Cost of Attendance

Each year, the Office of Student Financial Planning prepares a nine-month student expense budget defining standard allowances for education costs of professional/graduate students. Tuition and other budget figures for the 2023-2024 academic year are listed below.

Breakdown of the expenses accrued during attendance
New York State Resident Non-New York State Resident
Tuition  $41,098 $61,284
Mandatory Fees $585 $585
Housing $11,562 $11,562
Food $6,992 $6,992
Books and Supplies $2,700 $2,700
Personal Expenses $2,420 $2,420
Transportation $3,042 $3,042
Total Standard Budget $68,399 $88,585

Vet student with small dogTuition and Fees

The tuition rate is determined every year in the spring preceding the start of the academic year. Mandatory fees include the student activity fee and student health fee

Housing and Food

The housing and food allowances are determined through survey of current students on their costs for modest, housing and a balanced diet. Students are encouraged to share housing with at least one other student and to develop other money-saving techniques (such as eating in rather than dining in restaurants) in order to live within this allowance.

2 vet students with catBooks and Supplies

The allowance for books and supplies is sufficient for the purchase of all required books and supplies.

Personal Expenses

The personal expense allowance covers necessary living expenses other than housing and food, which are related to being a student. Among these may be routine costs of clothing, haircuts, toiletries, laundry, cell phone service, entertainment and other personal care.

Note: Financial aid recipients are expected to budget their money and keep accurate records of monthly expenditures. To justify requests for supplemental relief in unusual circumstances, copies of those records are likely to be required for the financial aid files. Assistance in developing sound budgeting techniques can be found here Budgeting in College.