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Brian Aguilera Natasza Kurpios Role of PITX2 in the Development of Intestinal Villi Brian Aguilera PowerPoint poster image
Sarah Allen Mariana Wolfner MAGIC: Mosaic Analysis by gRNA-Induced Crossing-over Sarah Allen PowerPoint poster image
Orchi Anannya Avery August  ITK regulates the inflammatory/anti-inflammatory dichotomy in the development of Allergic Asthma Orchi Anannya PowerPoint poster image
Lucia Borlle Julia Felippe Do Transposable Elements Play a Role in Primary Immunodeficiencies? Lucia Borlle PowerPoint poster image
Jacqueline Chevalier Lisa Fortier Bone lysis and foreign body reaction following polyvinyl synthetic cartilage implantation  Jacqueline Chevalier PowerPoint poster image
Eun Jin Choi Hector Aguilar-Carreno Investigating the role of the Mojiang G attachment glycoprotein in membrane fusion and viral entry into host cells. Eun Jin Choi PowerPoint poster image
Cora Demler Natasza Kurpios Left, right, and center: characterizing the asymmetric extracellular matrix of the dorsal mesentery and its effect on gut looping Cora Demler PowerPoint poster image
Adam Francisco Praveen Sethupathy  miR10b and metastatic liver cancer Adam Francisco PowerPoint poster image
Mark Gallardo Laura Harrington  Targeting disease vector fertility:  Utilizing the CRISPR/Cas13a system to silence potential fertility genes in male Aedes aegypti mosquitoes Mark Gallardo PowerPoint poster image
Karla Garcia-Martinez Cynthia Leifer Mammary Cancer Extracellular Vesicles Drive Macrophage Coagulation and Reduce Antibacterial Immunity Karla Garcia-Martinez PowerPoint poster image
Djion Holness Hector Aguilar-Carreno A Veterinary Perspective on the most significant emerging viral pathogens. Djion Holness PowerPoint poster image
Marlena Holter Bethany Cummings  Glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor signaling stimulates glucagon-like peptide-1 production and increases bihormonal insulin and glucagon positive cells in mouse and human islets Marlena Holter PowerPoint poster image
Mu Jin  Casey L. Cazer Antimicrobial Resistant Bacteria Transmission between Humans and Companion Animals: A Scoping Review Mu Jin PowerPoint poster image
Laura Keller Lisa Fortier  Th17 and regulatory T cells are inversely homed to an osteoarthritic joint  Laura Keller PowerPoint poster image
Laura Keller Lisa Fortier Regulatory T cells are unable to suppress the inflammatory effects of IL-1beta in an in vitro model of osteoarthritis Laura Keller PowerPoint poster image
Seoyeon Lee Paul Soloway  Dynamic Regulation of Chromatin Accessibility in Adipose Tissue in Response to Environmental Cues Seoyeon Lee PowerPoint poster image
Scarlett Lee  Brian Rudd/Brian VanderVen Neonatal-derived T regulatory cells impact the adult CD4+ T cell immune response to Mycobacterium tuberculosis  Scarlett Lee PowerPoint poster image
Sebastian Llanos Soto Renata Ivanek Survey of perceptions of international veterinarians regarding antibiotic use and resistance in dairy cattle Sebastian Llanos Soto PowerPoint poster image
James Miller Gerlinde Van de Walle Multi-species comparison of miRNAs that regulate mammary stem and progenitor cell characteristics James Miller PowerPoint poster image
James Mullmann Robert Weiss /Richard Cerione SIRT5 inhibition causes increased oxidative stress and impairs tumor progression and metastasis James Mullmann PowerPoint poster image
Bibudha Parasar Pamela V. Chang Chemoproteomic Profiling of Gut Microbiota-Associated Bile Salt Hydrolase Activity Bibudha Parasar PowerPoint poster image
Ethan Sanford  Marcus Smolka Phosphoproteomics Reveals a Distinct Mode of Mec1/ATR Signaling  in Response to DNA End Hyper-Resection Ethan Sanford PowerPoint poster image
Bhargav Sanketi Natasza Kurpios TGFβ and BMP signaling synchronize the initiation of midgut asymmetry Bhargav Sanketi PowerPoint poster image
Divya Shiroor Carolyn Adler  Suspending Cell Death-A Novel Stem Cell Response to Injury in Planarians Divya Shiroor PowerPoint poster image
Danielle Sosnicki  Alex Travis  Comparative evaluation of GM1 in the mammalian epididymis Danielle Sosnicki PowerPoint poster image
Oriana Teran Pumar Richard Cerione Elucidating the mechanism of Dock7-mediated  cellular transformation Oriana Teran Pumar PowerPoint poster image
Jonathan Villanueva Praveen Sethupathy Utilizing genetically modified enteroids to identify miRNAs important for colon tumor development and progression Jonathan Villanueva PowerPoint poster image
Ning Zhang Casey L. Cazer Uncovering Escherichia coli multidrug resistance patterns among dogs with association rule mining Ning Zhang PowerPoint poster image
Tiago Zilch  Yung-Fu Chang Evaluation of New Leptospiral Antigens for the Diagnosis of Equine Leptospirosis: An Approach Using Pan-Genomic Analysis, Reverse Vaccinology and Antigenic Selection. Tiago Zilch PowerPoint poster image