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DVM-MPH Program

The Combined DVM/PhD Degree Program prepares students to become leaders in science, medicine and teaching. The program integrates the veterinary and graduate curricula to enable the student to complete both degrees in less time than it would to do them independently. The program enables them to bring a basic scientific approach to the veterinary training and leads to careers in academia, industry, and government service.

Students applying to the Combined DVM/PhD Degree Program will complete the VMCAS Application along with an added section that collects additional information about your research. Three additional evaluations are required for the Combined DVM/PhD degree applicants. There are also GRE guidelines. Additional information about the Combined DVM/PhD Degree Program and the admissions process can be found at Combined (DVM/PhD) Degree

Students interested in research, but not the Combined DVM/PhD Degree Program, may want to read more about the research and teaching opportunities found at Research & Training Opportunities

Master of Public Health Program

A partnership between the College of Veterinary and the University of Minnesota School of Public Health allows students the opportunity to earn a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree while completing their DVM training. Students may apply in advance of and at any time during their four years as a DVM student, up until January of their graduation year. Coursework for the MPH is completed through a combination of online and traditional classes. Online courses are offered during the summers. Traditional coursework is completed during two sessions (held in May) at the University of Minnesota. Up to 14 credits from the DVM curriculum (pre-approved by the School of Public Health) can be transferred to the MPH degree. Students also complete a Field Experience and Master's Project as part of their MPH requirements. For more information, contact the Cornell Liaison Faculty for the DVM-MPH Program, Dr. Alexander Travis, D.V.M., Ph.D.

Veterinary Public Health - MPH

What Can You Do With the MPH?

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