Faculty Alphabetically

Hector Aguilar-Carreno, PhD , Associate Professor of Virology

Research Interest: Entry, egress, and interactions of enveloped viruses with host cells, with emphasis on emerging zoonotic paramyxoviruses, vaccines, and antiviral strategies

Douglas AntczakDouglas Antczak, VMD, PhD, Professor of Equine Medicine at Baker Institute for Animal Health

Research Interest: Pregnancy immunology and placental development; equine genetics and genomic imprinting; equine immunology and infection

Avery August, PhD, Professor of Immunology and Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Research Interest: Immune cell activation and signaling in development, response to infection and respiratory inflammation

Dwight BowmanDwight Bowman, PhD, Professor of Parasitology

Research Interest: Soil transmitted parasites, parasites of wildlife, biosurveillance

Margaret BynoeMargaret Bynoe, PhD, Professor of Immunology

Research Interest: The molecular basis of antigen induced immune suppression and the modulation of the innate immune system response in immunity against cancer; the role of adenosine in immune and central nervous system barrier regulation

James CaseyJames Casey, PhD, Associate Professor of Virology

Research Interest: Eukaryotic gene regulation, oncogenic transformation, viral replication, viral pathogenesis, toxicology

Cassidy-HanleyDonna Cassidy-Hanley, PhD, Senior Research Associate
Research Interest: Infectious and non-infectious diseases of fish; emerging pathogens of fish

PPamela Changamela Chang, PhD, Assistant Professor of Immunology

Research Interest: Identification  of metabolites produced by the gut microbiota that regulate the host immune system and the development of chemical tools to modulate the immune response

Theodore ClarkTheodore Clark, PhD, Professor of Parasitology & Immunology

Research Interest: Vaccine Development; Mitochondrial Dynamics; Evolution of Antigen Presentation in teleost fish; Biology of the ciliated protozoa Tetrahymena and Ichthyophthirius

Deborah Fowell, PhD,  Department Chair

Research Interest: Regulation of immunity at tissues sites of infection and inflammation, immune imaging, intravital multiphoton microscopy

Rodman Getchell Rodman Getchell, PhD, Assistant Research Professor

Research Interest: Molecular diagnostics and emerging diseases of fish; Target animal safety studies for new aquaculture therapeutants and chemicals

Cynthia LeiferCynthia Leifer, PhD, Associate Professor of Immunology

Research Interest: Understanding innate immunity from the inside out: Toll-like receptors, signaling, dendritic cells, and controlling microbial infection

Helene Marquis Hélène Marquis, DMV, PhD, Professor of Microbiology

Research Interest: Pathogenesis of bacterial diseases affecting mammalian and aquatic animals.

JJohn Parkerohn Parker, BVMS, PhD, Associate Professor of Virology at Baker Institute for Animal Health

Research Interest: Cell biology, biochemistry and molecular biology of mammalian orthoreovirus-host cell interactions. Use of reoviruses as oncotherapeutic agents. Role of virus-receptor interactions and entry on virulence of feline calicivirus

CColin Parrisholin Parrish, PhD, John M. Olin Professor of Virology at Baker Institute for Animal Health

Research Interest: Structure and function of canine parvovirus, crystallography, virus assembly, mechanism of host cell invasion

Brian RuddBrian Rudd, MPH, PhD, Associate Professor of Immunology

Research Interest: Developmental immunology; host response to infection

David RussellDavid Russell, PhD, William Kaplan Professor of Infection Biology

Research Interest: The biology of intracellular infection, with emphasis on Mycobacteria

Luis SchangLuis Schang, PhD, Professor of Virology at Baker Institute for Animal Health

Research Interest: Chemical virology to study viral entry, gene expression, epigenetics, replication, and pathogenesis while discovering new opportunities for antiviral development

Jeongmin SongJeongmin Song, PhD, Associate Professor of Bacterial Pathogenesis

Research Interest: Typhoid toxin, Salmonella Typhi, Bacterial AB toxins, Vaccines, Antibodies, Typhoid fever, Chronic/persistent infection

Gerlinde Van de WalleGerlinde Van de Walle, DVM, PhD, Associate Professor of Viral Pathogenesis at Baker Institute for Animal Health

Research Interest: Virus-natural host models to study viral pathogenesis; adult stem cell biology

Brian VanderVenBrian VanderVen, PhD, Associate Professor of Bacteriology

Research Interest: Physiology of the intracellular pathogen M. tuberculosis

GGary Whittakerary Whittaker, PhD, Professor of Virology

Research Interest: Endocytosis of influenza virus, structure-function studies on influenza HA, entry of coronaviruses and arenaviruses into host cells, viral pathogenesis, viral-bacterial co-infections


Dorothy Debbie, PhD, Senior Lecturer
Courses: Veterinary Foundation Course Block IV; veterinary, graduate and undergraduate courses on microbiology and bacteriology

Yihong Li, DDS, MPH, DrPH, Senior Lecturer
Courses: biostatistics, epidemiology
Research Interest: oral microbiome

Araceli Lucio-Forster, PhD, Lecturer
Courses: Veterinary Foundation Course Block IV; veterinary, graduate (MPS) and undergraduate courses in Parasitology.

Donna Muscarella, PhD, Lecturer
Courses: Veterinary Foundation Course Block IV; graduate and undergraduate courses on toxicology, avian biology and genetics

Beth Rhoades, PhD, Lecturer
Courses: Basic Immunology

Adjunct & Courtesy Faculty

Gary Blissard, PhD, Adjunct Professor and Scientist, Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research
Research Interest: Biology and pathology of viral infections, particularly baculoviruses

Christian Epe, DMV, DipEVPC, Head Parasitology Research
Elanco R & D
Aarberg, Switzerland

Klaus Osterrieder, DVM, PhD, Adjunct Professor
Director, Institut fuer Virologie
Freie Universitaet Berlin
Berlin, Germany
Research Interest: Replication and pathogenesis of animal herpesviruses

Donald W. Stremme, VMD, Aquavet® Director
Relief Veterinarian at Aquariums and Zoos

Elia Tait Wojno, PhD, Adjunct Professor
Assistant Professor of Immunology
University of Washington
Research Interest: Research Interest: Innate immune responses at mucosal surfaces during helminth infection and allergic disease; regulation of type 2 inflammation by cytokines and prostaglandins

Eugene T. Won, PhD, Senior Research Associate and Joint Appt/Animal Science
Research Interest: Research and teaching focus on fish biology and sustainable aquaculture


Judith A. Appleton

Judith A. Appleton, PhD, Emeritus Vice Provost and Alfred H. Caspary Professor of Immunology


Stephen BloomDr. Stephen Bloom, Emeritus Professor of Immunotoxicology and Cancer Genetics / Graduate School Professor

Paul BowserDr. Paul Bowser, Emeritus Professor of Aquatic Animal Medicine / Graduate School Professor

Rodney DietertDr. Rodney Dietert, Emeritus Professor of Immunotoxicology / Graduate School Professor

Karel (Ton) SchatDr. Karel (Ton) Schat, Emeritus Professor of Avian Virology and Immunology / Graduate School Professor