Faculty & Staff Travel: At this time, the CVM return-to-campus policy is not different for those who are/are not vaccinated.

Student Information

Last update: Mar 25 2021

Instruction/Spring Semester

  • D.V.M.: Hybrid (virtual and in-person)
  • M.P.H.: Hybrid (virtual and in-person)
  • M.P.S.: virtual
  • Ph.D.: Hybrid (virtual and in-person)


  • Complete a Daily Check (a NYS-mandated daily health screening)
  • Complete surveillance testing
  • Follow university safety guidelines
    • Stay home if sick
    • Visibly wear your student ID at all times when on the CVM campus
    • Wear a face mask whenever indoors
    • Socially distance by at least 6 feet whenever possible
    • Wash your hands frequently


  • NEW HOURS of CVM testing site in effect from March 8 (updated Mar 18 2021)
  • Ongoing surveillance testing is required for students
  • Returning from travel outside of Ithaca (also see info on travel risk in the Travel section below)
    • From an increased-risk travel state, as designated by NYS: Quarantine for 14 days and have a test done at least 5 days after arrival. If negative, inform program contact upon return to CVM after 14 day quarantine period
    • Increased risk travel from a state not on the NYS list: Quarantine for 5 days and have a test on Day 5. If negative, inform program contact and return to CVM
    • From a low risk area: Return to CVM and have a COVID test if you feel odd
  • Resources



  • Access to CVM buildings requires a Cornell ID at all times
  • Observe all signage in facilities regarding usage of spaces, direction of traffic flow, and wear and when to wear a mask



Students residing in the Ithaca area during the spring 2021 semester are expected to remain in Ithaca for the duration of the semester with limited-to-no personal travel outside of the greater Ithaca area. Student travel during this period will be subject to a strict approval process limiting any personal student travel to that which is deemed essential due to extenuating circumstances.

Students who have to travel outside of the greater Ithaca area due to exceptional circumstances (e.g., a family emergency) must follow all New York state and Cornell requirements prior to leaving and upon returning to the Ithaca and Cornell communities. (NYS Travel Advisory)

If you must travel outside of the local area:

  • Register your travel with Cornell through the Daily Check.
  • Follow all Cornell and NYS guidance, including completing the Traveler Health Form if you traveled to any other state or country.
  • Comply with all testing and/or quarantine requirements (per Cornell and NYS).

Quarantine Guidance