The Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine

Does the College of Veterinary Medicine offer scholarships?

Yes! We have over 200 endowed need-based scholarships specifically for our veterinary students. To view a list of our endowed scholarships, visit our Scholarships page.

Does the College of Veterinary Medicine offer merit-based scholarships?

The College offers a very small number of merit-based scholarships that are awarded on the basis of outstanding academic performance

What percentage of Cornell's veterinary students receive financial aid?

Between 90% and 95% of Cornell's veterinary students receive some kind of financial assistance through either scholarships, grants or loans.

Is financial aid available for international students?

Students who are not citizens or permanent residents of the United States are not eligible for federal student financial aid. All international students must complete a Declaration of Finances available through the admissions office or the International Services Office of Global Learning

Do I need to provide my parents' information when applying for aid? 

If you are single and under 30, you must provide your parental information on the FAFSA and the CSS Profile. They will need to provide signed copies of their Federal Tax Returns and all W2s.

Do I need to provide non-custodial parent information if my parents are separated?

We do not require non-custodial parental information. If your parents are legally separated or divorced, please provide only your custodial parent's information. Use the same parent on all applications.

How do outside scholarships affect my Cornell financial aid award? 

Any scholarship received from an outside source will reduce any unmet need first. If all need is met through other financial aid, then the unsubsidized loan would be reduced.

Can I apply for financial aid in future years if I do not apply the first year? 

Yes, you can apply for financial aid even if you do not apply your first year.

What if I have unforeseen expenses during the semester and I need more money than I originally budgeted?

You can increase your loans for the unforeseen expenses (if allowable) as long as you still have loan eligibility. A budget increase form will need to be submitted with back-up documentation.