2021-2022 Interview / Recruitment Event

BS/MS seeking PhDs


Leena Babiker

I am a Sudanese descent born and raised in Dubai, UAE. I’m interested in cancer immunology and immunotherapy. In Dr. Melnick’s lab at Weill Cornell Medicine, I am investigating mutations of proteins associated with the HDAC3/SMRT corepressor complex and how it disrupts germinal center production contributing to early lymphoma pathogenesis of an aggressive subclass of diffuse large B cell lymphoma.

Nicole Bender

I am originally from the sunshine state, growing up in St. Petersburg, Florida then attending and working at University of Florida in Gainesville. I was primarily involved in several research projects developing a transmission blocking vaccine for malaria. In the future I would like to continue working in the fields of vaccines, vaccine delivery platforms, therapeutics, and infectious diseases.

Rhasaan Bovell

Hi, I'm Rhasaan and I'm from Silver Spring, MD! My research interests include endocrine and reproductive function, which I've studied as a research fellow at the NIH and as an undergraduate in the Yale Reproductive Ecology Lab. As a BBS student, I want to explore conservation through fertility management and assisted reproduction. Outside of the lab, I enjoy outreach work promoting college access.

Katie Cataldo

I'm from the Milwaukee area of Wisconsin and was involved in 4-H as a youth. I graduated from Marquette University and did some undergraduate research in biochemistry. I have spent 4 years at the Medical College of Wisconsin investigating how HCMV infection alters the cellular environment. I am interested in infectious diseases, especially zoonoses and pathogens of agricultural significance.

Ariya Chaloemtoem

My hometown is Phuket, though I chose to pursue my undergraduate degree in Abu Dhabi. My most influential research experience has been my Capstone project which investigates ethnic-specific miRNA responses to malaria using genomic and bioinformatic approaches. I've also gained exposure to metabolomics. Overall, I have a keen interest in studying complex diseases using integrative -omic approaches.

Yu-Wei Chang

I am from Taiwan, a beautiful diversity-inclusive country in Asia. I am interested in cancer research so I was focusing on urological cancer research for the past 2 years. The study was to treat cancer resistance by inhibiting the dysregulated transcriptional programs. I am capable of handling Ph.D. projects and hope to receive cutting-edge skill and fundamental training at Cornell University.

Maia Clare

My name is Maia Clare and I am a genetics major, with minors in chemistry and anthropology, at Purdue University. I do immunology research on T helper cells, to further understand their role in autoimmune disease. I hope to develop novel cancer therauptics that may start to address health disparities across different socioeconomic classes with multidisciplinary biology research.

Maya Craig 

My hometown is Buffalo, NY and I am a senior undergraduate biology major at SUNY Geneseo. At Geneseo, I conduct research in the fields of microbiology and public health, and have previous experience in genomics and developmental biology research. For graduate school, I would like to continue research in the field of microbiology and gain knowledge in epidemiological studies.

Jessie Cunningham 

Research associate in Central NJ with four years of experience in research and HTS assay development focused on targeting metabolic proteins to treat several diseases. I’m interested in acquiring the knowledge and skillsets that will allow me to study immune regulation and emerging infectious diseases, specifically how viruses like SARS-CoV-2 manipulate host cell metabolism and immune responses.

Annika Diaz

I am a fourth year undergraduate at The Ohio State University studying Animal Biosciences, originally from Upland, CA. I have experience studying rotavirus C in neonatal piglets, spinal osteopathy in snakes, and coronaviruses in humans. My primary research interests are in better understanding zoonotic viral transmission and pathogenesis with a goal to develop prevention and treatment methods.

Irena Gushterova

I am from Skopje, N. Macedonia but have lived in the States for last 10 years. I have developed a strong interest in cancer research while conducting work on a p73 tumor suppressor protein during my Bachelor’s studies and on a novel fusion gene during my Master's studies. My most recent experience is in utilizing single-cell sequencing methods to study immune responses in patients under anti-PD1.

Lindsey Hernandez

I was born and raised in Middletown, NJ. I did three years of undergraduate research at Rutgers University where I received my BA in genetics in 2019. After graduation, I worked at New Jersey Medical School studying bone and kidney physiology. I then worked at UNC Chapel Hill where I studied epigenetic gene regulation; I would like to continue related work in graduate school.

Rachel Heuer

I grew up in the Midwest and attended the University of Wisconsin – Madison. I have since moved to Chicago and worked at Northwestern in a lab studying strategies to mitigate sensorineural hearing loss. My particular research focuses on the application of stem cell transplants to regenerate auditory neurons, and I am interested in regenerative medicine strategies for other organ systems.

Michael Hogarty 

I grew up in a suburb outside of Philadelphia. I worked as a summer assistant in the Henao-Mejia lab at the University of Pennsylvania for two summers before and after starting college at Washington University in St. Louis. Since then I've worked as an undergraduate researcher in the Baldridge lab for almost two years now. I'm interested in studying pathogens, viruses, and bacteria!

Jeffrey Inen 

I am from Baltimore, MD. My research experience started in the lab of Dr. Charles Bieberich at UMBC where I spent three years studying the effects of PTEN tumor suppressor loss in the context of chronic inflammation in mouse models of prostate cancer. I am now a post-bac student at the University of Maryland SoM researching how to increase the efficiency of CRISPR genome editing in vivo.

Clairine Larsen 

My name is Claire and I am from Madison Wisconsin and attend Denison University in Ohio. I currently work in the Thompson lab studying epigenetics in yeast cells. Additionally, I worked in the Abbott lab at Marquette University studying micro-RNAs in C. elegans. Through my experiences, I have developed an interest in basic translational research in molecular biology specifically genetics.

Ye Jin (Jane) Lee

I'm Jane (Ye Jin) Lee, a Korean that lived in Indonesia for 11 years. I am a biochemistry major at Colby College where I study the variation and allometry of bumblebee mouthparts using multivariate morphometric analyses. I have also studied the sexual differentiation of milkweed bugs using RNAi. My interests lie in the molecular basis of biological processes and how their failings lead to disease.

Veronica Locher

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, and during college I worked for a start-up leveraging root-microbe interactions to improve crop yield. Since graduation, interested in pursuing questions of human health, I have been studying the development and regulation of fetal T cells at UCSF. In graduate school I plan to continue to research topics like immune development and host-microbe interactions

Kayleigh Morrison 

Hi! My name is Kayleigh Morrison, and I'm from Lawrenceville, New Jersey. I'm a senior at William & Mary. I'm currently working in Dr. Diane Shakes' lab, where I study transcription factors that implement spermatogenesis in C. elegans. I'm interested in stem cells and development, but I'm open to trying new fields as well! Outside of lab, you can find me playing ukelele or petting my cat, Leonie.

Anna Schumann

I am from Moers, Germany, and study at the University of Maine. I am researching how phage, viruses that infect bacteria, are able to increase the antibiotic resistance of their bacterial hosts. Due to this work, I am interested in how pathogens cause disease, how changes on the genetic level contribute to pathogenicity, and how we can use this knowledge to develop new treatments for infections.

Honami Tanaka

Originally from Fukuoka, Japan, I graduated from Mount Holyoke College with BA in biochemistry and psychology. My undergraduate research experiences are mainly in genetics, cancer, and public health. I currently work as a research technician in an immunology lab in Fukuoka. I am interested in studying infectious diseases and global health, and outside of lab I enjoy horseback riding and traveling.

Alyssa Tipler

Alyssa Tipler spent part of her life in Southeast Missouri and her teenage years in St. Louis, Missouri. At Truman State University, she conducted an independent research project studying the expression conditions of the aromatase enzyme. During a summer REU experience studying how the protein myostatin affects the placenta, she gained interest in molecular and reproductive biology. 

Natalie Vance 

I grew up in rural Iowa and completed my B.S. in biology at Iowa State University. I'm currently living in North Carolina where I am finishing up my master's degree in global health at Duke University. My thesis work has been centered around different aspects of malaria research. My current research interests lie in global health and infectious diseases, particularly parasitology.

Yuying (Jessie) Wang

I was raised in Shanghai, China, and am interested in stem cell research, particularly in regenerative medicine and cancer treatment. I am currently studying the dynamic association of Xist lncRNA and its interacting proteins during the initiation of X chromosome inactivation. Before this project, I have spent a summer to study the effect of insulin-like growth factor on blood vessel regeneration.

Chenxian Ye

I grew up in a coastal city of Zhejiang province, China. I studied the potential inhibitors of IL-17A-induced inflammation at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Then I focused on the role of iron homeostasis in T cell biology as a Master's student at the University of Michigan. I hope to explore deeply T cell biology, and T cell-mediated immune responses in disease models.

Yao Yu Yeo 

I am born and raised in Singapore. My previous research experiences include studying mechanisms of viral entry and developing new influenza vaccination strategies. I am interested in emerging viruses, and especially understanding the virological basis of spillover infections and critical modulators underlying viral pathogenesis. Outside of my academic interests, I enjoy playing the piano.

Julia Zhu 

My name is Julia Zhu and I am from Ithaca, New York. As an undergraduate, I worked in Professor Hening Lin’s lab in Cornell’s Chemistry Department, where I investigated the functions of histone deacetylases (HDACs) as well as two posttranslational modifications, diphthamide and hypusine. For my graduate research, I am interested in studying cancer biology using mouse models.

DVM seeking PhDs

Name Summary

Richard Adeleke

I am Richard Adeleke, a DVM-Seeking PhD applicant. I am from Oyo State, Nigeria. Currently, I'm on track to obtaining my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. I possess hands-on skills in Molecular Biology and Genomics. My scientific interest lies in developing novel therapeutic strategies and vaccines candidates against both genetic and infectious diseases. 

Jennine Lection 

My name is Jennine Lection, and I am from Raleigh, NC. I completed both my BS and DVM at NC State and then a rotating equine internship in Ocala, FL before starting my theriogenology residency at Cornell. My previous research experience has focused on creating novel diagnostics for equine endometritis and placentitis, and I hope to continue to concentrate on reproductive diagnostic development.

Ji-Eun Oh 

I am from South Korea and have 6 years of undergraduate training as a veterinarian at Konkuk University. In 2018, I joined Professor Hyunjung Lim’s group as an M.S. student, where I investigated the complex physiology underlying impaired autophagic flux in the mouse uterus. The focus of my interest is on the biological processes of reproduction and its complications.

Erica Secor 

I grew up in Vermont, then attended Cornell for both undergraduate and veterinary school (2009 and 2013 grad). My undergraduate and veterinary school research was largely immunology topics in various areas. During my surgical residency I transitioned to surgical constructs. My research interests involve combining immunology with joint disease in horses with collaboration in human sports medicine.

Eric Teplitz

I am a veterinarian that graduated from the Cornell CVM in May 2020. My previous research has studied infectious disease and population-level impacts on wildlife health, food systems, and livelihoods. Most recently, I've worked as an ambulatory veterinarian, and I hope to apply my knowledge of livestock medicine towards the improvement of animal health and livelihoods in the developing world.

Combined DVM-PhD Program

Name Summary

Jesse Cole 

Hello! I grew up in Brea, CA. I recently graduated from UC Santa Cruz where my honors thesis focused on using progesterone to help elucidate the timing of embryonic diapause in northern elephant seals. In addition, I assisted with research on stranded/dead marine mammals. I am interested in integrating both reproductive physiology and infectious disease research in my combined DVM/PhD studies.

Alexander Levitskiy

Alex is a first-year veterinary student from Cortland, NY. At Cornell CALS, his honors thesis centered on Mycoplasma gallisepticum in house finches. This disease ecology research sparked an interest in epidemiology. Alex hopes to study disease transmission of zoonotic pathogens through a One Health lens. In his free time, he can be found tending to his collection of rare and endangered birds.

Raegan Petch 

My name is Raegan Petch, and I'm from a small town outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado. I am a senior at Colorado State University, and my research has focused on the transmission of feline leukemia virus from domestic cats to pumas across North America. I am passionate about interspecific transmission of disease and would like to focus on spillover of zoonotic disease in the future.

Clara Reasoner

Originally from Minnesota, I live in Brownsburg, IN and major in Chemistry at Berea College in KY. After working in veterinary medicine, I became interested in research by participating in internships in high school. Through RNA virus host-pathogen interaction research at Vanderbilt University, my interests have become focused on mechanism of cross-species transmission of zoonotic viruses.

Sydney Womack 

I am the oldest of two girls from Lexington, South Carolina and a first-generation college student. Over the past 2.5 years, I have participated in stem cell differentiation, laboratory animal welfare, and cardiovascular translational research. I have a wide variety of interests but especially enjoy orthopedics, data analysis, and applications of engineering within translational medicine.